American College Sex

American College Sex is the straight porn spinoff site of the popular gay porn site Corbin Fisher. ACS initiates their male beginners by first allowing them to have straight sex with young females. Afterwards, the guys graduate to performing hot, gay sex at Corbin Fisher.

American College Sex: Weston Blows His Load

Weston Blows His Load at AmateurCollegeSex

Weston shows us that being a total stud, eager to fuck and have a good time and looking sexy as heck while doing it runs in the family!

American College Sex: Jase Gets Lucky

Jase Gets Lucky at AmateurCollegeSex

Jase won over many a fan in his introductory solo. With that sexy face – a combo of cute and hot!

American College Sex: Rowan’s Afternoon Fuck

Rowan's Afternoon Fuck at AmateurCollegeSex

When you get a chance to see a stud like Rowan in action, you take it! He returned to Corbin Fisher ready for any and everything we could throw at him, and eager to fuck!

American College Sex: Dane Gets Wet

Dane Gets Wet at AmateurCollegeSex

Dane Gets Wet” describes a lot of this young surfer stud’s days. Unlike when he’s at the beach somewhere catching waves, though, this time we get to actually see him get wet!

American College Sex: Barron Gets Busy

Barron Gets Busy at AmateurCollegeSex

Barron has been pounding his way through some tight holes over at the Guys section since his recent return to action. Today he’s here to treat us all to the same hot action in a Coeds episode!

American College Sex: Luca Gets Laid

Luca Gets Laid at AmateurCollegeSex

Let’s see Luca’s huge dick in action! We get to see Luca soaking wet and in the tub for this one, his body glistening throughout.

American College Sex: Brooks Busts A Nut

Brooks Busts A Nut at AmateurCollegeSex

Brooks can fuck! He’s shown us that, we don’t doubt it, and I never get tired of seeing him do it!

American College Sex: Marco’s Afternoon Romp

Marco's Afternoon Romp at AmateurCollegeSex

Marco can indeed pound it out! We’d not seen Marco for some time, but had kept in touch with him for the last several months. We hoped that our schedules would line up so we could bring him back out for more action.

American College Sex: Clay Gets Laid

Clay Gets Laid at AmateurCollegeSex

American College Sex: Clay is armed with a big, thick dick. When you first look at him, you wouldn’t think he’s packing such a thick cock between his legs. He’s certainly workin’ with a nice one, though, and I was eager to see him really put it to good use.

American College Sex: Kellan After Hours

Kellan After Hours at AmateurCollegeSex

This particular After Hours episode brings a new level of kink in to the mix! Kellan really gets worked over, gives up control, finds himself experiencing a whole host of new things, and clearly he loves every bit of it! Enjoy this extra kinky After Hours episode!

American College Sex: Beau After Dark (II)

Beau After Dark at American College Sex

Beau’s body is flawless – he’s ripped and perfectly proportioned. Secondly, he’s as handsome as could be – he definitely won the genetic lottery not just with his body but also that face. Beau’s not just nice to look at, though!

American College Sex: Dane Gets Lucky

Dane Gets Lucky at AmateurCollegeSex

American College Sex: Never one to disappoint, Dane wastes no time getting into some action on the pool table!

American College Sex: Jaden After Hours

Jaden After Hours at AmateurCollegeSex

Jaden’s established himself as one of our most popular new arrivals, and for good reason! He’s mighty nice to look at – incredibly handsome, tight-bodied, with a hot dick that just doesn’t quit!

American College Sex: Clark After Hours

Clark After Hours at AmateurCollegeSex

With Clark’s ripped body and massive cock, it’s hard not to feel great when his hands all over you, and he’s giving you the fuck of your life.

American College Sex: Jaden Pounds It Out

Jaden Pounds It Out at AmateurCollegeSex

Jaden’s already proven himself to be pretty popular here at Corbin Fisher – he’s young, hung, and drop-dead gorgeous.

American College Sex: Clark Gets Laid

Clark Gets Laid (Bareback) at AmateurCollegeSex

Clark and his thick cock have made a splash here at Corbin Fisher. In this episode he shows that he’s even better when you give him someone else to play with!

American College Sex: Dane’s Double Bubble

Dane's Double Bubble at AmateurCollegeSex

For a surfer dude like Dane, the mountains can be pretty chilly, so he was eager to take advantage of the opportunity for a nice, hot bath in the jacuzzi tub.

American College Sex: Kellan’s Private POV

Kellan's Private POV at AmateurCollegeSex

Kellan (formerly Cody Blackford) is the perfect guy to have in a POV episode. He knows what feels good, knows how to make his partner feel good.