American College Sex

American College Sex is the straight porn spinoff site of the popular gay porn site Corbin Fisher. ACS initiates their male beginners by first allowing them to have straight sex with young females. Afterwards, the guys graduate to performing hot, gay sex at Corbin Fisher.

American College Sex: Dane After Dark

Dane After Dark at AmateurCollegeSex

Dane has really taken to the After Hours format. The response we’ve received has been amazing. Always one to go the extra mile to please his fans, Dane invites you back into the bedroom for some after dark fun.

American College Sex: Beau After Hours

Beau After Hours at AmateurCollegeSex

Beau always looks amazing and we can’t get enough of looking at his masculine, perfect body. Well there is plenty of opportunities to see it in today’s After Hours special!

American College Sex: Collin Blows His Load

Collin Blows His Load at AmateurCollegeSex

Collin’s blessed with a huge cock that’s popping out of the waistband of his underwear. This is before we even get started in this episode!

American College Sex: Brady After Hours

Brady After Hours at AmateurCollegeSex

Brady’s lean, muscular body and hot cock are on full display as we join him for an after hours fuck.

American College Sex: Sawyer After Hours

Sawyer After Hours at AmateurCollegeSex

Southern boy Sawyer (a.k.a. Calhoun at ChaosMen) is a real treat to be around. He’s laid back and sexy, with a real knack for making everyone around him feel comfortable. This tall, lean stud really, really loves to show off. He definitely dove right into the action here at Corbin Fisher.

American College Sex: Kingston Fucks Deep

Kingston Fucks Deep at AmateurCollegeSex

Kingston is hard, hung and ready for action. He’s is not only hot but has a positive, happy-go-lucky personality. We’re particularly excited to see how he handles himself with someone else.

American College Sex: Vance Gets Busy

Vance Gets Busy at AmateurCollegeSex

What guy doesn’t love a talented mouth on his cock? Vance is psyched up to be paired with one of our hot coeds and he loves watching his hot cock slide past her lips.

American College Sex: Devon Blows His Load

Devon Blows His Load at AmateurCollegeSex

Being the typical college guy, Devon loves to wind down from a long day on campus with some hot, sensual time with a sexy coed – especially if it starts off with him getting his big cock sucked! This hot stud doesn’t complain about getting to lie back and get great head, but he definitely isn’t a passive lover and quickly takes control to pound her nice and hard.

American College Sex: Brodie Busts A Nut

Brodie Busts A Nut at AmateurCollegeSex

As a varsity jock, Brodie is definitely used to scoring – in every sense of that word – so we’re happy to give him the chance to do so on camera! Brodie has a muscular chest that you could bounce a quarter off of and washboard abs that you could scrub your laundry on, but those hot muscles aren’t just for show – he definitely knows how to use them to take full control of the situation!

American College Sex: Dane After Hours

Dane After Hours at AmateurCollegeSex

In our After Hours episodes, we want to give you a chance to really connect with the guys, in this close-up, intimate setting. Blue-eyed, blond-haired Dane is a fan-favorite and we love giving him the chance to show off at something he excels: reaching new heights of pleasure.

American College Sex: Shane Gets Lucky

Shane Gets Lucky at AmateurCollegeSex

A quiet afternoon lounging around is about to get hot – but you can pretty much expect that’s how every afternoon around here ends up. Muscular stud Shane (formerly Wallace at Sean Cody) is back, and from the wet spot on his pants we can tell he’s ready for some action! Shane’s big chest and ribbed abs are covered in just the right amount of hair, and toned biceps, quads, and calves are just right for putting on the kind of power fuck we’re looking for here!

American College Sex: Keegan’s Happy Ending

Keegan's Happy Ending at AmateurCollegeSex

Corbin Fisher is full of hot, young men at the peak of their sexual energy, and they’re more than happy to show off as they have a good time! Keegan seems kind of happy-go-lucky, but he shows from the outset of this episode that he really knows how to fuck a hot mouth and appreciate a sloppy blowjob! He stays in control the whole time, loving how good it feels to get exactly what he wants and to show off his dominant side.

American College Sex: Lane After Hours

Lane After Hours at AmateurCollegeSex

Lane really wants to show off for his fans – he wants to look you in the eye while he gives you a front-row seat to a long, hard fuck. In his short time here, Lane has already proven him to be a powerful, dominant lover. His toned, tight muscles are on full display as he makes full use of our co-ed, fucking her throat before plowing her roughly, and he keeps the energy level positively in the stratosphere!

American College Sex: Dane’s POV Fuck

Dane's POV Fuck at AmateurCollegeSex

Picture it. Dane is sprawled out on your bed with a big, bulging hard-on just waiting for you to help him deal with it. Those sweatpants and his shirt come right off and he’s ready for you to give him the oral attention that he craves, groaning as you lick his balls and swallow his cock, before he gets you ready for a pounding.

American College Sex: Marcus Unloads

Marcus Unloads at AmateurCollegeSex

College football star Marcus and his linebacker muscles are back and ready for some action! This muscular stud is eager to show us what he can do, so we’ve lined him up with a cute co-ed and let him loose. After getting his hot jock cock sucked and ridden, Marcus bends her over on the bed and pounds her silly.

American College Sex: Gavin Gets Laid

Gavin Gets Laid at AmateurCollegeSex

Gavin (formerly Ansel at ChaosMen) and his big, thick cock are back and ready for some action. This lean stud loves to spend time in the great outdoors with mother nature, but an afternoon spent in bed with a hot co-ed is a close second!

American College Sex: Brady’s Huge Load

Brady's Huge Load at AmateurCollegeSex

Brady and his thick cock were a sight to behold during his introductory video, where he showed us his tricks and strokes to getting himself off. Today he shows us how he puts that fat dick to work – by fucking our coed senseless!

American College Sex: Timothy Fucks Deep

Timothy Fucks Deep at AmateurCollegeSex

Timothy, our resident cliff diver, definitely made a splash with his solo entrance to Corbin Fisher, so we’re pleased to bring him back for an action installment, so that he can really show us what that huge cock of his can do!

American College Sex: Barron After Hours

Barron After Hours at AmateurCollegeSex

Barron woke up with a burning urge to fuck, and luckily for him, our eager co-ed is happy to help him out, sucking his big dick and tonguing his hot, furry ass. He fucks her mouth, before loosening her up with a little oral action of his own to get ready for the main event – a long, hard pounding!