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CocksureMen: Brady Jensen & Devin Draz

Brady Jensen & Devin Draz at

Brady Jensen & Devin Draz at

Brady Jensen & Devin Draz at

Brady Jensen & Devin Draz at

Watch Brady Jensen & Devin Draz at

CocksureMen wrote:

Drop dead gorgeous Brady Jensen manages to tame the beast known as Devin Draz. Devin is a huge muscled stud who’s beloved by our members for his aggressive scenes, dripping with testosterone and pure sexual energy. Some may be intimidated by him, but not Brady cause he knows once he jams his thick cock in his ass, Devin is putty in his hands. Ecstasy-laden expletives fly as the big man’s hole gets abused by Brady. Both men just keep cranking the heat a little higher, the action a little more intense until Devin winds up drenched with both of their sticky white loads.

36 Responses to CocksureMen: Brady Jensen & Devin Draz

  1. avatar Established One says:

    Like Thunder and Lightening. Scary and Frightening.

  2. avatar pubert says:

    That blond has Something about Mary hair when she rubbed cum in it.

  3. avatar brandon85 says:

    Why isn’t jensen sexy like before something is not right

  4. avatar cdman says:

    Thanks Cocksuremen…..always love seeing Devin bottoming! How about pairing him with Parker London? Since both of them are primarily bottoms, it would be nice to see a flip-flop thing going on with both of them.

  5. avatar Riley says:

    Complain about Brady here complain about him at Sean Cody never satisfied. Well I Love Brady here and everywhere that he does work. So MORE BRADY!!!!!!!! ;)His body is looking tight and Devin looking HOT TOO!!! MORE of BOTH!!!
    :) Love Ya Brady and your hair TOO!!! ;)

    • avatar Stanley Kowalski says:

      Riley, I agree. More Brady! He needs to calm down the hairdo, but aside from that, I would love to see him getting fucked more.

  6. avatar FeydRautha says:

    It’s nice to see Jonah/Brady again. I wouldn’t have chosen Devin (AKA Spence from ASG) as his scene partner though. Brady’s kinda too hot for CocksureMen… I can’t think of anyone they have that’s on his level.

  7. avatar Orion Hunter says:

    Sorry, but not even with a bottle of cheap gin to deaden my senses and a blindfold and handcuffs to restrain me. I’d swallow my own tongue first.

  8. avatar seymour dix says:

    hate the pinhead hairdo

  9. avatar rj says:

    Jonah/Brady seems to be pushing his porn-star luck here. He’s put on a few pounds since his SC days and the hair is beyond Sheila E.

  10. avatar Bradster says:

    Brady is hot but Devin is gross looking. What a shame.

  11. avatar Mike says:

    Jonah was a favorite and, to me, one of the hottest models SC had ever found, but here he just seems…meh.

    • avatar Sushi says:

      I so agree. I loved everything he did at Sean Cody.

      Wonder what happened to that wife of his?! LOL

    • avatar FTLRSW says:

      I think that’s because SC paired him with hot guys. Devin, like everyone else has said, is gross.

  12. avatar phunky says:

    Devin is so fucking hot, and I absolutely hate that he’s almost always bottoming. Ugh!

    • avatar BladeX says:

      Totally agree. I have loved Devin Draz/Spencer since his ASG days and though he has loss some muscle mass he is still really gorgeous. I do not understand always being on the bottom scenario? I want to see him top more. I guess the appeal is seeing this good looking, masculine, hunky guy that is willing to “take it like a man”. I do not mind him on the bottom so much this time because, Jonah/Brady is quite the hunk. A true flip/flop would have been better. I am almost tempted to join the site just for this scene.

  13. avatar brad323 says:

    Awful. Hideous.

  14. avatar sliderboi says:

    the blonde one is gorgeous. i’d drain his cock any day.

  15. avatar FFVIIMidgar says:

    Yup, Devin bottoming. Not surprised. All set.

  16. avatar Kiron says:

    Brady was hotter in his Sean Cody days but he’s still hot and would love to get fucked by him :p

  17. avatar custard says:

    Devin plays against type being a bottom. It’s great that he’s a hungry, moaning bitch 2.

    I like when they held hands.

  18. avatar alias74 says:

    @Custard…agreed! Love it that Devin is vocal while getting fucked! LOVE the grunting and groaning and dirty talk!

    I feel like the planets align when Devin bottoms! *swoon*

  19. avatar tomtomson says:

    i like the blond. that’s where it all ends…

  20. avatar kylegogo says:

    love both of them, a flip-flop would be perfect!

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