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Fratmen.TV: Steve (Naked College Jock)

Steve (Naked College Jock) at

Steve (Naked College Jock) at

Steve (Naked College Jock) at

Sultry bedroom eyes and a rockin’ jock body to match. Welcome Fratmen Steve.

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17 Responses to Fratmen.TV: Steve (Naked College Jock)

  1. avatar Riley says:

    BND maybe but,Troll never that. Hell, I want him if you don’t 7SK. Welcome FRATMEN STEVE!!!!!!!! :)

  2. avatar XYZ-1 (º¿º) says:

    Ummm….he’s average at best. Too muc of a twinkie for me.

  3. avatar LA Clergy says:

    I dig this one in a big way!!!! I love his dick and his facial expressions. I wish they had feet pics there!!!!

  4. avatar lex says:

    I think he is a hottie…

  5. avatar evan says:

    love his cock, especially his mushroom head — hot body overall too, i will take him

  6. avatar ben says:

    hes a cutie. looks like the boy next door.

  7. avatar TK says:

    Great dick, but that haircut is atrocious and I couldn’t even consider looking up at him if I were on my knees in front of that piece.

  8. avatar Bradster says:

    Average looking guy. Not someone I’d notice walking down the street. Therefore, not porn material.

  9. avatar Craig says:

    just looked up troll in the dictionary and nope, as expected, this guys picture did not appear and the definition didn’t apply either … cute little dude!

  10. avatar jason says:

    nice, but gesh he is actually white.

  11. avatar mike says:

    ok guys, the point of all of these porno sites is to put the guy next door on the site. most of these guys on sean cody, cf, fratmen are from hot to regular cute guy. jake cruise tends to be on a class of his own by recruiting homeless looking guys or slightly older guys. this guy is NOT a troll. he’s ok. frankly, fratmen tend to be much hotter. but otherwise, this guy is pretty normal. nice looking.

  12. avatar s says:

    nice , but this guy must be from Minnisota where the sun never shines. bet he would look better after a summer in cali

  13. avatar sammyp says:

    like a hound puppy. so cute

  14. avatar Hounds of God says:

    Ditto both Mike above and sammyp. Not the best model they ever had, but nice in a kind of innocent boy next door way. Extra points for models in faded jeans.

  15. avatar tim says:

    this guy is no troll…I would love to get him in bed and go a few rounds.

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