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CocksureMen: Bo Dean & Marc Dylan

Two of porn’s biggest stars collide with Marc Dylan spreading wide for Bo Dean. After the guys take turns blowing each others’ big dicks, Bo does what he does best…FUCK

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CocksureMen: Bo Dean & Mike Anders

Bo Dean & Mike Anders at

For his debut on Cocksure Men Mike Anders requested Bo Dean. We couldn’t think of a hotter pair. Both have hard, ripped bodies and thick cocks. The chemistry is obvious as they feel each other’s muscles while ripping off their clothes…

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LucasEntertainment: Heat Wave 2 (Bo Dean & John Magnum)

Heat Wave 2 (Bo Dean & John Magnum) at

Horny buds Bo Dean and John Magnum peel of their t-shirts and shorts and lounge on a patch of lawn in Manhattan to air out from the pounding heat. Bo has slicked-back hair and the look of a lean, muscled biker, where as John has an innocent face and a sexy, furry body. After they catch some rays, they head back to John’s apartment where he shows Bo a good time: he pulls off his clothes and sucks his cock deep and hard. Bo rolls his head around and closes his eyes, loving every last slurp. John has a firm grip on Bo’s piece of meat as he licks and sucks! Returning the favor, Bo leans John along an armchair and starts slurping on his prick! When John finally offers up his ass, Bo greedily slips on a condom, bends the bottom over, and rides him like a motorcycle! John closes his eyes and takes each pound as Bo fucks him with fury. They both bust their loads all over John’s fuzzy stomach!

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CocksureMen: Bo Dean & Jimmy Coxxx

Bo Dean & Jimmy Coxxx at

We’re excited to welcome back a familiar face and rocking hot bod. Bo Dean makes a triumphant return, teaming up with the always horny Jimmy Coxxx, for a sizzling scene.

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Out In Public: Out and About

Out and About at Out In Public

In this week’s out in public update I’m chilling with my boy Bo and this guy is horny as hell and he has been hitting me for about a year to come back and some more out in public…so I had to fly him out here and do this thing for him. We’re out chilling walking till some kid caught his eye and right away he went after and usually we let the conversation build up a little but not this time. Bo went for the kill right away…

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JakeCruise: Bo Dean & Cody King

Bo Dean & Cody King at JakeCruise

We know what our members like and, by popular demand, Bo Dean returns for another round of nasty man-on-man action. This time his playmate is Cody King, a young hunk with a hot, tight body and a thirst for adventure. Cody loves cock and Bo is more than willing to provide as much as Cody can handle (get out your measuring tapes!). And our boy Cody has plenty of stamina to keep up with Bo’s limitless amount of energy. Ass-licking? Check. Ball-sucking? Check. Butt-pounding? Check. It’s all here in high-definition! By the time Bo’s deep pounding makes Cody squirt all over his six-pack, you may be doing some squirting of your own.

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NextDoorBuddies: John Magnum & Bo Dean

John Magnum & Bo Dean at Next Door Buddies

Don’t you love waking up with a dick rubbing your feet? Bo Dean does! John Magnum has snuck up on his buddy and decided to snap some pics of Bo’s ballsack and ass with his camera phone. When Bo wakes up, John already has his rock hard boner fucking Bo’s bare tootsies.

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CocksureMen: Rage (with Bo Dean & Tristan Phoenix)

Rage (with Bo Dean & Tristan Phoenix) at

Tristan Phoenix is angry! Bo Dean is outside fucking around with some wires causing Tristan’s internet to go out. Tristan is busy trying to get off so he storms outside to give Bo a piece of his mind. Seeing Bo’s sweaty body on that ladder, Tristan decides he’d rather have a piece of Bo’s dick instead. Both studs aggressively attack each other’s hard bodies and hard cocks.

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JakeCruise: Bo Dean & Niko Reeves

Bo Dean & Niko Reeves at JakeCruise

Bo Dean and Niko Reeves are hanging out in the green room killing a little time before their upcoming shoots. What better way to kill time then to fuck!? Bo picks up Niko and carries him off to the bed so they can get comfortable. After sucking Bo’s cock Niko spreads so Bo can pound his tight hole. He rides Bo like a cowboy at the rodeo, loving every second of his ass getting reamed. Taking every inch of Bo’s thick cock feels so good in fact that Niko blows his load while still getting pounded. Bo leans over his cum covered partner and splatters him with some more sticky white juice.

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CocksureMen: Bo Dean & Slade

Bo Dean & Slade at

Tattooed tough-guy Bo Dean and the soft-spoken, refined Frenchman Slade have a passionate afternoon together as they strip each other down and explore each other’s bodies. Bo throws Slade onto the bed and jumps on him for some 69 action, the two men sucking on big, thick dicks, then Slade buries his face in Bo’s furry asshole. Bo flips Slade over and slides in gently at first, building the energy until he’s slamming himself hard into Slade’s hole, kissing and touching him and keeping him in ecstasy. Slade sits on Bo’s dick and before long he’s blowing a big load all over Bo’s chest. Bo flips Slade onto his back and blows his load right into Slade’s face. The two sweaty men collapse into each other’s arms, kissing and touching together.

