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NextDoorMale: Rick McCoy

Rick McCoy at Next Door Male

From the first moment, Rick McCoy‘s enthusiasm is bubbling over. He’s a hot guy who’s excited to welcome you and can’t wait to tug his firm meat for your enjoyment. Rick is giving a little insight into his background and his deep, kinky desires. Watch him as he warms up with some sexy, oily stroking. When Rick jerk his cock, it triggers his explosive sexuality quickly. He’s sliding a well-lubed dildo into his ass to hit his G-spot just right as he cranks his stiff boner. You’ll see him squeeze his balls hard as he fingers and plays with his tight, sweet hole. Don’t miss this hottie who’s full of passion and intensity! Enjoy!

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NextDoorTwink: Game Boys (Andras Style & Rick McCoy)

Game Boys (Andras Style & Rick McCoy) at Next Door Twink

Game BoysSit back, and get ready to be transported into a world of digital excitement! Rick McCoy and his dorm roommate, Andras Styles, are getting into some fierce competition over a video game requiring significant physical maneuvering.

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UnGloryHole: Big Boobs Change His Mind

Big Boobs Change His Mind at

Poor Rick. He recently broke up with his girlfriend and the poor guy was feeling lonely. He was turned on to our services and came to us looking for a free blow job from our big tittied little lady. Too bad Ricky Daddy doesn’t know how we roll here on Unglory Hole!

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HazeHim: Cornholio

Cornholio at

This week’s submission is from the north east. These frat bros were playing corn hole with their pledges; they were even taking bets as to who would win and what their pledges had to do to. At the end of the day the only ones that really lost were the poor pledges — not only did they get humiliated on camera but they got their corn holes stuffed with sausage. Enjoy it.

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RubHim: What An HOMBRE!

What An HOMBRE! at

Wassup guys??? Perfect body is not the word to describe this man’s physique…. I mean the minute he took his shirt off, I got extremely impatient and didn’t want to bother with the massage and wanted to go straight for the kill… But you know how life works right? YOU GOTTA WORK HARD FOR THE THINGS YOU REALLY WANT!!!! AND I REALLY WANTED THIS DUDE!!!! I massaged his perfect body and made a few unsuccessful attempts at playing with his manhole. After a while, they seem to loosen up a bit. That’s when I make my move. I sucked his cock real good and man it was a moment of glory. I drilled right through his perfect little body nice and slow.. YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!!!! WOW!!! ENJOY!!!!

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CocksureMen: Rick McCoy & Jackson Klein (Bareback)

Rick McCoy & Jackson Klein (Bareback) at

It wasn’t too long ago that Rick McCoy was a mere freshman at taking cock up his ass. Well after this scene with Jackson Klein we’d say he’s graduated with honors! Jackson’s cock is long, but it’s the GIRTH that makes it a daunting task to take up one’s ass.

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CocksureMen: Rick McCoy & Dylan Now (Bareback)

Rick McCoy & Dylan Now (Bareback) at

Rick McCoy is one of our most popular models ever on the site, so when Rick asks for something we’re usually inclined to give it to him. Much to our delight Rick’s latest request was Dylan Now. Rick saw him over on our sister site,
and knew right away he wanted Dylan’s bare-cock deep inside his ass. We were more than happy to fulfill his request :)

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CocksureMen: Rick McCoy & Jason Phoenix (Bareback Flip-Flop)

Rick McCoy & Jason Phoenix (Bareback) at

Lean and hungry is the best way to describe Jason Phoenix and Rick McCoy. The sexual energy between these two hotties is off the charts. They start by kissing furiously and pawing at one another, then Rick gets on his knees to service Jason’s thick, uncut cock. Jason rocks Rick’s world with that dick until it’s his turn to do the sucking. Then it’s on to the bed for an extended round of 69 action, complete with overhead shots so you don’t miss a thing. Rick cannot get lubed up fast enough, that’s how ready he is to get fucked. Jason, bareback,drills deep inside Rick’s sweet ass, delivering the kind of pleasure that makes Rick moan in ecstasy. When it’s Jason’s turn to take some cock, Rick discovers that a tight hole means he’s got to take it slow. Soon both guys get close to spraying their loads. Rick jacks off first, onto his six-pack with Jason close behind, shooting a huge load as he’s on his knees looking down on Rick.

