Haze Him

HazeHim: Book Signing

Book Signing at

This weeks submission comes from the brothers at *** They had their pledges go around getting signatures from the other brothers, in a ritual they call the book signing.

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HazeHim: Midnight Raid!

Midnight Raid! at

GET UP GET UP GET UP is all the pledges heard as their alpha brothers rushed in their dorm room in the middle of the night wearing masks and banging on trashcans. As the pledges awoke they were showered with flour and feathers to further confuse them as they still struggled to comprehend what was going down before their eyes…

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HazeHim: Cornholio

Cornholio at

This week’s submission is from the north east. These frat bros were playing corn hole with their pledges; they were even taking bets as to who would win and what their pledges had to do to. At the end of the day the only ones that really lost were the poor pledges — not only did they get humiliated on camera but they got their corn holes stuffed with sausage. Enjoy it.

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HazeHim: Hell Week

Hell Week at

This week’s submission takes place during hell week: the toughest week for pledges to go through. That’s when all the real hazing and pranks take place. This frat’s pledges had no idea what was in store for them. They were put through several activities and tests such as icy nuts, where they had to put icy hot on each others balls and withstand the icy then hot sensation; ass grape, when they had to run a mini obstacle course with a grape wedged up their ass; and the most complicated task was the 15 minute nut race, in which the pledges had their hands taped up and they had to bust a nut in under 15 minutes without using their hand. Things got really interesting. Check it out. Watch this video.

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HazeHim: The Big Pledge Mess Up!

The Big Pledge Mess Up! at

Okay, so this week we got a rather interesting submission. The pledges in this frat had to clean the entire frat house after a party and wait on the brothers hand and foot. These frat brothers didn’t give a shit and went all out with their pledges. One poor dude fucked up and spilled some drinks on the brothers female prospects and pissed them off so they left. This really pissed the brothers off do they made the unlucky pledge suck and fuck them all. This poor pledge had to suck their brothers dicks. He even ended up getting tag teamed by the brothers!

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HazeHim: DoughNUTS

DoughNUTS at

This weeks submission winner comes from somewhere in Florida. These brothers made sure their pledges didn’t eat anything for three days in order to test their loyalty and devotion to their pledge ship. Their final mission was to eat a doughnut, but the catch was the doughnuts were wrapped around the brothers’ dicks, and they couldn’t touch then with their hands, so pretty much they were made an offer they couldn’t…

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HazeHim: Dungeon of Shame

Dungeon of Shame at

This weeks submission features some unusual hazing methods, the brothers at alpha *** *** had their pledges strip down to their birthday suits and put on blacked out goggles then had them walk to the frat house dungeon of shame. where some people have done some shameful things in order to get in. after a few push ups the brothers examined their pledges and had them make an important choice, you either suck the dick or get the fuck out! and well these pledges were all good sports and slobbed on the brothers knobs. you guys have to check this one out for it is a must see!

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HazeHim!: Toga!

Toga! at

The capa boys are prepping for their toga party by having their pledges clean up the frat house and wrestle for invitations to the party of the year! the winner gets the VIP but the loser gets the DICk. but of course they don’t know that when they volunteered to wrestle each other. as if that wasn’t bad enough they have to do it while being completely covered in baby oil and wearing sumo style diapers. talk about humiliation at its finest.

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HazeHim: McSweenie’s Got A Tiny Weenie

McSweenie's Got A Tiny Weenie at

Hey guys, so this week we have a pretty fucked up video from some frat boys. these dudes put their pledges through hell and back all throughout hell week. but the icing on the cake was their final test of loyalty and devotion. they had to endure what no man ever should have to, cocks in their asses and mouths but that didn’t slow these future frat boys down, they were determined to get in and be accepted by their brothers. But the pledge that got it the worst was McSweenie because when he was told to drop trou his member wasn’t up to par with the rest of the boys. Tiny weenies aren’t going to cut it here McSweenie!

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HazeHim: Dunk These Nuts!

Dunk These Nuts! at

Nobody wants a face full of balls, especially when there is frosting on them. This week’s submission is full of face-to-ball action, cock cleaning and a little pig squealing. I’ll tell you what, these frats are getting more and more creative every day. These poor pledges had to stand trial and go through what ever their brothers would come up with. Some even ended up with a face full of glaze. Enjoy !

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HazeHim!: Jake’s Revenge

Jake's Revenge at

So this blacklisted pledge steals a Brother’s camera to out him. What ensues is down right amazing! I mean this brother is totally gay right down to shaving his balls and having the pledges give him head. He also sneaks into their rooms at night and wants them to fuck him. Well we got it all on tape for you! Enjoy!

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HazeHim: Pecker Wrestling

Pecker Wrestling at

So this week’s submission comes from the brothers over in the southwest. They decided they wanted to have their pledges vie for a spot in the fraternity by wrestling it out. But, in true Hazehim fashion, they had to do it naked. Needless to say, one thing leads to another and some serious dick in ass action begins when the pledges get a little too heated after the match.

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HazeHim: Pledges in Red

Pledges in Red at

Fraternities are always fun. But sometimes you have to do some pretty iffy things to get accepted into the brotherhood. This week we received a pretty bizarre video from an east coast school. They had their pledges dress in assless PJs with the words HAZE written on their asses. These pledges had to suck cock and get stuffed up the butt in order to get accepted into the family.

