CocksureMen: Jimmy Coxxx and Shane Wright

Jimmy Coxxx and Shane Wright at

Jimmy Coxxx and Shane Wright at

Jimmy Coxxx and Shane Wright at

Jimmy Coxxx and Shane Wright at

From the moment Jimmy Coxxx and Shane Wright meet up at the foot of the bed, they can’t keep their hands off each other. They caress each other’s chests, swap tongue and start to get undressed. Blond-haired Shane gets on his knees to check out the big cock underneath his fuck buddy’s “flashy” briefs. Jimmy force feeds him his huge hard-on and Shane’s mouth is up for the job. They move up to the bed so Jimmy can get sucked some more as he fingers Shane’s hot bubble butt. Shane is a bottom that knows how to ride cock. He literally bites the sheet when he’s in the doggy position getting pounded. He wants to eat Jimmy’s cum and gets a mouthful.

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  • jazz

    Jimmy’s back to topping I see. Ugh…not really a fan of Micah.

  • porndog

    As much as I love seeing Jimmy bottom, I’m glad he’s topping; hope he doesn’t make it too much of a habit. He’s just too hot a bottom. And why the name change for Micah? He’s used it on several sites. Whatev.

    • jazz

      That’s too funny. I literally didn’t even notice that his name isn’t “Micah” in this scene.

    • darkthunder1983

      I actually thought I was losing it. I saw “Shane Wright” and I was like “Where? All I see is Micah Andrews!” He’s still Micah. The new name changes nothing.

  • Neo_

    Shane’s hole looks beat up in pic #10.

    • Timah

      It does look strange… like raw meat.

    • LuckyinKentucky

      Yes it does…not cute (him or his asshole).

      Jimmy is still definitely a yes though!

    • jazz

      Brock Masters abused his hole relentlessly and left it looking like that.

  • marti1234

    I wonder if “Shane ” is going raw in further scenes as he’s barebacked already elsewhere?:)they are both cute , and Shane/ Micah I’ve always thought sexy

  • Sushi

    I wondered what happened to “Micah” too. But I agree with porndog on this. Jimmy looks great topping (love the sweat running down his chest) so this is alright. But he is OH SO SMOKING HOT when he bottoms!!


    Loving these two lots of energy. Jimmy is hot top or bottom.

  • Daniel

    Not bad

  • tomtomson

    these guys are hot!!

  • beirut

    oh gosh that vagina is wrecked

    • tomtomson

      true. looks a bit vile

  • jag2power

    Those are train tracks going in multiple directions. It’s what happens after a train wreck.

  • sliderboi

    Shane’s/Micah’s asshole looks a bit worn.

    Not to worry though, I have some cream for it. ;-)

    • beirut

      what kind of creams? :P

    • Kelo


  • Billy.Sive

    Jimmy (aka Jimmy Clay in cocky boys) is quite a hottie. he’s performances are always very good. not a fan of the other guy, not here not in suite 703 or elsewhere

  • twinkemopunk808

    I like to see jimmy get fucked- but he is hot as a top or bottom so this looks good to me! he has a sexy face and a really nice cock