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CocksureMen: Rick McCoy and Kris Jamieson (Bareback)

Rick McCoy and Kris Jamieson (Bareback) at

It’s the oldest trick in the world. One hot and horny guy tells his equally hot buddy his back hurts. In this case, Kris Jamieson is the one in “pain,” after an afternoon at the batting cage. Rick McCoy volunteers to give him a massage and, before you know it, both studs are getting naked and nasty. Rick gets Kris hard with a brief rub down (and rim job) and as soon as Kris turns over Rick chows down on that 7-inch cock. His expert cocksucking leads to nipple play and kissing. The next shot shows Rick bending over the sofa getting a deep and slow fuck as Kris stands behind him. Rick is an aggressive bottom, especially when he sits on top of Kris and goes for the ride of his life. These two have great timing as well and manage to shoot their loads together. Looks like Kris’ back healed just in time.

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CocksureMen: Fired Up (Rick McCoy and Parker D)

Fired Up (Rick McCoy and Parker D) at

Rick McCoy’s been fired at work and is still freaking out by the time he gets home. Fortunately, he’s got Parker D to take his mind off his employment problems. At first, Rick brushes off Parker’s attempts to screw around but, as anyone can see, Parker’s pretty hard to resist. The two studs swap a little tongue before Parker takes off Rick’s shirt, pulls out his cock and starts to blow him. Now there’s no turning back and Rick is fired up. He hungrily sucks Parker’s thick piece of meat before chowing down on his ass, a tasty meal for sure. Parker stays in the doggy position as Rick lubes up and slides his dick inside him. If you’ve seen Rick mount ass before, you know he loves to work up a sweat and he and Parker try an eye-pleasing variety of positions before both hunks drop their loads. Maybe Rick’s found a new job already!

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CocksureMen: Rick McCoy and Mike Rivers

Rick McCoy and Mike Rivers at

As soon as Rick McCoy walks into the room, the first thing he sees is the head of Mike Rivers’ bulging hard-on sticking out of his underwear. Wasting no time, Rick gets on his knees and gives Mike a blow job. Rick starts by opening wide, swallowing Mike’s head, sucking the shaft and then going all the way down to the pubes. Both guys strip down and Mike takes his turn sucking Rick before both guys hop in bed for some smoking-hot 69 action. Mike gives Rick’s lily-white ass a rim job before laying on his back so Rick can lick his crack and suck on his balls. Then it’s time to screw and Rick gets super turned on while fucking Mike doggy-style. He pounds away no matter what position, finally fucking the cum right out of Mike. Stick around for the end to watch a very sweaty Rick add his jizz to the pool on Mike’s stomach.

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CocksureMen: Perfect Match (Rick McCoy & Jimmy Coxxx)

Perfect Match (Rick McCoy & Jimmy Coxxx) at

In this real-life fantasy, two of the hottest studs in our stable, Rick McCoy and Jimmy Coxxx, lay on the bed choosing one of two options. They’re either gonna wrestle or fuck! Our hearts sank when Jimmy (the bigger of the two) chose to wrestle.

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CocksureMen: Rick McCoy, Spencer Fox & Charles O’Riley

Rick McCoy, Spencer Fox & Charles O'Riley at

Charles O’Riley is fast asleep on his bed, wearing nothing but his tight white briefs. He could be dreaming for all we know, as the camera glides up from his feet and across that gorgeous body. Suddenly, in walks the equally hunky Rick McCoy and Spencer Fox, also in their underwear.

