Cocksure Men

Hardcore gay porn that is sexy and fun.

CocksureMen: Joel Vargas Barebacks Petr Skala

Joel Vargas Barebacks Petr Skala at

Petr Skala is quietly reading a novel when Joel Vargas walks into the bedroom with a different tale for Petr. Joel takes Petr’s book away and kisses him. From there one thing leads to another and they act out their own story.

CocksureMen: Miky Bolton Barebacks Oscar Kovak

Miky Bolton Barebacks Oscar Kovak at

Hung and young Miky Bolton and Oscar Kovak are horny studs on a couch. They touch themselves and get their cocks hard. Miky pulls out his huge uncut dick and Oscar follows with his. Oscar can’t wait to service Miky’s long pole.

Cocksure Men: Jack King Barebacks Austin Andrews

Jack King Barebacks Austin Andrews at

Jack King & Austin Andrews wake up in bed just in time for some morning bareback action. As they kiss Jack pops wood and Austin pulls the hard prick out of Jack’s red trunks. Austin sucks Jacks cock as they get rid of their underwear.

CocksureMen: Ondrej Oslava Barebacks Miky Bolton

Ondrej Oslava Barebacks Miky Bolton at

It’s a beautiful day at the lake. Muscle stud Ondrej Oslava and hung jock Miky Bolton are soaking in the sun, sitting back to back on a dock. Miky is naked from the waist down, his huge cock pointing up to the sky. Ondrej turns around, grabs the uncut rod, and begins to kiss Miky. Ondrej wastes no time and goes down on Miky’s huge piece of meat. Miky pulls off Ondrej’s clothes and returns the favor, feasting on his dick.

CocksureMen: Brad Davis Barebacks Shawn Reeve

Brad Davis Barebacks Shawn Reeve at

Hung and lean Brad Davis sits in a tub stroking his meat when blond stud Shawn Reeve arrives. Brad stands and Shawn sucks him as his own cock pops out of his Fruit of the Looms. Shawn lays back and Brad rims his hole with his pierced tongue.

CocksureMen: Diego Canales Barebacks Ray Mannix

Diego Canales Barebacks Ray Mannix at

Jock stud Diego Canales and cute young Ray Mannix kiss on a couch. Diego is the first to take off his shirt and soon takes off Ray’s. They kiss and stroke each other’s chests. Ray pulls down Diego’s shorts and sucks on his stiff uncut dick. Ray stands up and Diego kneels, giving Ray’s prick a good licking and sucking.

Drew Sebastian Barebacks Aarin Asker at CocksureMen

Drew Sebastian Barebacks Aarin Asker at

Hung daddy Drew Sebastian and tattooed stud Aarin Asker meet again. See this isn’t their first rodeo. They had a sex a year ago, that lead to a bathhouse a day after. Both wearing jockstraps, they start by kissing each other. Aarin licks Drew’s pit. They both exchange nipple sucking, before Aarin gets on his knees.

Ondrej Oslava Barebacks Ismael Alrasid at CocksureMen

Ondrej Oslava Barebacks Ismael Alrasid at

Ondrej Oslava sleeps while Ismael Alrasid man handles him. Ismael starts kissing him and sucking his cock. Ismael sits on the raw cock bareback, riding the stiff rod like a champ. Ondrej plows up from the bottom, filling Ismael’s hole with his raw cock and making him moan.

Nico Lacosty Barebacks Patrick Tyson at CocksureMen

Nico Lacosty Barebacks Patrick Tyson at

Nico Lacosty watches stud Patrick Tyson jerk his meat. Patrick begins to play with Nico’s nipples. With his mouth Patrick feels Nico’s cock through his shorts. They begin to make out. Nico takes his shorts off revealing his cock. They both jerk each other’s cocks and kiss passionately.

Ennio Guardi Barebacks Stan Simons at CocksureMen

Ennio Guardi Barebacks Stan Simons at

Ennio Guardi and Stan Simons make out in the kitchen, cooking up some hot, bareback sex. Ennio helps Stan lay on the kitchen island and puts his hand underneath Stan’s shorts. Ennio pulls Stan’s t-shirt over Stan’s head then wraps his lips around Stan’s cock. While sucking on Stan’s pole, Ennio unbuttons his jeans and strokes his own uncut cock.

