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Jimmy Clay Fucks Grayson Fabre in ‘Introducing Grayson Fabre’ at NextDoorBuddies

Introducing Grayson Fabre (Jimmy Clay Fucks Grayson Fabre) at Next Door Buddies

Grayson Fabre is a smart, young, quiet guy from the Midwest, making his on screen debut. Jimmy Clay is on hand to guide him through the process and to see if he’s up to the task. Grayson is hesitant and a bit nervous, but also full of excitement and eager to prove he belongs.

NextDoorMale: Jimmy Clay (Solo)

Jimmy Clay (Solo) at Next Door Male

Here’s a guy who loves stroking his fat cock in strange, sometimes dirty places. Jimmy Clay has holed up in a grimy bathroom stall to jerk off and enjoy the atmosphere. There’s a glory hole in the wall that inspires naughty and nasty thoughts for Jimmy. It’s just what he needs to make his hard dick throb with desire. Watch him grind the toilet as he spreads and plays with his tight asshole. His plump lips are moist as he licks them, thinking of the intense action the glory hole has seen. Jimmy’s boyish looks and incredibly hot body will provoke plenty of your own dirty thoughts. Enjoy!

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CocksureMen: Kris Jamieson & Jimmy Coxxx

Kris Jamieson & Jimmy Coxxx at

There’s something about Kris Jamieson and a sore back that always leads to sex! Last time we saw him, he was complaining of aching muscles, got a massage from hottie Rick McCoy and ended up fucking Rick to show his thanks.

Watch Kris Jamieson & Jimmy Coxxx at CocksureMen

CockyBoys: Tommy Defendi Plows Jimmy Clay

Tommy Defendi Plows Jimmy Clay at

Finally, I think I found a match for Jimmy’s hungry hole. Gentlemen, I present to you Tommy Defendi. Tommy is everything you would expect from a cockyboy plus so much more. He has a bit of an edge to him and is not afraid to let his inner pig come out and play. Not only is he ridiculously hot, but he’s also got the personality and skills to go with his looks. He’s certainly the total package. Picture that with our certified mega-pig-power-bottom Jimmy Clay and you’ve got the scene of the century!

Watch Tommy Defendi & Jimmy Clay’s Video Clip | Visit CockyBoys

CocksureMen: Jimmy Coxxx and Shane Wright

Jimmy Coxxx and Shane Wright at

From the moment Jimmy Coxxx and Shane Wright meet up at the foot of the bed, they can’t keep their hands off each other. They caress each other’s chests, swap tongue and start to get undressed. Blond-haired Shane gets on his knees to check out the big cock underneath his fuck buddy’s “flashy” briefs. Jimmy force feeds him his huge hard-on and Shane’s mouth is up for the job. They move up to the bed so Jimmy can get sucked some more as he fingers Shane’s hot bubble butt. Shane is a bottom that knows how to ride cock. He literally bites the sheet when he’s in the doggy position getting pounded. He wants to eat Jimmy’s cum and gets a mouthful.

Watch Jimmy Coxxx & Shane Wright’s Video Clip | Visit CocksureMen

CocksureMen: Bo Dean & Jimmy Coxxx

Bo Dean & Jimmy Coxxx at

We’re excited to welcome back a familiar face and rocking hot bod. Bo Dean makes a triumphant return, teaming up with the always horny Jimmy Coxxx, for a sizzling scene.

Watch Bo Dean & Jimmy Coxxx’s Video Clip | Visit CocksureMen

CocksureMen: Perfect Match (Rick McCoy & Jimmy Coxxx)

Perfect Match (Rick McCoy & Jimmy Coxxx) at

In this real-life fantasy, two of the hottest studs in our stable, Rick McCoy and Jimmy Coxxx, lay on the bed choosing one of two options. They’re either gonna wrestle or fuck! Our hearts sank when Jimmy (the bigger of the two) chose to wrestle.

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JakeCruise: Jimmy Coxxx Massaged

Jimmy Coxxx Massaged at JakeCruise

Webster’s dictionary defines erotic as “strongly marked or affected by sexual desire.” For me, erotic is best described as walking into a room and finding Jimmy Coxxx naked on my massage table.

