LatinJocks: Robson (Solo)

Robson at

This week we feature Robson. Just 18 years old, this boy is sexy and your bound to go
nuts for him.

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LatinJocks: Tom (Solo)

Tom at

Tom is quickly becoming one of our favorites. He’s cute, he’s versatile and he’s just plain sexy!

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LatinJocks: Tom & Oliver

Tom & Oliver at

Tom is quickly becoming one of our favorites. This boy isn’t just hot, he just knows how to fuck! This time around he’s paired up with Oliver. Another hot blooded Latin and the action is HOT!

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LatinJocks: Felipe & Jorge

Felipe & Jorge at

That one word sums up these two boys! Felipe is practically a sex addict & just loves getting fucked. And, Jorge
can’t get enough of Felipe’s sexy bubble butt and just loves sliding in his thick 8″ cock!!

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LatinJocks: Carlão

Carlão at

Here we have hot newcomer Carlão! Carlão is a quite the stud! This hot 19 year old has a nice worked out body, a killer face and a nice big cock!

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LatinJocks: JC & Joao

JC & Joao at

JC & Joao are an amazing pair. JC loves a big thick cock and Joao has just the tool to fill him up.

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LatinJocks: Leandro

Leandro at

Leandro loves to dance the nights away and that’s exactly how we met him. He was up on one of the boxes, his body glistening with sweat.

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LatinJocks: Douglas Returns

Douglas Returns at

We first shot Douglas two years ago. He was a cute 19 year old then. He’s now a hot 21 year old stud!

This versatile boy is a natural model and naturally sexy!

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LatinJocks: Rodrigo & Cesar

Rodrigo & Cesar at

Rodrigo called us to tell us that he’d like to shoot with LatinJocks again. He said he had a really cute friend who just loved a big cock! And, Rodrigo wanted to fuck Cesar for our cameras.

Cesar is a “type A” bottom. He gets what he wants! And he wants a lot!

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LatinJocks: Nicky & Marius

Nicky & Marius at

He was introduced to us by a guy who books gogo boys in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. As you can imagine, we were instantly taken with Nicky and knew that we’d want to do a whole lot of shoots with this hottie.

LatinJocks: Val

Val at

This week we feature sexy Val. This hot 22 year old is 6′ tall and has a nice worked
out body and a very nice uncut cock!


LatinJocks: Brayan

Brayan at

Just love those boys with sexy eyes and big fuckable butts!

Brayan’s 23 and works at a local bank. He’s currently single and looking for “Mr. Right.”

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LatinJocks: Fabrini

Fabrini at

Fabrini’s a hot worked out stud! He’s 24 and loves sweaty workouts of all kinds whether in the gym or between the sheets! He told us during his shoot that he particulary likes to be rimmed…


LatinJocks: Tonio & Jako

Tonio & Jako at

Today LatinJocks features 2 newcomers. Both are hot guys and both have a future here at LatinJocks.

Tonio not only has a hot body, he’s got a really cute face and these killer eyes. And, he LOVES to get fucked. Jako’s a tall & handsome guy and has 8″ of uncut cock. Just the thing for Tonio’s hungry hole!

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LatinJocks: Nicky Returns

Nicky at

LatinJocks superstar Nicky is back! This hottie just loves to show off his stuff. And boy, has he got lots
to show…

LatinJocks: Marcelo, Arno & Adriano!

Marcelo, Arno & Adriano! at

We all loved Arno’s lean & defined body and his delicious 9″ cock. Sunday Arno gets it on with Adriano and these versatile boys are hot! — In part 2 of this hot scene, Marcelo shows the boys what it’s like to be dominated by a aggressive top!


LatinJocks: Robison Returns

Robison Returns at

LatinJocks brings back super stud Robison. Robison is 6′-1″ and sports an amazing ass and a big & thick 8.5″ cock. Robison is 22 and currently dating.

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LatinJocks: Lukas & Jefferson

Lukas & Jefferson at

LatinJocks brings back Lukas and, newcomer, his friend Jefferson. These gay boys are really into each other and it shows! Jefferson has a nice thick cock and Lukas, always a hot bottom, takes every last bit!

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