Fratmen features college jocks and naked straight frat men in hot streaming video and pics.

Fratmen: Bo (The Boy-Next-Door)

Bo at Fratmen

FRATMEN Bo had a nice run at the FRATPAD, and we’re finally releasing the footage of him that made him a FRATMEN in the first place. He’s a classic red-blond boy-next-door.

Fratmen: Kristian (Pledge Audition)

Kristian (Audition) at Fratmen

It time for another Pledge audition and this week we’ve brought you Kristian. Sweet smile… check. Big chest… check. Nice hard dick… check. What do you think, should we keep him?

Fratmen: Jaxon (Up-Close)

Jaxon (Up-Close) at Fratmen

The guys that make the cut in their AUDITION will come to the FRATHOUSE and make a debut Up-close video and because Jaxon did just that, without further ado… FRATMEN Jaxon.

Fratmen: Dolph (Up-Close)

Dolph (Up-Close) at

Ok, we admit a confession is due, and it’s just about time to fess up. FRATMEN Dolph is late and while the standard excuse “better late than never” might prevail, one thing about this sexy young man needs to be said. Dolph has taught us that if it’s a decision between instant gratification or patience for quality, we think that Dolph is worth the wait. Don’t you?

Fratmen.TV: Rocky (Up-Close)

Rocky (Up-Close) at

Rocky has a reputation that has earned him the nickname, “champ”, on his side of town.

Fratmen.TV: Nico (Handheld)

Nico (Handheld) at

Nico is at least partial to the idea that getting turned on requires some kind of foreplay. Sexting in the digital age is another building block to the anticipation of other preliminary sexual festivities even if that happens to be by yourself.

Fratmen.TV: Tito (Up-Close)

Tito (Up-Close) at

Tito is from a rough side of town where expressing yourself freely is as frowned upon as putting a smile on your face. Something about that testimony is clear as the blue sky when you look close at Tito’s eyes where you’ll find another side to his personality.

Fratmen.TV: Cash (Up-Close)

Cash (Up-Close) at

There’s nothing truer to being All American, than that of Red, White, Blue and Cash. Fratmen have many things in common that set them apart from most young men but Cash, is one among many that have acquired the utmost American Masculine appearance.

Fratmen.TV: Jaxon (Handheld)

Raphael (Up-Close) at

Jaxon has a pretty consistent routine of going to gym to exercise, hit the showers and head back to his dorm room.

Fratmen.TV: Benji (Handheld)

Benji (Handheld) at

Benji is a product with characteristics like any from the generation millennial. Narcissistic, conceited and self absorbed but with GOOD REASON!

Fratmen.TV: Rory (Up-Close)

Rory (Up-Close) at

Fratmen has this kind of itch for uniquely good looking men like Rory. This incredible darling youthfulness that rubs off in every direction that Fratmen Rory stares in, is just the kind of energy boost you need in your day.

Fratmen.TV: Luca (Up-Close)

Luca (Up-Close) at

Whoever said that there’s more to him than meet’s the eye hadn’t spent the split second it takes to get lost in Fratmen Luca‘s mesmerizing emerald colored eye’s. Green being the color of jealousy, money, rebirth, hope and many more things including one extremely good looking Fratmen, that if you stare at long enough you might just catch a glimpse of yourself with your jaw dropping to the floor.

Fratmen.TV: Harrison (Up-Close)

Harrison (Up-Close) at

Young and half naked most of the time, Fratmen Harrison comes right from the sunny east coast shores where the boys sport nothing but sandals, boardshorts and no shirt. It’s no wonder how Harrison keeps that golden bronze tan that seems to never fade away. Dirty blonde hair and a fit physique is just the hook and sinker to what you’ll get from this natural beach bum!

Fratmen.TV: Maddox (Up-Close)

Maddox (Up-Close) at

Maddox is young yet mature, rebellious but divine, serious and casual. With great features like hair on the chest, the long upper torso complimented by favorable washboard abs and a generously sized manhood, Maddox brings an all inclusive package to your doorstep and this one is worth unwrapping slowly… ;)

Fratmen.TV: Porter (Handheld)

Porter (Handheld) at

Exchanging nude pics has this sort of naughty feel to it that really jump starts the animal inside us. Porter has no shame in getting into that naughty exchange of pics via text message. Here’s a full set that Porter has taken over time exchanging with his naughty sex-ting partners. Pretty Porter is pretty creative when he get’s horny ;)