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CocksureMen: Bo Dean & AJ Irons (Ass Resort)

Bo Dean & AJ Irons (Ass Resort) at

Super-star Bo Dean is enjoying a cold margarita while on vacation, chatting it up with the smoking-hot bartender, AJ Irons. Bo’s complaining to AJ that he can’t seem to find anyone to hook up with. AJ is no fool and isn’t buying that line of BS, but he plays along anyway and offers to give Bo a helping hand… mouth… cock… ass… whatever Bo wants! Bo bends AJ over the bar and shoves his thick rod into AJ’s tight hole. The whole bar is on the verge of coming down from the intense pounding. AJ gobbles up every inch and begs for more. Spread-eagled and getting his ass rocked, AJ begs for Bo to cum. Bo is happy to oblige and splatters AJ’s iron stomach with AJ following suit soon after.

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JakeCruise: Bo Dean & Jake Steel

Bo Dean & Jake Steel at JakeCruise

Even I need a Friday off every once in awhile, so this week you get to watch a different Jake in action; Jake Steel that is. He gets the pleasure of getting fucked by Bo Dean, our top model from our sister site: Jake has taken some pretty big cocks before, but taking a pounding from Bo’s thick dick is still quite a feat. Watching Bo’s muscles flex and tense as he thrusts every inch into Jake’s hole is a beautiful sight to behold. Damn, watching these two hunks go at it is making me jealous! I can’t wait to get back to work.

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CocksureMen: The Gay Coach 7 (Bo Dean & Tyler Ford)

The Gay Coach 6 (Bo Dean & Kyler Wes) at

Coach Dean is really pushing Tyler Ford hard during his workout. Exhausted and frustrated, Tyler is on the verge of giving up. Bo provides him with a little extra motivation by dropping to his knees to suck young Tyler’s cock. Tyler knows this workout routine well and lays down to take Bo’s thick dick in his tight ass, bareback. Bo does not take it easy on Tyler at all. He enjoys watching Tyler shout and moan while he force-feeds his thick pipe into Tyler’s hole. Tyler’s ass can’t take any more and neither can Bo. He splatters his load all over Tyler’s bubble butt. Tyler squeezes out a thick load of his own and can finally rest those weary muscles.

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CocksureMen: Bo Dean & Tyler Saint

Bo Dean & Tyler Saint at

Bo Dean and Tyler Saint” is one of our most requested pairings ever. Long at last we finally get these two ripped super-stars together. It’s summer time and both hunks are at their beach-body best. If you’re a fan of muscles you’ll have plenty to admire between Bo and Tyler, especially the massive ones dangling in between their legs. Both guy’s tools get a hot oral workout, then Tyler becomes the latest lucky SOB to get his ass pounded by Bo. Bo knows Tyler can take it, so he gives it to him hard and rough. Tyler drops his load while bobbing up and down on Bo’s thick meat. Bo rewards him with a juicy facial soon afterward.

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CocksureMen: Bo Dean & Ludovic Canot

Bo Dean & Ludovic Canot at

This week we’re pleased to bring you super-hot Bo Dean and his French fuck toy, Ludovic Canot. They immediately get down and dirty, sucking each other off until they’re both hard as nails. Ripped as ever, Bo flexes and fucks Ludovic any way he feels like it. Slow and deep or fast and hard Ludovic’s ass swallows all 8-inches of Bo’s thick dick down to his beautiful balls. The guys cum simultaneously onto Lodovic’s stomach and then Bo squeezes out a second hot load he’s so worked up.

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CocksureMen: The Gay Coach 6 (Bo Dean & Kyler Wes)

The Gay Coach 6 (Bo Dean & Kyler Wes) at

Coach Dean is at it again, this time punishing Kyler Wes for showing up late. After making him run 5 miles, he follows him into the shower to hand out a bit more “punishment.”

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CocksureMen: Bo Dean & David Dakota (Garden Fuck)

Bo Dean & David Dakota (Garden Fuck) at

Bo Dean and David Dakota are walking along one of the many trails here at the ranch. The surroundings are beautiful, but not as much as the men. The clothes come off and David swallows Bo’s dick

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CocksureMen: Bo Dean and John Magnum (The Takedown)

Bo Dean and John Magnum (The Takedown) at

Bo Dean and John Magnum are working out in the gym. Their sweaty bodies glisten; their muscles bulge, and their cocks are raging hard while watching each other. We know exactly what’s on their minds so we drift off with the guys to find them on a wrestling mat, playfully throwing each other around. They roll around, kiss, and enjoy the feeling of each others massive, muscular physiques pressed firmly against one another. All of the tumbling has the studs ready to fuck.

