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SeanCody: Curtis

Curtis at SeanCody

Curtis at SeanCody

Curtis at SeanCody

Curtis at SeanCody

Curtis at SeanCody

Curtis at SeanCody

Curtis at SeanCody

Curtis at SeanCody

Curtis at SeanCody

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Sean wrote:

“Kinky shit turns me on,” Curtis told us. “Anything weird, crazy.”

He’s a ginger-haired straight guy who turned 18 earlier this year. He’s soft spoken and ends almost every statement with a cute little laugh. He’s got a nice smooth body and an amazing cock. The hang and shape of it is just perfect.

He’s got a girlfriend who is a stripper and he says they have three-ways with other girls all the time.

He said he’s never done anything with another guy, but added, “I have thought about it, yeah. Maybe just to experiment, see what I like.”

16 Responses to SeanCody: Curtis

  1. avatar Ian says:

    I have to admit that the first few photos in this set were JUST okay, until I scrolled down and saw the heat this boy is packing. I love me some hung-ass ginger-haired boys!!!!

  2. avatar phunky says:

    Wow he is hot. Nice big balls and thick cock.

  3. avatar jj9 says:

    Nothing like a dick in its cummed out state going flacid…his looks pretty hot.

  4. avatar FAGGOT says:

    My kind of Guy. But still your gay!

  5. avatar TC says:

    Let’s not talk about him being gay or straight.
    He looks hot, i hope he’ll “top” with Cooper or Devin if possible.
    Cooper, i miss him.

  6. avatar irwin says:


  7. avatar ton says:

    i love curtis

  8. avatar Remy says:

    *comment moderated for content*

  9. avatar alex says:

    Pair him up with Reid(i miss him!!!)……..they’d make a good pair!!!!!

  10. avatar nudediver says:

    Let’s have him top Cooper.

  11. avatar Dan II says:

    More “straight” horseshit from Sean Cody, which is why I will not subscribe to his website. The homophobia from some of these gay porn sites is disgraceful.

  12. avatar Lance says:

    I love red hairs

  13. avatar bacco says:

    Qué verga, con una así me confomo, me dejo coger
    y se la mamaía hasta que se venga en mi boca

  14. avatar mike says:

    Wow! one of the hotest gingers i have ever seen! He should have left his pubes alone though. They would look much better in full bloom. still hot though

  15. avatar Ttshdjs says:

    Haha he’s from my hometown and really Is supposedly straight. Pretty cute with a nice ass body and dick.

  16. avatar David says:

    I agree with Ian, a really yummy man after the first few pictures, though on SC his face looked better. And what creamy skin–smooth enough for my tongue to take a slow journey . . . he’s just gotta flip flop with another hung hottie.

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