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American College Sex: Jon & Cameron’s Bi Tag Team

Jon & Cameron's Bi Tag Team at AmateurCollegeSex

Jon & Cameron's Bi Tag Team at AmateurCollegeSex

Jon & Cameron's Bi Tag Team at AmateurCollegeSex

Jon & Cameron's Bi Tag Team at AmateurCollegeSex

Jon & Cameron's Bi Tag Team at AmateurCollegeSex

Jon & Cameron's Bi Tag Team at AmateurCollegeSex

Watch Jon & Cameron’s Bi Tag Team at

What is this, a Civil War re-enactment? Our resident rebel, Jon, takes no prisoners when he pounds Jackie and that yankee Cameron!

Cameron suggests Jackie go down on Jon while he goes up. He kisses Jon while Jackie pulls out Jon’s cock from his underwear and sucks it. But it looks so good, Cameron can’t keep away.

Jon kisses Jackie while Cameron sucks his dick. Jackie goes down on Cameron, not wanting to miss any of the fun! The guys kiss, getting more turned on as Jackie sucks and strokes them in turn.

Jackie lays down. Cameron feeds her his cock and Jon eats her out. She swallows Cameron’s dick, and licks the head. Jon buries his tongue deep inside her. Jon’s ready to fuck Jackie. He stuffs his dick inside her as Cameron watches. She tells Cameron it feels amazing. Cameron tells Jackie to wrap her legs around Jon’s back.

Cameron feeds Jackie his cock and the guys kiss. Jon pounds away, but then Cameron wants to fuck her too! Jackie flips onto her stomach. Cameron eases his dick into her from behind.

Jon jerks off watching Cameron fuck Jackie. Jon pushes Cameron’s ass down, making him thrust even deeper inside Jackie’s pussy. Jon plays with Cameron’s hot ass. “Ready to fuck me?” Cameron asks. You know Jon is!

Cameron takes Jackie’s place. Jon slides his cock into Cameron’s tight hole. “Nice and slow,” Cameron says. Jon does take it slow at first. Then he ramps up the pounding. Cameron moans loudly. He backs up onto his hands and knees so Jon can fuck him doggy-style.

Jon fucks him, balls-deep. Cameron’s back arches as he takes every inch of Jon’s cock. “I want you to flip over for me,” Jon says.

Cameron holds his legs up in the air. Jon drills as far as he can into Cameron’s hole. Jackie plays with herself as Jon pumps Cameron’s hole harder.

Jon fucks a huge load out of Cameron! It sprays all the way up to his chest. Jon pulls out and sprays his load on top of Cameron’s! The guys kiss each other and Jackie.

Looks like the South has definitely risen!

Watch Jon & Cameron’s Bi Tag Team at

29 Responses to American College Sex: Jon & Cameron’s Bi Tag Team

  1. avatar jazz says:

    Yummm I can’t wait to watch this. I really enjoy seeing Cameron’s lovely ass get fucked!

  2. avatar CarlosEduarc says:

    LOL The first pic look like a romantic movie banner! Jackie has a pretty face but her body is awful, she has really a pretty face and i like! Cameron’s body is turning back what it was this is good for him. And Jon is good as always.

  3. avatar fresero_abre_culos says:

    That “D” cup whore gets around! Can’t decide wath is nastier: her twat or the nastydaddy update! Meh!

  4. avatar porndog says:

    I can’t blame Jon for wanting to squeeze that lucious butt of Cameron’s as he’s fucking Jackie.

  5. avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

    Isn’t it “curious” that the cock-in-pussy shots are big and explicit here, whereas for ACM pictorials you virtually need a magnifying glass to see any penetration (like in the recent Dru-Martin-Trey).

  6. avatar twinkemopunk808 says:

    cameron is hot again! lol his body looks leaner / more ripped & his hair looks a lot better.. just looking at him now gives me a huge boner- & jon.. he still doesnt give me a boner ..

  7. avatar Phillip says:

    Cameron’s face in that first shot reminds me of Fred from Courage the Cowardly Dog.

    Someone please tell me you see it, too!

  8. avatar Fazz says:

    Cameron is sooo pretty. I just wanna hug him :)

  9. avatar muffintop says:

    I can see why people hate ACS. This would have been hotter without the chick. The guys are cute together. You can always depend on CF to ruin their one good pairing of the last few months.

  10. avatar Southbay says:

    Omg I love Jon! He’s so cute

  11. avatar Orochimaru says:

    They both are so cute

  12. avatar kd says:

    Cameron has the most beautiful ass and that fine ass of his was the only real good element of this update. Jon was flat and didn’t seem to know what to do; Jackie was just there and did not connect w/ Jon. The editing was poor so the scene did not flow……again the only good thing about this scene was that amazing ass. I have to give credit to Cameron who tried to make this work but he was not able to get the other two into it. Thank goodness for that ass of his or this would have been a total flop.

  13. avatar clusterfuck says:

    Cameron looks good here, but Jon and the fish make this not worth the bother.

  14. avatar Sushi says:

    Anything with Cameron is an automatic “watch and save” for me! That he’s turning into a fuck toy is all the better. But please Fresero, where do you get this “D” cup stuff for this chick. She’s barely even an “A” !!

    Of course this would be much hotter without that fishy smell, but I’ll take what I can get with Cam.

  15. avatar von schlomo says:

    Cam’s ass getting pounded is arguably about the only reason to tune into CF these days.

  16. avatar jugde6 says:

    just adorable :)

  17. avatar Ashtom says:

    Jackies hair is the only thing worth mentionin here.

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