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EnglishLads: Patrick O’Brian (Massaged & Wanked Off)

Patrick O'Brian (Massaged & Wanked Off) at EnglishLads

Patrick O'Brian (Massaged & Wanked Off) at EnglishLads

Paddy, our straight London geezer has progressed from solos to taking some big dildos up his ass & until today resisted our attempts to try and get him to progress a little. So he agreed that he was happy with a massage as long as fellow straight lad Zack was the “hands” for the shoot! So Paddy gets a right good full body massage, no parts left un-tensed; his back, front, shoulder, legs, abs, feet and glutes! Though soon after all that. Zack drops some oil on Paddy’s cock and gets permission to rub it in! From that second on Paddy doesn’t touch his own cock and ends up being wanked off until he shoots his load in Zack’s hands! Great new adventure Paddy!

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38 Responses to EnglishLads: Patrick O’Brian (Massaged & Wanked Off)

  1. avatar jazz says:

    When will the producers of this site realize that you “catch more flies with honey!” Show us some dick for Pete’s sake!

  2. avatar manu says:

    Most beautiful guy they ever had on this site or on any european site actually , nobody can beat him , I could cum just listening to him talk!! :)

    • avatar Tom says:

      As if he would be the best Europe has to offer !
      He is sexy and I like him too but your sentence sounds strange somehow !

  3. avatar porndog says:

    Well, it looks like str8 “Paddy” has managed to squeeze out yet another paycheck doing absolutely nothing.

    • avatar VegasRich says:

      LOL. Yes he is gorgeous but really do we have to keep elevating straight guys to idol status simply for allowing gay men to gaze upon their beauty?

      It’s simple, if you cannot act like you enjoy gay sex go do straight porn.

    • avatar jazz says:

      But of course gay porn pays so much better because the now the gays will “idolize” a hot “straight” guy.

  4. avatar pubert says:

    I think everyone here has already seen his dick and it’s nothing spectacular. Love his legs though.

  5. avatar GAZZAQ says:

    I agree ‘Paddy’ needs to a full on action scene pronto or his adoring public will soon tire of him.

    • avatar elmtree says:

      “…or his adoring public will soon tire of him”.

      That ship has already sailed. While I think Patrick is crazy hot (luv, luv, luv his body), I’m already tired of his “look but don’t touch” routine.

  6. avatar alias74 says:

    Dude get fucked by a guy ALREADY!

  7. avatar chinese gun says:

    really comfortable

  8. avatar Phillip says:

    I still can’t get over his thumb.

  9. avatar dio says:

    i’ll take a ‘straight’ dood jerking off/having some (lucky!!!) dood jerk him off for the cams over some of the fug-o ‘gay’ guys going all the way on the majority of these sites, any day of the week. LOL Seriously. Patrick O’Brian is Godly.

    • avatar porndog says:

      And that’s the reason why str8 guys will always have a place in gay porn.

    • avatar Tom says:

      I think it does not make him any better that he is straight … there are tons of straightacting gay clones out there who look very similar and also have similar charisma ! :-)))

    • avatar dio says:

      @porndog & Tom – I honestly don’t give a stuff about a dood’s off cam sexual preference, as long as he puts on a great performance and gives off awesome energy. Oh, they also have to be hawt. LOL

      but, hot isn’t everything – Cody Cummings does abso. nawt for me, which pretty much all comes down to the energy I get from his vids.

      i’ve never really been of the ‘we need to oust all the str8 performers from the gay porn industry, because all they do is take advantage of us desperate gays!’ mind. It ALL comes down to a good – passionate – performance, to me. It’s all fake anyway, why does the actor need to be gay?

    • avatar Tom says:

      I agree with everything you said even with the statement about Cody Cummings who has to be one of the most unerotic guys in the business referring to my personal taste. ;-)

  10. avatar tadnarsa says:

    EWWWW. Ugly as hell. No, no, no. We need some cuter, younger looking guys on here, enough of the hairy ill ones.

    • avatar manu says:


    • avatar tadnarsa says:

      Its not a troll. I am honest that this is not arousing to me.

    • avatar tadnarsa says:

      When I see a cute, attractive and pretty guy on here, I will give a positive review, quite gladly. I am not going going to give positive reviews just to keep others happy.

    • avatar manu says:

      He’s 23 years old , how much younger would you like him to be????
      And where do you see he’s ill? Wat are your qualifications to make this kind of assertion from pictures ?
      I stick to my words : troll

    • avatar Res1 says:

      Tadnarsa opinion is a little on the stale side compared to what you some of you guys have said in the past about every pornstar posted on this blog. Don’t get bent out of shape when it comes to somebody you like and people don’t share the same opinion. And if he’s a troll, then you are too and many others.

    • avatar Res1 says:

      And he’s an old looking 23. I thought he was in his mid 30s.

  11. avatar Sander Cohen says:

    hairy legs? i love it!

  12. avatar Phillip says:


    Google Patrick O’Brien (with an e instead of an a in Brien).
    And look at this Randy Blue photo shoot where he’s in a sauna-type set.

    Dat thumb.

    • avatar Phillip says:

      Do “Patrick O’Brien waybig”

      First link………… eeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww

    • avatar manu says:

      I ve done that , I still don t get what the problem is . POint me a specific photo maybe???Which thumb aere you talking about?

  13. avatar Res1 says:

    He’s not all that. In fact, he’s not even THAT. It annoys me when sites try to tease people over again over again. He’s not that hot, honey. In the word’s of Nicki Minja: You suck. Give it up!

  14. avatar solidus4 says:

    He has hair in all the right places, but this update is overall lame without the dick.

  15. avatar hotslimeuroguy says:

    He looks sexier than before but he’d better take a dick or two before we yawn.

  16. avatar substerx says:

    Baby steps, people. Baby steps. A little patience and we will all get what we want to say sooner or later.

  17. avatar Billy.Sive says:

    come on people!!! where’s the dick!??

  18. avatar BennyChan1990 says:

    He is getting hoter and hoter, and i always like him! What a nice men. Hope he can fuck with sb, that will be hot. :)

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