Watch Jake Cruise’s original movies with his hot friends stroking their cocks and jacking off for you.

JakeCruise: Tex Davidson (Serviced)

Tex Davidson (Serviced) at JakeCruise

Tex Davidson is a sexy, bearded man with a very large endowment. And I don’t mean that he has a trust fund. I take off his t-shirt to reveal a hairy and very fit body. Tex wears blue and gray striped boxer briefs and I take a peek at what’s inside.

JakeCruise: Dustin Tyler (Serviced)

Dustin Tyler (Serviced) at JakeCruise

I’ve been on a break and haven’t performed in front of the camera for 9 months. It was going to take someone special to get me off my break. Dustin Tyler is that special man. He’s a deeply tanned, mid Western jock with a hot body and a rock hard cock…

JakeCruise: Shay Michaels & Dylan Knight

Shay Michaels & Dylan Knight at JakeCruise

Coach Shay Michaels is ready to go over his new hurdle strategy, but first Dylan Knight needs some physical attention.

JakeCruise: Shay Michaels & Kyler Ash

Shay Michaels & Kyler Ash at JakeCruise

In the showers of the local gym young and hung Kyler Ash soaps up muscle daddy Shay Michaels. Kyler passes the soap through Shay’s chest hair, abs and balls. Kyler lathers up Shay’s bubble ass and thick cock. Shay takes the soap from Kyler and soaps up his smooth, young, toned body.

JakeCruise: Lucas Knight & Jake

Lucas Knight & Jake at JakeCruise

When I first met Lucas Knight he was shooting a scene for my Cocksure Men site. It was lust at first site. I serviced him, sucking on his huge cock, and he gave me one of the biggest facials I’ve ever had. I just had to have more! So I booked him for a sex scene.

JakeCruise: Sven Norse & Charles Gray

Sven Norse & Charles Gray at JakeCruise

Sven Norse and Charles Gray passionately make out at the foot of the bed. Scruffy and muscular Sven Norse pulls Charles Gray’s shirt off, revealing his young and smooth body.

Watch Sven Norse & Charles Gray at JakeCruise

JakeCruise: Trent Jacobs (Serviced)

Trent Jacobs (Serviced) at JakeCruise

This is the only “bar” that 18 year old Trent Jacobs is able to get into, and that’s because it’s part of a studio set. Although there won’t be any drinking going on with young Trent, he’s got me drunk with lust. Just look at those bedroom eyes! My attention is quickly diverted down below however. Trent is packing some serious meat. You’d never suspect my young friend has such a monster between his legs. I suck and jack Trent until he is rock hard. Then I get him up on the bar where I dine on his sweet little hole. Trent Jacobs uses my face as he pleases and then jerks himself off to a creamy finish. I lick his sticky fingers clean and say goodbye to my dimple faced friend.

Watch Trent Jacobs at JakeCruise

JakeCruise: CJ Parker & Austin Chandler

CJ Parker & Austin Chandler at JakeCruise

CJ Parker arrives home from an exhausting day of work. Austin Chandler knows exactly what to give him to make him feel better.

Watch CJ Parker & Austin Chandler at JakeCruise

JakeCruise: Kyler Ash (Serviced)

Kyler Ash (Serviced) at JakeCruise

It’s Kyler Ash’s first day at Jake Cruise Media and he’s getting familiar with the employee handbook. Due to the nature of the business, Jake Cruise comes over to explicitly go over the section on sexual harassment…

Watch Kyler Ash (Serviced) at JakeCruise

JakeCruise: Roman Aleks & Andrew Markus

Roman Aleks & Andrew Markus at JakeCruise

Andrew can’t wait for Roman to fuck him in the ass. Roman eats his sweet hole and then buries his boner deep inside. Andrew moans wildly while he takes Roman in various positions…

Watch Roman Aleks & Andrew Markus at JakeCruise

JakeCruise: CJ Madison & Joey Cooper

CJ Madison & Joey Cooper at JakeCruise

CJ Madison and Joey Cooper make a hot dad and lad pair; the rugged, scruffy CJ and the smooth, young Joey. Bring them together and you’ve got yourself a scorching scene. CJ and Joey kiss passionately on the bed. Soon Joey’s tongue moves from CJ’s mouth to his nipples and then to his arm pits. CJ whips out his thick cock for young Joey to lather up with spit.

Watch CJ Madison & Joey Cooper at JakeCruise

JakeCruise: Blade Woods & Jake

Blade Woods & Jake at JakeCruise

Blade Woods has a deep, all over tan that compliments his beautiful green eyes. He’s young and sweet and oh, so sexy. I had a fantastic time kissing him and feeling his smooth skin under my hands. I was hard as a rock right away.

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JakeCruise: Jessy Ares & Justin Chase

Jessy Ares & Justin Chase at JakeCruise

Justin Chase is supposed to be in the living room filling out paperwork. Jessy Ares goes to check on him only to find Justin busy cranking away at his fat cock.

Watch Jessy Ares & Justin Chase at

JakeCruise: Trenton Ducati & Jimmy Roman

Trenton Ducati & Jimmy Roman at JakeCruise

Trenton Ducati and Jimmy Roman are feeling feisty. They start off wrestling on the bed, Trenton showing his young friend how it’s done. He quickly pins Jimmy claiming his prize which, if you haven’t already guessed, is Jimmy’s fat cock…

Watch Trenton Ducati & Jimmy Roman at

JakeCruise: Jessy Ares (Massaged)

Jessy Ares (Massaged) at JakeCruise

Jessy Ares is among my all time favorite models. Not only is he incredibly sexy, his personality and charm won me over within moments of meeting him. After servicing Jessy I needed more so I brought him back for a massage…

Watch Jessy Ares at

JakeCruise: Leo Domenico (Serviced)

Leo Domenico (Serviced) at JakeCruise

Leo Domenico is one hot and hairy stud with a playful attitude that I love so much. He’s all smiles as I peel him out of his shirt, and give him a quick smack with his belt. His underwear reads “Addicted” – what I’m going to be me once I get that uncut monster into my mouth…

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