JakeCruise: Rick McCoy Serviced

Guy Jones Serviced at JakeCruise

Guy Jones Serviced at JakeCruise

Guy Jones Serviced at JakeCruise

Guy Jones Serviced at JakeCruise

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JakeCruise wrote:

Rick’s best friend is a fan of my site and urged him to apply. I owe this guy big time. Rick has a cute, young face with an amazing muscular body. His personality is what really won me over. My Gaydar went off when I first met him so I tried pushing his boundaries when we got on the bed. I got rock hard eating out his ass and pulled my cock out, teasing him to touch it. And he did! Rick even let me stick fingers up his ass. My Gaydar maxed out! I told him my cock would be up his ass soon but he laughed it off. Even with his protests I still got a hot kiss out of him after he shot his load into my mouth. We’ll see what the future holds for the “straight” Rick McCoy.



  • Established One

    What a shame and waste that Rick was this desperate to be sucked in by the big fat whale.

    • FTLRSW

      LOL…..good one

    • Daniel

      Yeh a “fan” lol

  • ChicagoBoyRN

    This just ruined my breakfast appetite!!! rrgggg….just plain nasty….Wonder how much he got paid to get sucked by ORCA!!!

  • elmtree

    “Rick’s best friend is a fan of my site and urged him to apply”. With friends like this, who needs enemies?

    “I told him my cock would be up his ass soon…”. Run as fast as you can Rick!

    Rick is a little hottie but stay away Jake.

    • Riley

      M’KAY took the words right out of my mouth. I betcha he ws cursing his friend out in his mind left.right,sideways,To Hell and Back 3 times!!!!! ;)

  • Mike

    I really like this guy’s body. But where can he go from this?

    • LikeWhoa!

      You’ll find out soon enough.

      -A little bird

  • tyler

    it’s like watching a virgin sacrificed on a pyre
    [on the plus side Rick is delicious and should be back on cocksure with someone sexy!]

    • DGrayson

      “watching a virgin sacrificed on a pyre.”
      best description ever.

    • Paul D

      Amen to that. This is the first guy on here in ages that got my blood boiling in a good way–he’s my type and hot in every way. Love the natural ripped definition, statuesque lines, creamy skin, that AMAZING torso…I can’t even say it all and THEN this freak had to desecrate him! WHY? Cuz he can? How many hot guys are on that site…he couldn’t ever get one of them to do the work? No, he gets to be a perv for pay. It’s like if Playboy’s photographers were in each centerfold fondling the girls while they froze in horror begging for the torture to stop.

    • AshBry

      LOL! Tyler, DGrayson, Paul D, kudos for your comments! Too funny, and couldn’t agree more :D

  • DGrayson

    i think the most frustrating thing about this site is that the guys are actually really attractive.
    and then jake shows up in front of the camera.

  • josssa

    what a hottie this rick mccoy, I applied my OBPVT (Orca-Blocking-Picture-Viewing-Technique)that consists in superimposing cut out cardboards of curvy shapes on the areas of my monitor where there is a high probability of Orca sighting

  • Ryder25

    These things are always hard to stomach. It’s so sad for Rick to have to go through this nasty experience. I hope it paid well. And I hope he had a bottle of Listerine nearby.

  • Mean Gene

    You go Jake!

    Because you can.

  • 1americaninkorea

    OK… all whale jokes aside- that picture of Jake eating the poor kid’s feet is absolutely terrifying.

  • Will

    It appears that gingerbread house is still working for Jake.

  • ei8htinches

    when i grow up i want to be like jake

    • Bradster

      A disgusting old pervert?

      Good luck with that.

  • AshBry

    PETRIFYING. Does anybody actually get off on this? I’m imagining Rick as starving and on the streets to be forced to stoop this low just to get some cash flowing.

  • fabrice

    You know, I don’t mind mature men, and I don’t think Jake is hideous. But I don’t like seeing him teamed with guys who are young enough to be his grandchildren. If he wants to continue performing, he should do it with age appropriate performers.

  • ryand1988

    I know i not suppose to ask…
    but after so many good looking guys were ruind,I just want to know how much did Jake cruise offer to they?
    I dont think 1000$ can keep me hard sucking by grandpa.

  • Jonny Marzetti

    Aarghh, why did I look it this while eating? What a mess!