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Kevin Talley Disses Playgirl Magazine

Kevin Talley Disses Playgirl's Offer of Second Date, Cash Poor Playgirl Magazine. There’s more dick on the Internet than in the White House and the soft-focus, quasi-porno rag can’t even keep its Men of the Year under contract. This year’s apparent MOTY, Kevin Talley, had already posed once and shown his Talley whacker to the 80-percent-female audience of the magazine. But after a personal consultation with Jesus (“Jesus, should I show my cock in public again?”, or something to that effect) and thinking about his 9-year-old daughter, Talley decided he’d turn down the magazine’s offer to be Man of the Year. In declining the dubious honor–wouldn’t Raging Boner of the Year look better on the sash?– Talley, a 33-year-old Louisville native, says living without the cash was “the easiest decision I’ve ever made.” Subscribers, feel free to scan and send us shots from Talley’s first photo layout, from April 2005. Because, after all, he is kind of hot.

A Playgirl no-show [Courier-Journal]

Update: Blackdogue’s Celeb Photos — Kevin Michaels (Playgirl – April 2005) [Via Fleshbot]

  • Hello… this is Kevin Talley! Just wanted to thank you for sharing this story (with your added humor) to the readers! I’m still in the modeling biz, working in Miami, signed with Elite Models.
    All The Best!

  • ll

    wwwooo…. kevin,why do you leave a comment at this gay site? hoho~

  • ll

    beautiful body,beautiful face,mmmmmmmmm

  • ll

    It makes me feel like I shouldn’t want it.

  • Tony

    Maybe you should stop playing pretty boy and actually take care of your daughter.