JakeCruise: Kris Jamieson Serviced

Kris Jamieson Serviced at JakeCruise

I’ve been doing this for awhile now so it’s not too often something takes me by surprise. The second Kris’s pants come down however I can’t help but laugh. Not because he isn’t big or anything (oh he’s BIG alright), but because he’s wearing a specially designed penis-sock! A great sense of humor is a HUGE turn on for me and Kris and I have more than our fair share of laughter while I play with his hot, hard body and delicious dong. We’re both grinning ear to ear as I gag on his cock until he fills my mouth with his creamy load.

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JakeCruise: Tyler Saint & Tyler Ford

Tyler Saint & Tyler Ford at JakeCruise

It’s two times as hot when Tyler Ford meets Tyler Saint and these similarly-named studs get naked and nasty. It’s easy to keep them straight (so to speak) by the size of their cocks. Don’t get us wrong…they’re both very well-endowed. It’s just that one of them is especially thick!

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JakeCruise: Bo Dean & Cody King

Bo Dean & Cody King at JakeCruise

We know what our members like and, by popular demand, Bo Dean returns for another round of nasty man-on-man action. This time his playmate is Cody King, a young hunk with a hot, tight body and a thirst for adventure. Cody loves cock and Bo is more than willing to provide as much as Cody can handle (get out your measuring tapes!). And our boy Cody has plenty of stamina to keep up with Bo’s limitless amount of energy. Ass-licking? Check. Ball-sucking? Check. Butt-pounding? Check. It’s all here in high-definition! By the time Bo’s deep pounding makes Cody squirt all over his six-pack, you may be doing some squirting of your own.

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JakeCruise: Rick McCoy Serviced

Guy Jones Serviced at JakeCruise

Rick’s best friend is a fan of my site and urged him to apply. I owe this guy big time. Rick has a cute, young face with an amazing muscular body. His personality is what really won me over. My Gaydar went off when I first met him so I tried pushing his boundaries when we got on the bed. I got rock hard eating out his ass and pulled my cock out, teasing him to touch it. And he did! Rick even let me stick fingers up his ass. My Gaydar maxed out! I told him my cock would be up his ass soon but he laughed it off. Even with his protests I still got a hot kiss out of him after he shot his load into my mouth. We’ll see what the future holds for the “straight” Rick McCoy.

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JakeCruise: Arpad Miklos & Trent Locke

Arpad Miklos & Trent Locke at JakeCruise

If you like your men with plenty of hair and plenty of muscle, this is the video you’ve been waiting for! Arpad Miklos is a Mediterranean Daddy who is big all over, much to the delight of studly Trent Locke. He has no problem swallowing that thick cock before being coaxed into switching to a horizontal position so Arpad can taste and tease Trent’s sweet ass (and trust us, Arpad enjoys every second he’s down there!) Just when the 69 action reminds you why that’s everybody’s favorite number, Trent backs right up to Arpad’s throbbing dick and that muscle butt takes every inch with a satisfying grin!

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JakeCruise: Devin Draz Massaged

Devin Draz Massaged at JakeCruise

When I walked in, Devin Draz was spread out on my massage table like a Greek god. From the second I saw his stiff and sore muscles, I knew just what he needed: a special blend of post-workout relief that would have him moaning with pleasure. I started with a light touch from head-to-toe. I have to admit I got aroused by the mouth-watering display of broad shoulders, round tight buttocks and perfectly-formed thighs and calves.

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JakeCruise: Tyler Ford Serviced

Tyler Ford Serviced at JakeCruise

Tyler Ford is what I call a real dude. He’s laid back but with the right amount of sexual energy to really get me going. He’s got quite a few tattoos on his lean, muscular body including that of a woman. I kiss the tattoo and exclaim, “I kissed a girl!” But from then on it’s all man that I consume. Tyler gets the “Jake” treatment from head to toe. I want this young man back!

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JakeCruise: Jake for a Day 4 (Zeb Atlas & Alex Stantin)

Jake for a Day 4 (Zeb Atlas & Alex Stantin) at JakeCruise

Jake for a Day started as a sizzle with Hanz VonFersen. Then it was brought to a simmer with Berke Banks. The heat was cranked a little higher with John Magnum. Now even the devil would find himself sweating because this lucky winner found himself face to face…err…face to cock with the BIGGEST star we’ve ever had on our site, Zeb Atlas!