CocksureMen: Ivan Jizera Barebacks Stan Simons

Ivan Jizera Barebacks Stan Simons at

Ivan Jizera eagerly awaits for Stan Simons in a tree house. As soon as Stan appears, Ivan gets down the ladder. They both kiss, take their shirts off and play with each others nipples. Ivan leans on the base of the treehouse and pulls his jeans down to his thighs. Stan follows by getting on his knees and wrapping his mouth around Ivan’s thick prick…

CocksureMen: Vic Rocco & Jon Galt (Bareback)

Vic Rocco & Jon Galt (Bareback) at

Real life lovers Vic Rocco and Jon Galt fuck bareback in their bedroom. The rock hard pair kiss passionately on their bed. These muscular daddies are lovers for a reason. The passion is hot and very present.

CocksureMen: Ondrej Oslava & Jack Braver (Bareback)

Ondrej Oslava & Jack Braver (Bareback) at

Muscle hunks Ondrej Oslava and Jack Braver take a very hot break from work. They worship each other’s muscular chests and abs, kissing passionately on a couch. Soon the hard cocks come out to play. Jack sucks Ondrej’s uncut cock then Ondrej sucks Jack’s.

CocksureMen: Drago Lambert & Max Bourne (Barebacks)

Drago Lambert & Max Bourne (Barebacks) at

Drago Lambert and Max Bourne are in bed devouring each other, kissing and groping passionately. Drago takes Max’ cock out and sucks him. Next it’s Drago’s turn to get blown and Max does a fantastic job. Drago is eager to fuck and he throws Max down on the bed and rims his hole.

CocksureMen: Jack Braver & Andy West (Bareback)

Jack Braver & Andy West (Bareback) at

Jack Braver and Andy West are bored at work. Andy knows how to break the monotony. He’ll seduce Jack. Andy begins to feel Jack’s muscles through his clothes and they begin to make out…

CocksureMen: Mike Lantic & Dick Keissie (Bareback)

Mike Lantic & Dick Keissie (Bareback) at

Mike Lantic asks Dick Keissie if he needs help. Without him saying a word, Mike knows exactly what he wants! Mike starts by jerking Dick’s cock. They kiss and Mike helps take Dick’s shirt off. He plays with Dick’s nipples and Dick rewards him with a dollar bill. The two studs grope and kiss. Mike pulls down his briefs just enough for Dick to jerk his cock. He takes off Dick’s jeans showing his beautiful cock. Mike starts sucking Dick’s uncut prick, Dick returns the favor.

CocksureMen: Steven Richards & Matt Stevens (Bareback)

Steven Richards & Matt Stevens (Bareback) at

The energy is off the charts between hairy muscle studs Stevens Richards and Matt Stevens. Matt gets on all 4’s and starts sucking Steven’s huge cock while Steven fingers Matt’s hole. Matt enjoys every second of it and Steven wastes no time penetrating his hole bareback. He fucks Matt hard before Matt sucks Steven’s cock, tasting his own ass juice.

CocksureMen: Robin Few & Jake Dante (Bareback)

Robin Few & Jake Dante (Bareback) at

Robin Few and Jake Dante look amazing in front of the bed as they make out wildly. After they are both out of their shirts, Jake licks Robin’s chest and abs. Jake’s tongue moves down to Robin’s cock, which is poking out, ready to have Jake’s lips wrapped around it.

CocksureMen: Alex Bach Fucks Karl Rossi (Bareback)

Alex Bach Fucks Karl Rossi (Bareback) at

Alex Bach and Karl Rossi kiss passionately while feeling each other’s hard bodies. Karl unbuckles Alex’s jeans and pulls his cock out before kneeling. He blows Alex’s thick, uncut cock and sucks his big balls. Alex takes his shirt off while getting his meat sucked. He likes playing with his nipples while Karl jerks his cock.

CocksureMen: Brad Kalvo Barebacks Jed Athens

Brad Kalvo Barebacks Jed Athens at

Brad Kalvo’s and Jed Athens’ hard cocks throb with excitement as they make out on the bed. Jed goes down on Brad, stimulating every inch of his stiff rod. Jed turns over so Brad can drive his raw cock deep inside his hole. Jed moans as Brad barebacks him. Jed hops off and sucks Brad’s cock. Brad slams his raw cock back in before Jed flips over on his back.