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Fratmen.TV: Dallas (Naked College Baseball Jock)

Dallas (Naked College Baseball Jock) at

Dallas (Naked College Baseball Jock) at

Dallas (Naked College Baseball Jock) at

Dallas (Naked College Baseball Jock) at

This one’s from the group of buds from Payne’s home town. He plays baseball. Welcome Fratmen Dallas.

Watch Dallas at Fratmen.TV

23 Responses to Fratmen.TV: Dallas (Naked College Baseball Jock)

  1. avatar Established One says:

    Woof! Woof! (Again). Another hot college jock. Chicks not the only one that dig the long ball. It’s a YES for me!

  2. avatar moondoggy says:

    Disappointing from a creative standpoint. They should have done more with the uniform — the cargo shorts are pointless.

  3. avatar Fazz says:

    kinda cute. The last pic is funny, his dick looks like the picks one used to paint as a kid. hihi ;)

  4. avatar phunky says:

    Very hot guy! Love his big balls. Yum!

  5. avatar lex says:

    I’ll pass on this one. Small Dick! not that hot want more of C-U-T-T-E-R!

  6. avatar hvartidill says:

    nice dick. doesnt matter if its ‘small’ as long as its proportioned and has a nice shape.

  7. avatar Maury says:


  8. avatar johndoe says:

    HOT, I would love to see him in some man to man action.The uniform really turns me on!!!

  9. avatar dairigo says:

    wit that bat and 2 balls he is a home run for me

  10. avatar Riley says:

    MRRWAHHH HOT!!! ;) Loving him in and out of the uniform!! ;)

  11. avatar sammyp says:

    probably not.

  12. avatar John says:

    another homerun for fratmen

  13. avatar WTF says:

    What’s with the tattoo under his arm,…”OUCH”

  14. avatar MM says:

    since frat doesn’t have updates on waybig with fucking,sucking,kissing or hand holding,I mostly pass on them.yes he’s cute but without any action what’s the point?

  15. avatar Larry says:

    strike 3 your out! NEXT!

  16. avatar edp says:

    He looks cute in the field. What’s wrong with guys from porn sites lately? Or now younger American carry smaller weapons? Nice body though :D

  17. avatar DVNO says:

    Really nice to see Fratmen going back to their roots and incorporating things like sports gear, outdoor settings and seeing guys demonstrate their sport. Feels like I’m seeing a real collge jock naked, not just a hot young man making a jack off movie. The fact that Dallas is a really college buddy of Payne and Max (the two best Fratmen ever) makes him even hotter.

    Dallas doesn’t have a perfect body or a huge dick but being a “real” guy makes him better than guys like Cutter or Gavin or Ty who – great bodies aside – are just career porn stars. Dallas is a real guy.


  18. avatar rlyan says:

    truly a baseball players body – little tone and a bit thick … over all though pretty hot vanilla type guy …

  19. avatar brad says:

    Really cute. Nice cock, balls and ass. Adorable face.

  20. avatar Fruitloop says:

    Cute but he has that stretched torso which some tall guys have resulting in his navel almost becoming a third nipple.

  21. avatar mountii says:

    Flat in the back

    No chest

    Face is blah

    Dick is average

    NOT FRATMAN MATERIAL…dissappointing

  22. avatar Hounds of God says:

    Agree that he is not one of the top models on that site past or present. But I still give kudos for having a real person, and not some sex worker/porn star/ escort type. As for the decline in quality, blame the economy (membership is off) and the Paul/Nash story which may scare away college jocks from modeling on any site, even a vanilla one like this.

  23. avatar dallasfan says:

    does anyone no this guy cause he is fine, love his smile and i fine he isn’t too muscle or too fat just perfect, i would do him day and nite he is what you call one fine piece of work.. that i would suck.

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