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Cocksure Men: Bo Dean & Leo Giamani

Bo Dean & Leo Giamani at

Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for: The Clash of the Cocksure Men Titans. Bo and Leo can barely keep their hands off each other as Bo explains that he’s been in a motorcycle accident and is a bit scuffed up. All smiles, they go at each other like animals. Bo wastes no time getting Leo out of his pants and sucking on his monster cock. Leo then takes his turn on Bo’s huge dick as Bo takes control pushing Leo’s head down all the way. Body on body, the two men devour every inch of each other before Bo bends Leo over and asks “You ready?” Bo takes it easy at first while Leo gasps as his asshole stretches to let Bo’s cock in. “Feels amazing,” Bo says as he speeds up and jack hammers Leo harder and harder. Once Bo gets going Leo moans as he reaches that “pleasure and pain” moment. Before long there’s two loads of cum all over Leo’s belly, both Titans exhausted from their clash.

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JakeCruise: Bo Dean, Devin Draz and Jake

Bo Dean, Devin Draz and Jake at JakeCruise

Can it get any better than this? Not only do I get to play with our most popular model ever (Bo Dean) but right across from him is another tower of power (Devin Draz). These two huge, hung, muscle-studs are almost too much for me to handle….almost ;0)

Watch Bo Dean, Devin Draz and Jake at

CocksureMen: The Gay Coach 4 (Bo Dean & Eli Hunter)

The Gay Coach 4 (Bo Dean & Eli Hunter) at

Bo Dean’s earning quite the reputation as ‘the Gay Coach’ and all his students want a piece of the action. Bo offers Eli Hunter a fighting chance to get back on the team. Eli takes advantage of the opportunity and really showcases his talents. Impressed, Bo lets Eli know he’s earned his spot back on the roster. That’s not enough for Eli however. He let’s Bo know what he really wants: Bo’s raw cock inside him! Young Eli has Bo’s thick dick rock hard in moments. After eating some ass, Eli is ready for that ram-rod deep inside him. He hops on Bo’s bare cock and tries to prove to Bo he’s his best student yet. After getting his ass reamed out Eli shoots a huge load and Bo responds by giving Eli a mouthful of his warm cum.

Watch Bo Dean & Eli Hunter at

CocksureMen: Bo Dean & Dakota Rivers

Bo Dean & Dakota Rivers at

Bo Dean has a tall order in store for him today named Dakota Rivers. Dakota is six feet three inches of sexy! Both guys get down and dirty, sucking on each other’s fat cocks. After getting his face fucked by Bo, David has another hole he wants filled. Bo saddles up and plugs David’s tight ass with his massive dick. As always, Bo’s running on high-octane and fucks David with an intensity no one else can match. Our studs jerk out two huge loads and splatter our bed with their warm seed.

Watch Bo & Dakota at

CocksureMen: Bo Dean & Kelly Taylor

Bo Dean & Kelly Taylor at

Kelly Taylor is the latest bottom we have for superstar top Bo Dean. Don’t let Kelly’s innocent schoolboy appearance fool you. He’s done this before a time or two and takes Bo’s massive member down his throat and in his tight hole with ease. Bo does NOT take it easy on Kelly, and Kelly wouldn’t have it any other way. The feeling of Bo’s big dick in his ass sends Kelly into orgasm while still bobbing up and down on Bo’s cock. Bo pulls out and jerks a load out onto Kelly’s smooth skin and both men collapse into each other’s arms.

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CocksureMen: Garden Blower (with Bo Dean & DJ Mann)

Garden Blower (with Bo Dean & DJ Mann) at

Bo Dean is tossing and turning, trying to sleep while DJ Mann is making a ruckus outside his window doing some landscaping. Bo finally has enough and tells DJ to keep it down. DJ immediately notices Bo’s huge erection and let’s Bo know that he’s having a hard time ‘keeping it down’ himself. Our arborist knows exactly what Bo’s tree trunk needs and gives it a wet blowjob. Bo decides he’d rather plant it in something, and that something is DJ’s tight hole. Bo makes DJ pay for waking him up with an aggressive fuck that leaves DJ’s stomach covered in his own cum, and his face covered with Bo’s. With both guys exhausted, Bo can finally take that nap.

Watch Bo Dean & DJ Mann at

CocksureMen: Bo Dean & Park Wiley

Bo Dean & Park Wiley at

We’ve found the perfect pairing with Bo and Park, it’s power top vs. power bottom. Both guys aggressively rip off each others clothes to get a mouthful of cock. The energy is indescribable. Both Bo and Park throw each other around and have their way with each other.

Watch Bo & Park at