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LatinJocks: Lukas & Yuri

Lukas & Yuri at

Lukas & Yuri at

Lukas & Yuri at

Lukas & Yuri at

Lukas & Yuri at

Lukas & Yuri at

It’s always hot when Lukas is involved… This time, after fucking and getting fucked by Yuri, he shoots his big (!!) & juicy load into Yuri’s hungry mouth and all over his face!

Watch Lukas & Yuri at

6 Responses to LatinJocks: Lukas & Yuri

  1. avatar irwin says:


  2. avatar JeffGegenFL says:

    COLDA, COLDA, COLDA. Teeny weenies. Ugly tattoos. Boring tricks.

  3. avatar Queercat says:

    God, I know what I want for Christmas this year!

  4. avatar Raven says:

    COLDA? Put on your specs grandpa..these men are friggin hot..what can brown do for me? 2 loads on my face would be nice

  5. avatar abs says:

    I wanna get fucked by both of these hotties and suck their each and every inch of those huge dicks and suck their balls too.

  6. avatar Daniel says:

    Absolutely delicious.

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