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RandyBlue: Vincent DeSalvo

Vincent DeSalvo at Randy Blue

Vincent DeSalvo at Randy Blue

Vincent DeSalvo at Randy Blue

Vincent DeSalvo at Randy Blue

Vincent DeSalvo at Randy Blue

Vincent DeSalvo at Randy Blue

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Randyblue wrote:

Vincent is one of those rare guys who just fell into my lap. Literally. I was hanging at the beach with a friend of mine and we just happened to set up our blanket near a bunch of hot guys playing volleyball. We figured it was a perfect spot to take in the scenery… and I guess there was an ocean there, too. There was one guy who caught my eye. His body was absolutely incredible, with a huge bulge in his tight shorts and sweat creating a light sheen over his gorgeous smooth musculature. He laughed a lot throughout the game and when he did he radiated a playfulness that made me think he would be a lot of fun to mess around with. Then, all of a sudden, this this handsome hunk dove for a ball and ended up landing right in the middle of our blanket. Luckily he was unharmed and when he got up he chuckled, apologized and smiled this blinding white, joyful smile.

His name was Vincent DeSalvo and after the game I had to find out more about him. He said he loved the outdoors and his sexy body came from all the athletic activities he enjoyed. I told him what I did for a living and asked if he had ever done any modeling. He said that while he hadn’t modeled before he had been a go-go boy. Then he got this contemplative look on his face for just a moment, then flashed that adorable smile at me and said, ‘hey, I could model for you, right?’ I didn’t really need more than that, I made an appointment and he came in. He has such an innocent look about him that I wasn’t prepared for his bad boy side to emerge. He went from his sweet smile to spitting in his hand to lube his dick with and finger fucking himself while moaning like a bitch in heat. And when he came you could hear it in the next county! Vincent has it all, good looks, a great body and an incredible sexual energy.

26 Responses to RandyBlue: Vincent DeSalvo

  1. avatar irwin says:

    boyish looks with newborn dick

  2. avatar huh says:

    no matter how much shaving of the pubes one does..a small sick is still a small dick!

  3. avatar Neil says:

    If a guy is good looking who cares about the dick size. Maybe if you paid to access the site then you might feel “short changed” :-)

  4. avatar jackson says:

    he’s hot , size doesnt matter not to me anyway, as long as you know how to use it .

  5. avatar pubert says:

    Third world ugly face with a tiny pecker.


  6. avatar lol says:

    why pay…when its free everywhere else.

  7. avatar THE QUEEN says:

    “Third world ugly face with a tiny pecker. Next.”

    And I suppose you’re an adonis and the epitome of perfection? I think not. “Next” indeed, to trolls like you.

  8. avatar meck22 says:

    Don’t take things so personal “THE QUEEN.” Its just someones opinion. If we all agreed on everything how boring would that be? BTW nice looking, nice body, small dick. Vincent would be alot hotter if he didnt shave his body.

  9. avatar boyman says:

    “third world”: pubert is way beyond stupid, nasty and mean…

  10. avatar Blah! says:

    “Moaning like a bitch in heat” . . . . . . wow

  11. avatar Shaik says:

    I agree with meck22 there’s no need 2 shave that much.Come back with a little more hair 0.

  12. avatar andresito seltzer says:


  13. avatar andresito seltzer says:

    no me canso de decir esta precioso lindisimooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo deliciosooooooooooooo mmmmmmmmm quiero un novio asiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  14. avatar evan says:

    dude, grow your pubes. ugly face, ugly body, tiny cock.

  15. avatar JON says:

    evan and Pubert = Shallow and size “QUEENS”

  16. avatar fattyacid says:

    well, he’s handsome…and he is not a MINOR!

  17. avatar TK says:

    I know some people like his looks and I appreciate that, but I think he looks a bit monkey-like.

  18. avatar JayCee says:

    Vincent is hot. I would love to plug that hole. And the size of his dick is more than satisfactory. Pubert — you are a bigot. TK — I hope in your next life you get reincarnated as a poodle.

  19. avatar Seth says:

    He’s rather cute. It’s the shaved pubes I can’t get past. I like MEN..Not men trying to look as if they are going through puberty.

  20. avatar travis says:

    I wish there was a user photo next to the nasty comments in this blog. I wonder if anonymity will tame their attitude.

  21. avatar Playwitme says:

    So what! His cock is small, but his ass fits for a dozen of cocks! He’s hot.
    But you boys are used to guys fucking you, this guy is a bottom material and he’s awesome!

  22. avatar Keith A.C. says:

    Hot Guy! Sexy Body! Beautiful Ass ! Handsome Face! Nice Cock!

  23. avatar Dcastle says:

    btw, he was kicked out of school for this video. ridiculous.,2933,519309,00.html

  24. avatar c206809 says:

    I’ve met him he is so beautiful and sweet. He’s is so bright and warm. you ugly assholes on here should look in the mirror.

  25. avatar DAMNHEHOT says:

    hes adorable. gorgeous cock. haters– u know want him.

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