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Fratmen.TV: Lane (Naked College Fratmen)

Lane (Naked College Fratmen) at

Lane (Naked College Fratmen) at

Lane (Naked College Fratmen) at

Today I want to introduce you to our newest Fratmen Lane. This Blonde Hair, Blue eyed stud is the definition of a Fratmen. To see more of him check out his picture set in the link below

Watch Lane at Fratmen.TV

22 Responses to Fratmen.TV: Lane (Naked College Fratmen)

  1. avatar dujour says:

    holy cow batman this kid is smoking HOT.

    damn them blue eyes are piercing.

  2. avatar Mark says:

    Very hot and quite lady like.

  3. avatar phunky says:

    Damn! What a hot guy. Love his cock too. What is it about blonde guys that gets me going? :P

  4. avatar Canuck says:

    He sure is purty.

  5. avatar TK says:

    Almost a little too pretty for me. His eye-color is disarming in a pleasant way, but I don’t find the shape of his eyes or his face to be particularly attractive. Nice body and cock, very nice ass.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’d do him.

  6. avatar Mar says:

    damn..!!! he is adorable

  7. avatar WarrenG says:

    Fratmen how do you do it? week after week…I’m sold….a memeber for life…

  8. avatar maberarc says:

    I agree with WarrenG, this site is freaking awesome.. If only they have the same power to convince them into man-on-man sex…

  9. avatar Riley says:

    HOT DAMN AWESOME. The kind of guy you can take home to meet the rents. Then back to your place for a night of wild hot a– sex ;)

  10. avatar BON JOVI says:

    whoever scouts for fratmen they need to give cf,cm,sc a helping hand.

  11. avatar rayman says:

    give me an uncut blue eyed blonde any day … PLEASE!!!

  12. avatar Sean says:

    Wow, I thought Fratmen was out of business! They have stopped producing DVDs on their models. Too bad.

  13. avatar JM says:

    Where does Fratmen find these guys? Hot. sexy. Yum.
    Keep ‘em coming and cuming please!

  14. avatar irwin says:


  15. avatar Rene says:

    Damn fucking hot young white guy! As a 46 yr old masculine bi-Latin man, this/he would definetly be just right type for me big time!

  16. avatar Tom says:

    Damn, I would love to get together with Lane. I wonder if he escorts?

  17. avatar Trevor HOT says:


  18. avatar Lookie Loo says:

    Dear, here’s a tip for you: when you retouch a photo to make a model’s eyes more blue, mask off the rest of the image so his hair doesn’t turn blue too (2nd picture). Other than that, this blond-eyed, blue-haired hunk meets my approval.

  19. avatar MarkD says:

    this guy is an adonis. wow

  20. avatar sydney says:

    love his feet, i would suck it anytime.

  21. avatar sammyp says:

    he looks like one of those pretty lesbians you see on pride day.

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