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Fratmen.TV: Nash (Naked College Jock)

Nash (Naked College Jock) at

Nash (Naked College Jock) at

Nash (Naked College Jock) at

Nash (Naked College Jock) at

We’ve been getting a lot of Pledges lately coming to us in pairs. Sometimes just friends, but often best buds. This week’s addition is one of those pair halves with next week’s Pledge.

Watch Nash at Fratmen.TV

66 Responses to Fratmen.TV: Nash (Naked College Jock)

  1. avatar Johnny Lane says:

    Totally awesome! What a hottie!

  2. avatar JT says:

    His features are a little too girlish for me.

  3. avatar Eagleboy says:


  4. avatar Sophomore says:

    Beautiful!Is his “bud” just as great looking? Hook them up.

  5. avatar Matt Thomas says:

    OMG he is so hot….. want to suck him dry

  6. avatar Tyler says:

    omg! his cock is huge! loves it!

  7. avatar chipp says:

    homerun. there’s a scene where he’s jackin’ on the edge of a bathtub – so hot.

  8. avatar prettyboy says:

    WOW HES PERFECT!!! and hes a Nebraska boy!

  9. avatar phunky says:

    Very fucking sexy!

  10. avatar Yancey says:

    Very cute. Boyish. But I think he’ll be much hotter in ten years.

  11. avatar ton says:

    i’m Nash boyfriends :-)
    he look so hot!

  12. avatar irwin says:


  13. avatar jason says:

    i need to see him in a video having sex with another guy right now.
    thats the hottest guy ive ever seen on this blog site…

  14. avatar Jay says:

    WOW!!! Nice!!!

  15. avatar josh says:

    i’m in love, dudes.

  16. avatar honore melmoth says:

    Nothing short of breathtaking.

  17. avatar Jon T. says:

    HOT HOT HOT. BREATHTAKING. GORGEOUS. SEXY. EROTIC. PERFECTION. DREAM STATE. GAY FANTASY ALL THE WAY. Too bad that website is so bland and almost sexless. This guy needs to sign up with someone else, maybe Randy Blue.

  18. avatar Dai says:

    How is he so pretty? perfect almost.

  19. avatar hotrod says:

    great looking dude…wud luv to see him fuck…anybody!!

  20. avatar MM says:

    puhleeze fuck me now.

  21. avatar Quagmire says:

    Giggity … :)

  22. avatar owen says:

    WOW! I wanna see him fucking or being fucked by Jake Cruise…that would be a total turn on!!!! hot-hot-hot!!!

  23. avatar owen says:

    I would love to see Nash and Jake Cruise BAREBACK!!!
    m….m… mmmm…..!!!

  24. avatar Ghandi says:

    Ye! I like to see that too, owen!!! sounds yummy…

  25. avatar midwest says:

    OMG–he lives 30 min. from me! I know his name, age, etc. Weird knowing I could run into him sometime!

  26. avatar HuskerFan says:

    This is my boy….great guy! Straight as they come but you never know. His last pic is perfection…his bud is just as hot if not hotter.

  27. avatar vic says:

    Wow! He is really cute, his bod is smooth yet so jentle… all I want is 1nite with him…

  28. avatar chipp says:

    alright midwest.. you gotta tell us where you live; at least the state.. like northern illinois or western Iowa.. and husker fan, where did you see his hot partner?

  29. avatar g says:

    How old is this guy?

  30. avatar midwest says:

    Well Chipp, it’s not Illinois OR Iowa…

  31. avatar pescato says:

    perfetto, un sogno…

  32. avatar pescato says:

    il sogno di tutti i gay, una meraviglia…

  33. avatar adrian says:

    This guy is perfect from any angle, gorgeous eyes, great smile, tight bod, truly breathtaking!

  34. avatar chipp says:

    ok midwest. gotta be Indiana, then. is that a notre dame tat on the quad? Are you as sexy and cornfed midwestern hot as Nash? :)

  35. avatar toño says:

    pedazo de tio…….ummmmmm

  36. avatar adam says:


  37. avatar Matt says:

    The tattoo looks like a “red N” which would make me think of the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

  38. avatar zack says:

    sooooooo damn perfect
    love nash soooo much

  39. avatar Tobias says:

    Very very very nice. From his pecs to his penis, this is a lovely looking man.

  40. avatar g says:

    i’m serious. his age isnt mentioned here.

  41. avatar midwest says:

    He’s under 25 and no, it’s not Indiana–Notre Dame is blue and gold dude. But I respect his anonymity so I’m not giving his address or real age. Sorry. And yes, of course I’m sexy! Raised on farm-fresh produce and beef. Truly, the Midwest is MASSIVELY underrated. Screw the pampered city boys–real food and hard physical labor do a body good.

