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Fratmen.TV: Chase

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Chase is a surfer from Malibu where he spends his time between classes surfing and hanging out at the beach. Chase comes home from a day of surfing and jacks off in his living room. A quick shower gets him back in the mood and he hits it one more time in his bed.

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12 Responses to Fratmen.TV: Chase

  1. avatar Petr says:

    Now Chase is the kid of guy who has everything I want and need tonight, right now, come here now, because tomorrow night it will just be some other beautiful sexy, handsome guy like yourself. OK so it’s all wishful thinking.

  2. avatar Tofer says:

    Nothing special. The tan lines are stupid. If you’re going to go to a tanning bed, why wear your board shorts? And I’m sorry, I’m not convinced he’s a surfer with natural tan lines or that he’s in HIS living room.

  3. avatar boyman says:

    I think he is drop dead gorgeous! I couldn’t care less about the tan line or whether he is in his berdoom!

  4. avatar red_blader says:

    ooh, this guy is GORGEOUS! from those SEXY TANLINES to the water running OFF HIS DICK to those beautiful TAN CALVES to the soles of HIS FEET. BEAUTIFUL!!!

  5. avatar meck22 says:

    I totally agree with you boyman!

  6. avatar tancred dace says:

    someone keeps forgetting that by viewing these beautiful men, we can fantasize about what it would be like… you know tofer, the stories aren’t real. You’re silly for thinking they are.

  7. avatar pitsman says:

    OMG, those pits are so fucking delicious. After I cum sniffing and licking his pits, I’ll start on his feet, move on to his hairy crack and finish off the body worship by letting him fuck my mouth deep and slow. I’ll eat his cum then roll him over and bury my swollen throbbing dick balls deep in his ass. That’s how I’ll like it with him.

  8. avatar m2m says:

    I agree..those hairy armpits turn me on. Resemblnce of Chris O’Donell..Love this guy!

  9. avatar seansoe says:

    this guy went to my highschool…DAMN

  10. avatar T.Y. says:

    four simple letters:

  11. avatar m.jay says:

    he is gorgeous !

  12. avatar maple says:

    seansoe, he went to your high school? what was he like? was he as fine as he is now?

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