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JakeCruise: Tyler Hunt Massaged

Tyler Hunt Massaged at JakeCruise

After Tyler’s servicing scene there was no question about whether I’d bring him back or not, but when. My lucky day has finally arrived and this time I get to oil up Tyler and really take my time enjoying everything this hunk has to offer. I take my sweet time tracing every muscle I can find on his ripped body before making his toes curl from swallowing as much of his cock as I can handle. The grin on his face makes me want to jump on the table with him and rip my clothes off! I manage to somehow resist temptation and finish the task at hand, climaxing with Tyler cumming all over the massage table.

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JakeCruise: Bo Dean & Jake Steel

Bo Dean & Jake Steel at JakeCruise

Even I need a Friday off every once in awhile, so this week you get to watch a different Jake in action; Jake Steel that is. He gets the pleasure of getting fucked by Bo Dean, our top model from our sister site: CockSureMen.com. Jake has taken some pretty big cocks before, but taking a pounding from Bo’s thick dick is still quite a feat. Watching Bo’s muscles flex and tense as he thrusts every inch into Jake’s hole is a beautiful sight to behold. Damn, watching these two hunks go at it is making me jealous! I can’t wait to get back to work.

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JakeCruise: Nick Moretti & Jake

Nick Moretti & Jake at JakeCruise

Put the kids to bed cause the daddies are ready to play. After watching Nick Moretti get his fur stroked by the likes of Devin Draz and Tyler Saint, I knew I had to have my turn next. His hairy chest and curved cock are enough to drive me wild! After tickling the back of each others’ throats with our cocks, Nick shoves his up my waiting asshole. The wait was so worth it! Nick feels more amazing than I could have ever imagined. He pounds me long and hard until we both blow our loads onto ourselves.

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JakeCruise: Vance Crawford Massaged

Vance Crawford Massaged at JakeCruise

“A star is born.” one member commented after seeing Vance for the first time. I couldn’t agree with him more. That body and those bedroom eyes…woof! Vance is so sexy my tongue is buried in his ass before I can even apply the oil! I somehow manage to compose myself and start the massage, but my self control soon wanes and I find my mouth wrapped firmly around his fat cock. With a guy as hot as Vance can you blame me!? Well, at least his dick gets a great massage, exploding into my hands and onto his glistening, ripped chest.

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JakeCruise: Shane Bricker Serviced

Shane Bricker Serviced at JakeCruise

Milk does a body good. To prove this, I provide you with exhibit A: Shane Bricker. One look at this Wisconsin native’s perfect physique and you’ll be drinking the stuff by the gallon. He has broken the mold with his hairy pecs, bulging biceps, washboard abs, massive legs, and bubble-butt. I’m “one lucky bastard” getting to suck on his toes, swallow his cock, and eat that amazing ass all while Shane flashes his pearly whites and laughs along with me. We’re both having the time of our lives, capped off with me milking Shane’s beautiful cock to a ‘Grade A’ creamy climax.

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JakeCruise: Vance Crawford Serviced

Vance Crawford Serviced at JakeCruise

I think I have a new favorite play toy and his name is Vance Crawford. Right off the bat his green eyes and sly smile warmed my heart. Once I started taking of his clothes something else on me started heating up. Vance has a killer bod and a confident swagger that practically made me cum in my pants! I’ve hit the jackpot with this hunk. I wish time would stand still so I could suck, lick and savor Vance forever. But I’m patient and I’m certain I’ll have him back for more.

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ActiveDuty: JC

JC at ActiveDuty

JC is 20-years old, stand around 6′ 2″ tall and weighs in at 180 lbs. He’s an aspiring MMA fighter and works out religiously to keep himself in tip-top shape for his fights. He’s sporting some of his tight workout shorts tonight and they show off his awesome fucking legs. His legs are ripped and shredded like a runner’s and he shows them off for us nicely. He says he gets such nice legs by doing a lot of grappling.

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JakeCruise: Kevin Lane & Jake

Kevin Lane & Jake at JakeCruise

Kevin Lane recently took our “Bottoming 101” class over on CockSureMen.com and scored very well. Now it’s time for his final exam as I put that beautiful bubble-butt of his up to the test! Kevin came to class prepared with a smooth, sculpted body, devilish grin and bedroom eyes. We each roll around and suck each other, building the anticipation further.

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