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JakeCruise: Tony Capucci’s Massage

Tony Capucci's Massage at Jake Cruise

Tony Capucci's Massage at Jake Cruise

Tony Capucci's Massage at Jake Cruise

Tony Capucci's Massage at Jake Cruise

Tony Capucci's Massage at Jake Cruise

Watch Tony Capucci’s Massage at

Jake wrote:

Tony gets my full massage treatment, as befits a hunk of his stature. Not only do I rub and knead all the usual parts – the strong back, the bubble butt, the muscled thighs – but I pay special attention to rimming his ass and playing with his hole. I caress his classic Italian face, then work on the chest, abs and thighs that drive me wild. All this gets Tony pretty excited, so I give him my special cock and balls treatment. Does Tony enjoy it? I think the cum shot says it all.

18 Responses to JakeCruise: Tony Capucci’s Massage

  1. avatar jamie says:

    Tony Capucci is very beautiful….kinda fits the bill in every way.This video is acceptable from jakecruise…other fucking ones are highly gross….
    Massage is fun!!!

  2. avatar You_Will_See says:

    Stand by and wait for the flood of nasty comments from the same vicious, venom-spitting, jealous, bitchy QUEENS who always make comments on the Jake Cruise videos. Watch out! Don’t let the highly-poisonous queen bitch venom get in your eyes!

  3. avatar JaVIER says:

    Tony Capucci is STILL blazin hot.

  4. avatar MM says:

    he’s been defiled 3? x so far by jake and it looks like theres more to come. he used to be hot but now he’s not.
    he signed a contract with a major porn studio. i guess getting it on with jake has it’s rewards.

  5. avatar Churchy says:

    I just wonder how much Jake Cruise pays these guys to have his way with them. (Envious? MOI?) On the other hand he’s undoubtedly got great technique!

  6. avatar Blah! says:

    well at least Jake Cruiseship kept his tarp on.

  7. avatar Jasper says:

    Am I the only one who wonders what has gone wrong in the life of a model like Tony that forces them to resort to stunts like this to make a living?

    Are they so unable to do anything else with their lives that they can only make ends meet by doing anything asked of them when a few dollars are waved in front of their face? :(

  8. avatar Bullshit! says:

    Jasper – what is WRONG with you? I think its great that there ARE hot guys like Tony willing to do all sorts of nasty things for my jack-off pleasure.

    I think its hot that hot guys who might even be straight can be “had” for a few bucks.

    Case in point, there is a super hot guy at my gym. He is straight. Fuckin ripped, gorgeous good looking fuckin stud! Italian, athletic, like wrestler. Anyway, I;ve been lusting after him for months.

    Guess what? Turns out he and his hot workout buddy are strippers. Guess who’s loaded him up with $20s and had my way :-)

    I love America, exactly for this reason. Hot guys have the freedom to capitalize on their hotness. And oh yes. It’s a rare commodity that is high in demand.

  9. avatar peter says:

    I have no clue how to massage someone, but sure would love to learn with Tony.

  10. avatar GG says:

    There is not enough money in the planet to make me sleep with JC. Ewwwwww He is so grossss

  11. avatar Tobias says:

    The image where Jake leans over about to bite the very hot Tony’s penis and Tony has a silly surprised look on his face says it all. Tony feigns surprise. And what this image says is this: “We’re making a movie guys. This is fun and we’re actors playing roles.” Keep up the good work Jake. Long may it wave.

  12. avatar jdogg says:

    ok here is the point when people think jake cruse they should thing smoking hot men…. But is that the case now a days…. No. Were forced to think about some nasty ass grampa thinking he’s hip cause he has the money and resources to go down on some really hot men. Please 4 all of us jake go home, direct, film, jackoff I don’t care just let the models do there thing with out u. PLEASE

  13. avatar jimm says:

    the dick vampire strikes again!

  14. avatar brandon says:

    he really love tony lol except for dexter no guy has appeared so much

  15. avatar Rashaan says:

    I cannot even hate on Jake this time around because I barely noticed him in this video…..TONY is phenominal! And at least Jake kept his clothes on this go around! TONY is my favorite of Jake models

  16. avatar travis says:

    That old man is so damn lucky.

  17. avatar nathsden says:

    hi tony i love watching your blog..and also i love watching your big lol.. im hoping someday that i will suck you..
    ihope you will visit here in the philippines…i love your dick tony…

  18. avatar OMFG... says:

    Tony Capucci Is Cute as… Omg I Dunno DX… I Have a Crush On Him 8D… There’s Charming and Mischeavous about him …

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