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JakeCruise: Rick McCoy & Jake Get Dirty

Rick McCoy & Jake Get Dirty at JakeCruise

I am a huge fan of Rick McCoy and based on the response I’ve received, so are you! On a warm, sunny afternoon before our scheduled shoot, Rick was helping clean up the weeds at my ranch. Wearing a tank top, jeans and sweat, Rick was a fantasy come true. With my hand-held camera recording every move, I coaxed him into stripping down to cool off (it didn’t take much convincing). Rick started jacking while sitting on a big piece of wood and when he turned around to show off his cute ass it was covered in mud! Man did we laugh.

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CocksureMen: Riley Price & Rick McCoy

Riley Price & Rick McCoy at

It’s Red on Red when Cocksure Men Exclusives Riley Price and Rick McCoy pair up for this scorching scene. Not wasting any time, the guys are kissing and touching and talking dirty right out of the gate.

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CollegeDudes: Brody Grant, Carter Nash & Rick McCoy

Brody Grant, Carter Nash & Rick McCoy at

Put three of the hottest CollegeDudes guys together and the outcome is some crazy hot action! In this vid Carter Nash, Brody Grant, and newbie Rick McCoy try out a bunch of new fun sexual activities, and they each love every minute of it!

Watch Brody Grant, Carter Nash & Rick McCoy at

CocksureMen: Tyler Ford & Rick McCoy

Tyler Ford & Rick McCoy at

The moment dark haired Tyler Ford and blond Rick McCoy start kissing, the two get so turned on so quickly that you realize right away that they are a near perfect match, exchanging kisses before and after exchanging blowjobs until Tyler takes hold of Rick’s hole and drills him likes he’s never gotten it before. When Tyler finally hits Rick’s sweet spot, Tyler can’t wait anymore, pulling out and erupting a volcanic bust of cum all over Rick’s face, before Rick, too, lets it pop. And they end where they got started, with more passionate kissing, perhaps ready to do it all over again.

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JakeCruise: Rick McCoy & Jake

Rick McCoy & Jake at JakeCruise

I admit it. From the moment I first laid eyes on Rick McCoy, I’ve been weak in the knees and ready to please. To begin with, his compact muscular body and boyish good looks are a major turn-on. But it’s his totally winning personality that makes Rick a truly sexy man.

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CollegeDudes: Jerry Ford Fucks Rick McCoy

Jerry Ford Fucks Rick McCoy at

After Rick McCoy did his solo video, we were sure he would look great getting pounded – and boy were we right on! Jerry Ford and Rick McCoy really make sparks fly in this hot fuck session.

Watch Jerry Ford Fucks Rick McCoy at Rick McCoy Busts A Nut

Rick McCoy Busts A Nut at

Rick McCoy hails from way up north, but he has a southern type of sizzle that makes him extra hot. Maybe it was his time in the Marines, or maybe he was just born a sexy stud who aims to please? At any rate, we loved watching Rick take off his shirt to reveal a beautiful chest and six pack, and when he started flexing his guns, we knew we were in for a real treat. Once Rick starts jerking off, he almost loses himself in his show – breathing, moaning, sighing, and all the while slowly edging his fingers toward his pink hole. When he flips over to show us his ass, he starts going all-out, fingering himself and starting to moan even harder. We love the fact that such a macho tough guy can get this comfortable not only with nudity but with so much ass play. He must have enjoyed it as much as you all will, because he has an intense jerking orgasm to finish off this awesome vid!

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JakeCruise: Rick McCoy Serviced

Guy Jones Serviced at JakeCruise

Rick’s best friend is a fan of my site and urged him to apply. I owe this guy big time. Rick has a cute, young face with an amazing muscular body. His personality is what really won me over. My Gaydar went off when I first met him so I tried pushing his boundaries when we got on the bed. I got rock hard eating out his ass and pulled my cock out, teasing him to touch it. And he did! Rick even let me stick fingers up his ass. My Gaydar maxed out! I told him my cock would be up his ass soon but he laughed it off. Even with his protests I still got a hot kiss out of him after he shot his load into my mouth. We’ll see what the future holds for the “straight” Rick McCoy.

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