JakeCruise: Bo Dean & Niko Reeves

Bo Dean & Niko Reeves at JakeCruise

Bo Dean & Niko Reeves at JakeCruise

Bo Dean & Niko Reeves at JakeCruise

Bo Dean & Niko Reeves at JakeCruise

Bo Dean & Niko Reeves at JakeCruise

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Jake wrote:

Bo Dean and Niko Reeves are hanging out in the green room killing a little time before their upcoming shoots. What better way to kill time then to fuck!? Bo picks up Niko and carries him off to the bed so they can get comfortable. After sucking Bo’s cock Niko spreads so Bo can pound his tight hole. He rides Bo like a cowboy at the rodeo, loving every second of his ass getting reamed. Taking every inch of Bo’s thick cock feels so good in fact that Niko blows his load while still getting pounded. Bo leans over his cum covered partner and splatters him with some more sticky white juice.

  • BO Dean is still so hot. To bad his contract is up. I hope he continues GOES TO A NEW SITE! And keep up the good work. I love him as a top, but kinda would be cool to see him bottom.

    • LA Clergy

      I don’t think he has ever bottomed to anyone. Besides this is Jake’s site. Contract are to protect the model and not the site. Jake will get any one that crosses his door steps. Not too many will dare doing it.

  • LA Clergy

    There are so many rumors on Bo. Is he really married with kids? I hear he is 5’6″ and not 6’1″. Is there a place I can read REAL stories about him? Then again he is so old that he is soon to be out of the industry. I still am curious about the truth on all these rumors. We all know we get a ton of bullshit from all these sites.

    • Res1

      Bo Dean’s asshole looks touched so I don’t about that one.

    • darkthunder1983

      You might be close on the height thing because Niko Reeves is 5’6″/5’7″ and Bo ain’t that much taller than him from looking at these pics.

  • fabrice

    There are many exclusive porn tops whose holes look like they’ve had more traffic than many bottoms.

    Just cause they only to on camera doesn’t mean they aren’t bottoming in real life.

    I agree that Bo’s opened his port to incoming ships.

  • Established One

    Pound that ass Bo, pound it!

  • BladeX

    Can someone please tell me what has happened to Bo Dean? Compare this picture of him over a year ago and now
    What happened to his beautiful muscle body and handsome rugged face? He is a just about a shadow of the way he used to look. Is he sick or on drugs? What’s going on?

  • Brock722

    The lighting in this whole set is not the best. I agree that Bo Dean has looked better in the past but I think that both of them look washed out and pretty unpleasant.

    The whole concept of determining if an asshole been used and the frequency of such use is pretty speculative. Some guys who have bottomed a lot may be looser than average, but I think for most people, it’s purely genetics.

  • fresero_abre_culos

    Niko is so hot, love seing him with his legs in the air with his ass open. Bo Dean looks good, not as great as ever, but he is still hotter than 99% of the critics out here.