  42. avatar zhengwei says:

    nett boy.
    Ich mag ih,
    es gibt noch Video er im Fuck ?

  43. avatar Michael says:

    OMG he’s so beautiful!! From the first pic showing his sexy eyes to his bone sticking out of those undies to his perfect body & cock! I’m totally drooling!!

  44. avatar travis says:

    he is so f’in HOT!!!!!!!!!!!! he is almost perfect. i think he is short, but actually who cares. i also don’t like tattoos, but who cares here too. he is soooooo hot. blue eyes and light brown hair. awesome butt, bod, package, and everything else! WOW, HOT GUY!!!!

  45. avatar g says:

    ‘midwest’ age is not anything to be private about seriously we’re just curious

  46. avatar jack says:

    sexy…i want feel the all of him

  47. avatar Leo says:

    CollegeDudes247 is the way !!!

    Him and Ty Carver … ohh Yeah

  48. avatar guy says:

    i would like to fuck you

  49. avatar Tom Bacchus says:

    Yes, he is a Nebraska wrestler, and it’s gotten out over there that he made this video. His coach is “investigating.”

    News, wrestling pics and more about this hottie at my blog:

  50. avatar Remy says:

    this one SEXY bitch!!!!!!

  51. avatar Trey says:

    Yeah, Perez Hilton himself posted a story about him and his buddy from the wrestling team (“Cal” of the same series) getting found out for doing this and subsequently being kicked off the team. What did he expect? he has a big ass tattoo with Nebraska Wrestling on his thigh lol. Poor guy; I don’t blame him for exploring his sexuality and getting PAID. He’s fucking HOOOOOOOOOT and he should do more scenes with other companies now that he technically really can. Those midwest folks are a bunch of squares for kickin him and the other guy off!

  52. avatar Hugh says:

    I hope if he lets me give him head he can forget about all his problems. He has a 8inch cock and is only 5’5 (that what the news says)

  53. avatar Shane Adair says:

    HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!! he is so hott i want him to be my boy friend i would fuck him evry night when i got home from work his 8 incher and my 8 incher would go perfect to gether

  54. avatar Fazz says:

    Just read the news about his pics getting out. Feel so sorry for the sweet guy. In my op we should boycot the webpage FratmenTv to let them know, our feelings and pull the vid and pics off their webpage. This might not make everyone delete them from their computers but it should at least let them know that after this gets out itcould ruin the poor kid.
    I for one Support him. You guys dot have to agree of course :) but think that maybe some one at least agrees. If not that’s just too bad :(

  55. avatar Topher says:

    Fazz: Why should Fratmen.TV be boycotted? IT DID NOTHING WRONG!!! “Nash” contacted them to get paid for doing a nude shoot!!! Neither his, or “Cal’s” real names were used. Both are college students and should have known that a secret cannot be kept on the Internet, and what the consequences could be since their actions violated NCAA rules. All it took was one person jealous of their looks, or someone who had lost a match to one of them to blow the whistle. I cannot see your logic in blaming Fratmen.TV!!! Should we blame all of the sites that Kurt Wild did porn videos for, for his getting fired from his job at Subway? Remember when married gay hardcore porn star Ty Fox (his porn name) was fired from his job as a phys ed teacher at a prestigious middle school, then forced to turn in his teaching license, then divorced by his wife? Should the studios who paid him to make all of his hardcore gay sex videos be boycotted too? These were all above the age of conscent guys, who were not forced to make gay porn. They made the videos, were paid, and the responsibilty lays with THEM for any negative consequences to their lives.


  56. avatar Zeke says:

    mmmm…absolute perfection!

  57. avatar HotnThin Boy says:

    I bet he regrets getting that tattoo! LOL! They fucked him royal, and he has to spend the rest of his life with a permanent reminder on his leg in living color! That’s why tattoos are so stupid, kids.

  58. avatar Dillion_McCoy says:

    This guy has a cocky attitude….a manipulator and manipulatee.

  59. avatar Vince says:

    The comments on here are so boring and shallow – how about actually wanting to get to know how beautiful he is (or isn’t) on the inside? I bet he’s the former and I love the sound of his voice.

  60. avatar Tanner says:

    OMG he is the best ever! BEAUTIFUL SOLES!! i want to see the tops and i need a vid of him!

  61. avatar Zachary says:

    Video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. avatar petervu says:

    Anyone knows where he is or how he is doing now? I really want to know. Poor him!

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