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NextDoorMale: Johnny Torque

Johnny Torque at Next Door Male

Johnny Torque at Next Door Male

Johnny Torque at Next Door Male

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NDM wrote:

If you wanna talk about cool dudes, you gotta talk about Johnny Torque. This guy was born to be bad and today he’s jerkin’ off with some serious attitude. He’s got nothin’ to prove and doesn’t care about rubbing his dick all over some soft, textured pillows. It feels good, so he’s doin’ it! And he’s also gonna hump the couch while he’s at it. With a thick, muscular cock like that, he don’t gotta answer to nobody.

What’s he rebelling against? Whatchya got?

Enjoy! …

14 Responses to NextDoorMale: Johnny Torque

  1. avatar umpa says:

    dayum…hot, first.

  2. avatar Riley says:

    DAYUM like him biting his lip and pounding that pillow!! ;) I wanna ride him!! ;)

  3. avatar ben says:

    pubes..get some.

  4. avatar manu says:

    HIs ass is too small!!WHat happened!!?

  5. avatar Larry says:

    hell fucking no…!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. avatar brad says:

    He’s hot. Looks like he’d be a great top.

  7. avatar Rusty says:

    He could use to get some more mass. In the skinny side fo things and that can be a trun off. Lose the tats those are down right nasty. I love his ass and butt hole alike.

  8. avatar MM says:

    wow how 12 yo boy humping a brad thinks this wide ass hole broomstick is a top.hon use my glasses-when your holes that wide you are a bottom.your cred as a top is zippo. nice looker- richard cynderblock,jonny t and kyle need to take turns on that ass.ndm give us a gang bang.

  9. avatar jay says:

    reminds me of johnny t…

  10. avatar mountii says:

    Hot dick

    lame tats

  11. avatar mike says:

    looks like Anthony Smith from the same site…

  12. avatar Established One says:

    Nice. Nice cock and ass. He looks sexy too. It’s a YES for me!

  13. avatar Georges says:

    Dude, don’t shave your pubes!

  14. avatar HR says:

    Nice cock. wish you were pounding me instead of the pillow. Nice feet and ass. I love tight ass. you make me so horney right now.

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