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Fratmen.TV: Trevor (Naked College Water Jock)

Trevor (Naked College Water Jock) at

Trevor (Naked College Water Jock) at

Trevor (Naked College Water Jock) at

Trevor… mmmmm.

Watch Trevor at Fratmen.TV

38 Responses to Fratmen.TV: Trevor (Naked College Water Jock)

  1. avatar Grant Urwish says:

    Nice, really I’ll fuck him nice.

    • avatar Jake says:

      You can fuck me real nice too.. You wana see my pics.. Just lemme know.. You won’t be disappointed..

  2. avatar Joc says:

    so now we re getting 1 one update each month? and the latest ones were plain boring guys, my favorite site is dead bb fratmen

    • avatar aussboy says:

      I have to agree. It seems that subscribers to this site are really being ripped off. They promise new models weekly, yet in the past 8 weeks, there have only been 3 new models. the rest were recycled guys.

  3. avatar clusterfuck says:

    Sweet ass, firm cock… nice.

  4. avatar samtomez says:

    Damn he’s fine! A quarterback fantasy come to life.

  5. avatar Sushi says:

    Another fantastically gorgeous Fratmen who won’t be anything but solos……”””heavy sigh””””

    But maybe this guy is looking to make extra money to get some of those birth marks removed. I mean one or two is OK, but five large ones?? All on the face??

    Heavens what a body though. That ass, that chest, those thighs. The latest SC and CF models can only dream of looking that perfect.

    • avatar 007james says:

      You took the words out of my mouth. I agree with everything you said.

    • avatar AaronJL says:

      Maybe some Proactiv would help. Photoshop could have spared us this small discussion though. Geez. If I look past them, he really is ‘fantastically gorgeous’ as Sushi so aptly put.

    • avatar moondoggy says:

      I don’t think Proactiv is the answer because they look like moles instead of acne. Photoshop would have worked, or even better, ten minutes with any random cosmetology student and a jar of concealer.

      Other than that problem, which is too significant to ignore, it’s a big yum for me. But as others have said here, Fratmen seems to be failing. They are already a niche audience because their models don’t ever *really* do anything, so the idea that they can release one update a month is just offensive, and I’m not even a paying customer!

    • avatar AaronJL says:

      Aww moondoggy I’m lame. I musta had on my “I’m soooo appealing” hat this morning. I’ve taken it off. Actually, I’ve burned it.

      To be truthful, it was Fazz’s second comment that brought me out of my stupor. When being too critical I look in the mirror. I have two chicken pox scars around my left eye that makes me no jewel in the crown either. Sigh.

    • avatar effierum says:

      Oh shut it AaronJL! from what I can see from your avatar, you are one good looking guy! As for this guy, I think he’s totally cute and has a great body (yes some scars and some birthmarks but who cares? Rachel McAdams has a few on her face. She is gorgeous and talented) but unfortunately he’s on this website.

    • avatar moondoggy says:

      There’s a huge difference between berating models for what they can’t change and criticizing the photographer or the company for including something that (A) is so easily fixed and (B) is detracting from an otherwise great looking guy.

      But if you’re a jewel in the crown at all, and I suspect you are, I think your sensitivity to the impact of your words has a lot more to do with it than your chickenpox scars. :-)

  6. avatar Bradster says:

    He looks much older than the usual guys on this site. He’s to FM what Dawson is to CF.

  7. avatar Arizona Gay says:

    A very beautiful man!!

  8. avatar Ryder25 says:

    Extremely cute guy. Too bad he’s on this lame ass site.

  9. avatar Fazz says:

    WoW Fratmen you’ve done it again. As you keep doing every week.

    He’s absolutely perfect. As i always say, Now let’s gt him to the Fratpad :D

  10. avatar twinkemopunk808 says:

    he is real pretty! he just needs to get those freckles removed from his face..

  11. avatar von schlomo says:

    He’s score more points if he looked happier. Maybe the teeth?

  12. avatar frankenstein says:

    he reminds me of CF gabe.

    that said, he’s got an amazing body and a great ass

  13. avatar lee-dong says:

    idk about this one…50/50 but deff looks older than most guys.

  14. avatar Timah says:

    That ass sold me, love it when it pokes out…too bad fratmen fails as a porn site

  15. avatar Urs Jans says:

    Small wee-wee. Not bad for an avg “boy next door” guy, but wow, not porn material to me.

  16. avatar fresero_abre_culos says:


  17. avatar porndog says:

    Well, this guy’s got it all. Beautiful eyes, face, body, and a spectacular ass…oh, and let’s not forget the beautiful feet, altho avg cock. I hope he signs up with another site soon, since he’s wasted here.

  18. avatar Diamone says:

    Surprisingly hot WITH a nice ass. Cover/remove the most of the moles and lets see more!

  19. avatar muffintop says:

    This guy’s a knockout. Handsome face, amazing body, beautiful eyes, amazing ass, delicious firm cock. I don’t have any problem with the moles/birthmarks. I don’t give much weight to small “imperfections” such as this.

  20. avatar joeyute says:

    Fratmen has just failed at updates. This one is hot and neil was even hotter, but wait for weeks for updates. Not worth the costs. Even the live stuff is now just a referral to Fratpad, that is a good site too, but not fratmen. What happened. Too much work for too small a staff. Hire Hector to do run it. He was just plain hot!

  21. avatar Paul D says:

    Yes and yes. Where does this man live and can I meet him?

  22. avatar Get a life says:

    To the people nit picking every little detail: you are what’s wrong with this world. This hot guy is doing what he needs to do. He is stripping bare for some people’s pleasure. If you don’t like then don’t comment. Smh. Anyways. It’s really easy to criticize behind avatars.

  23. avatar Established One says:

    Wow…he’s hot…and nice.

  24. avatar tyler says:

    mighty real

  25. avatar Norig says:

    The guy is super hot has a fucking hot ass and some of you are talking about the moles on his face!?? :rollseyes:

    All I can say is SUPERHOT!

  26. He’s SEXY – Who counts birthmarks/moles!? :/ Hardly noticed.

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