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Fratmen.TV: Shay (Naked College Frat Boy)

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Shay hangs out by the pool sunning himself when he gets the urge to work out a load in the hot summer sun. After a quick shower, Shay heads to his bedroom where he gets down and dirty all over again.

Watch Shay at Fratmen.TV

23 Responses to Fratmen.TV: Shay (Naked College Frat Boy)

  1. avatar Curtis says:

    Hot…but they could show more

  2. avatar Quagmire says:

    I think I’ve died and gone to that big frat house in the sky ! He is like the epitome of every frat boy day dream I’ve ever had ! :)

  3. avatar guest1968 says:

    I love his eyes

  4. avatar jason says:

    he’s hot, i agree his eyes are awesome. he seems familiar, has he ever been on one of those mtv reality shows or any other website?

  5. avatar snoopdoggy69 says:

    yumm snoop wants to hit that hard. i’ll put my white on your white-lips. deal?!

  6. avatar chip says:

    hands down. this site always gets it right; seeing that hot guy — disinhibited.

  7. avatar Blah! says:


  8. avatar Zeke says:

    The only thing I like about Shay are his eyes. They’re absolutely stunning. Oh…and he needs to not shave/trim those pubes. He would be totally hot if he had more.

  9. avatar Vic says:

    I prefer hairier guys but certainly recognize quality and attractiveness when I see it. Yancey put it quite nicely!

  10. avatar rob says:

    Why is that Fratmen get such hot guys. These guys are str8 but jerk each other off and do all kinds of crazy shit. They might as well go all the way and make more money on a real porn site.

  11. avatar sam says:

    He is perfect! Everything about him just makes me drool!
    haha, and I just realized that he looks like Elijah Wood :p

  12. avatar Henry says:

    Holy crap! lol.

  13. avatar heatherD says:

    Hey! This bitch goes to my school. He’s a wrestler! And i always cum to all of his matches

  14. avatar Nick says:

    hey heatherD…who is he?! whats his real name!
    tell us more about him plz!

  15. avatar Fabian says:

    Shay is incredibly Beautiful! Gorgeous and Smoking Hot! Personally, i think Shay is the most beautiful guy from the whole entire Fratmen site.

    Watch his videos… omg, he is soooo fregging sexy!

  16. avatar Fabian says:

    Shay is my boyfriend, Stop having fantasys with him, he is mine! :P

  17. avatar So-QT says:

    oohhh!. i think i just sank to my seat. i’m drowning in his eyes. his eyes alone makes me hard….

  18. avatar Riley says:

    Agreed with So-QT and I wantt him to sink his D**K in me!!!!!!!!! ;)

  19. avatar Todd says:

    Hey Dude! You’re hott.:) LiCk~

  20. avatar dustbrush says:

    a gypsy….

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