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HazeHim: Surprise CockFegs!

Surprise CockFegs! at

LMAO this has got to be one of the best pranks/hazings we’ve seen to date! The pledges in the video were tricked by their frat brothers. They thought they were being taken to the “Boom Boom Room” to get blow jobs from some hot chicks. When they showed up, the lights were off and they were told to pull down their pants. Then some random dudes started sucking on their dicks. These pledges were enjoying the blow jobs until the lights came on and that’s when shit got real…

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HazeHim: What What (In the Butt)

What What (In the Butt) at

I say what what in the butt, I say what what in the BUTT! That’s exactly what happened in this college submission video. These crazy students were down to do what it takes to get into their frat; even if it was taking some viking horns up the starfish. In their toughest challenge yet, these four pledges were almost done and about to be brothers, but showing their dedication and loyalty to this frat meant sucking some dick, fucking an inflatable man doll and taking the horns. Only the brave survive and these four pledges are some of the bravest we’ve seen yet!

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HazeHim: Take It To The Next Level!

Take It To The Next Level! at

Hey guys! So this week we received a crazy video from a southern college. This frat wanted their pledges to do whatever it takes to get in, whether it be knocking on girls’ dorm room doors and flashing your johnson, or having the alpha brother tea bag you in front of the rest of the pledges. But this particular group of pledges took it to the extreme, offering to suck dick and get fucked by two dicks. It was fucking insane — even the alpha brother was a lil shocked!

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HazeHim: The Milk Has Gone Bad!

The Milk Has Gone Bad! at

Nobody likes drinking bad milk, so when these pledges brought the head of the this Florida Frat some funky milk during dinner all hell broke lose. He didn’t take kind to the incompetence of his future brothers. so he and the rest of the heads decided to have some fun at the expense of these poor saps. If you ever wondered what a human serpent looked like you’re about to find out. balls touching faces in sheer humility, but thats not all there is some dick sucking and starfish fucking to do for nobody brings these brothers bad milk!

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HazeHim: Do You Have The Cojones?

Do You Have The Cojones? at

Hey there guys, so this week we have a rather unusual submission, This Frat had their pledges endure a series of physical,mental and loyalty test. The first test was to see if they had the cojones to join. the second tested their mental abilities answering some questions, and the third was a coordination test mind you they had to do all this while being naked in a hot garage full of dudes yelling obscenities towards them. At the end of the day the brothers had them sword fight with their cocks and the losers would have to suck and fuck each other. It’s do or die time so be quick or be dead.


HazeHim: Traitors Beware!

Traitors Beware! at

Holy shit this week we received a submission entitled “traitors beware”, this video shows what happens when you lie to a frat and pretend you’re going to join them. I suppose these Frat boys took it to heart when a potential pledge decided to join their rival frat. They went in and took him out of his dorm and brought them back and made him pay for his dishonesty and he payed a heavy price not only did he have to pledge with them they had him suck dick and get fucked in order to ensure his loyalty. I guess frats now a days don’t fuck around.

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HazeHim: Let’s Clean Up!

Let's Clean Up! at

We got this tape from a college down south… I won’t name names. These stupid ass pledges weren’t wearing their special signs in the showers so the brothers are here to fuck with them and make them pay. After some really embarrassing ass washing and butthole eating they two pledges that get it the worst have to jerk each other off and then fuck each other. All the other pledges were made to watch. All in all it was a wet, wild night for these young college boys.

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HazeHim: Suck Or Fuck

Suck Or Fuck at

So this week we received a submission from a local frat. These frat boys had their pledge blind folded on his knees while two brothers one with a shirt that said fuck and the other with a shirt that said suck, they simultaneously jerked it and who ever came first the pledge would have to do what it said on their shirt. so this poor pledge was fucked either way. but this pledge trooped it out and took it like a man as the rest of the frat cheered and chanted. who would of thought college would be like this eh?

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Okay so this week we have something a ‘lil different, a human slip n slid. this dude sent us his frat initiation video and it was pretty rad. he had all his pledges laying down and they each took turns sliding on top of each other. pretty unique idea we were impressed! throw in a little naked oil wrestling and we have ourselves a party! But unfortunately the losers had to suck it up and take it like champs after all its not like anyone would see this right? HAHA

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These pledges are planning a prank on one of their brothers, and everything goes pretty well to plan, until they get caught jerking off on his door handle! They get herded into his dorm room and the brothers lay into them with some nice hazing!! Naked jumping jacks, some tea bagging and then a couple of the pledges are made to fuck each other, and it really seemed like these dudes liked it a bit, even though they kept saying they hated it. LOL


HazeHim: Coo-Coo It’s Party Time Dude!

Coo-Coo It's Party Time Dude! at

There is nothing like a nice summer time splash, especially when the pool is man made and ghetto rigged as fuck! These poor pledges had to play blind folded in this hole in the ground filled with water. The winners of course were exempt from hell week but the losers had to pay the ultimate price! I mean it’s not embarrassing enough playing naked in a nasty fake pool. As punishment for losing these unfortunate pledges had to suck each their off in front of their brothers and fellow pledges.