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CocksureMen: Aaron Rivers & Jimmy Coxxx

Aaron Rivers & Jimmy Coxxx at

College exams can be very stressful so it’s always a good idea to have a study partner, especially if the subject is Gay Sex 101. Aaron Rivers, the studly ex-football player, accepts classmate Jimmy Coxxx’s offer to give him some pointers about man-on-man sex.

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CocksureMen: Brady Jensen & Jimmy Coxxx (Jimmy’s First Time)

Brady Jensen & Jimmy Coxxx (Jimmy's First Time) at

When you have a fine bubble butt like Jimmy Coxxx, it’s just a matter of time before you give in and let someone fuck the hell out of you. Luckily for us, we got Jimmy at the right time and with the right dick, that of CockSure Exclusive Brady Jensen.

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JakeCruise: Jimmy Coxxx Serviced

Jimmy Coxxx Serviced at JakeCruise

Before the shoot I asked Jimmy what type of underwear he was wearing. He pulled down his pants and showed me his underwear. He also displayed a massive hard-on and we hadn’t even started the scene! Pretty soon he wasn’t the only one with wood in his jeans. Jimmy had shot with us before for my two other sites and I always found him sexy.

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CocksureMen: Landon Mycles & Jimmy Coxxx (Ball Play)

Landon Mycles & Jimmy Coxxx (Ball Play) at

Landon Mycles and Jimmy Coxxx are playing catch on a warm SoCal afternoon. After working up quite a sweat, they head inside, but not to cool down. Admiring each others’ glistening bodies, they quickly strip down to their jocks. Landon’s oral skills are incredible to put it mildly. He deepthroats Jimmy with ease while giving him a sloppy wet blowjob he’ll never forget…

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CocksureMen: Jimmy Coxxx & Vance Crawford

Jimmy Coxxx & Vance Crawford at

Vance Crawford and Jimmy Coxxx lock up in an arm wrestling contest. DAMN is it hot seeing both hunks flex and strain trying to take each other down. Vance’s body is chiseled and rock hard, and Jimmy is no slouch at the gym either. The contest is at a virtual stand still but Jimmy ultimately prevails. To celebrate his victory Jimmy gets a mouthful of Vance’s cock, and then makes Vance spread those cheeks for a pounding. They tumble around from position to position, winding up in missionary where Jimmy streams a huge load all over Vance’s ripped body. Getting splattered in warm cum sends Vance over the top and he squeezes out a load of his own.

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CocksureMen: Jimmy Coxxx & Zac Blake

Jimmy Coxxx & Zac Blake at

With Jimmy Coxxx and Zac Blake, what turns them on the most is kissing. Their hands running over each other’s chiseled bodies, they stay lip locked throughout most of their time together, looking into each other’s eyes as they kiss some more. Jimmy smiles really big while Zac takes his dick all the way into his asshole and the two fuck, still kissing. The two young studs lay next to each other, jerking loads out onto Zac’s belly. Then kiss some more…

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CockyBoys: Jimmy Clay (Beats Off)

Jimmy Clay (Beats Off) at

Damn have I got a treat for y’all today. I got hot, beefy, inked up, Latino muscle stud Jimmy Clay to work his dick for my camera. He starts off grinding in bed and rubbing his cock through his underwear. Once he’s nice and hard he pulls his cock out and starts stroking himself as he watches himself in the full length mirror next to the bed. As the action gets more intense, Jimmy gets more into watching himself get off in the mirror. Sure it’s a little narcissistic but I mean, can you blame him for wanting to watch a hot stud like himself in action? He gets so turned on that he starts making out with his own reflection. After his one person make out session he bends over so he can look at his hot hole in the mirror as he spreads his ass cheeks. Finally he’s so turned on by himself that he works his hot cock until he shoots a nice thick load all over his reflection in the mirror. When you’re as hot as Jimmy is who needs a partner! Check it.

CocksureMen: Jimmy Coxxx Solo

Jimmy Coxxx Solo at

Jimmy is so sexy his last name has 3 X’s in it. He graced our sister site, once before and nearly melted the cameras. Now he’s back and ready to take matters into his own hands.

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