English Lads: Tom Lawson (Massage)

Tom Lawson (Massage) at EnglishLads

Tom Lawson is back for some action and today he lies back on the bed, puts his hands behind his head and there they stay! This is one of those shoots where the straight lad arrives in the room and leaves with cum on his very hairy chest and his hands had nothing to do with it!

English Lads: Jack Appleton (Straight Boxer)

Jack Appleton (Straight Boxer) at EnglishLads

Jack Appleton is a straight english lad with a 8 inch erect uncut cock and a muscular, smooth body with tattoos. He is 27 years old, 6’2” tall, and enjoys gym.

EnglishLads: Tom Lawson (Straight Young Rugby Hunk)

Tom Lawson (Straight Young Rugby Hunk) at EnglishLads

Tom Lawson is a keen sportsman plays lots of rugby and plenty of gym sessions and what a great body has come from all that work.

EnglishLads: Casey Lee Services Eddie Branson

Casey Lee Services Eddie Branson at EnglishLads

Muscular big hunk Eddie Branson lets loose and gets his 1st man wank by Casey Lee and cums twice!

EnglishLads: Rufus Fitzroy

Rufus Fitzroy at EnglishLads

Handsome young boxer Rufus Fitzroy shows his ripped body and big uncut cock!

EnglishLads: Rowan Wellesley

Rowan Wellesley at EnglishLads

Rowan Wellesley is a young man who goes to the gym a lot and works out hard, his job as a builder means he spends most his waking hours toning his body! No wonder he is a bundle of well toned muscles, nicely ripped and real strong.

EnglishLads: Barclay Graham and Joel Jenkins

Barclay Graham and Joel Jenkins at EnglishLads

Straight hunk Barclay Graham gets his first man-handling from Joel Jenkins and wanks his 1st cock!

EnglishLads: Miles Richards (Straight Lad Shows Off His Large Uncut Cock)

Miles Richards (Straight English Lad) at EnglishLads

Miles Richards is a straight english lad with a 7.5 inch erect uncut cock and a defined, smooth body. He is 19 years old, 6’1” tall, and enjoys gym and tennis.

EnglishLads: Noah Milton (Young Straight Lad Shows off his Uncut Cock!)

Noah Milton (Young Straight Lad Shows off his Uncut Cock!) at EnglishLads

Noah Milton is a young lad with a tall and lean body, he plays lots of football and works outside as a landscaper, so his body is well toned and with a great tan and very white butt! He is discovering he enjoys showing off his body and once naked Noah’s uncut cock gets very hard and sticks straight up like a rocket! Noah was volunterred to model by his best mate Hugo is is yet to model, but does a walk on part!

EnglishLads: Casey Lee (Ultra Ripped Straight Lad)

Casey Lee (Ultra Ripped Straight Lad) at EnglishLads

Casey Lee is a very handsome young man, he has a wide disarming smile, and he should be happy – his body is stunningly ripped – he plays a lot of basketball and football, but also works as a fitness instructor – so no wonder that his body is both incredible lean and muscular – this lad has no trouble at all showing off his abs, and well defined chest and arms.

EnglishLads: Will Templeton (Straight Uncut Hunk Shows Off His Hairy Hole)

Will Templeton (Straight Hunk) at EnglishLads

Straight hunk Will Templeton wanks his chunky, uncut cock and shows off his hot and hairy hole!

EnglishLads: Max Meyer (Straight Muscular Hunk)

Max Meyer (Straight Muscular Hunk) at EnglishLads

Max Meyer is a really muscular young lad, handsome, fresh faced, but a seriously impressive strong upper body, thick legs and rippling abs. His arms are really solid too – he could easily hold you down and do what he wants to you!

EnglishLads: Harry Wilson (Uncut Straight Footballer)

James Welbeck (Straight Footballer) at EnglishLads

Straight footballer Harry Wilson shows his bulging shoulders and huge, rock-hard, uncut erection!

EnglishLads: James Welbeck (Straight Footballer)

James Welbeck (Straight Footballer) at EnglishLads

Straight footballer James Welbeck pumps his virgin hole & explodes cum all over himself!

EnglishLads: Teddy Elton

Teddy Elton at EnglishLads

Young men like Teddy Elton are a pretty scarce commodity, for a young lad who is just 18 he has a pretty mature body, great muscles and yet one of those faces that tells you he isn’t too old and he is very laid back, in his clothes he seems shy, get him naked and he really comes to life! Get him naked and you can enjoy it all, one lovely uncut cock that stands up tall and proud, his erection is amazing!

EnglishLads: Travis Banfield

Travis Banfield at EnglishLads

Travis Banfield is a straight english lad with a 7 inch erect uncut cock and a defined, hairy body with piercings and tattoos. He is 21 years old, 5’10” tall, and enjoys gym & football.

EnglishLads: Paul Jones

Paul Jones at EnglishLads

Hairy young rugby player Paul Jones shows off his muscles & lovely long & meaty uncut cock!

EnglishLads: Marc Bozzi (Ultra Fit Kayaker)

Marc Bozzi (Ultra Fit Kayaker) at EnglishLads

Ultra fit kayaker Marc Bozzi wanks his uncut cock and shoots a huge load!

EnglishLads: Jack Windsor & Max Henderson

Jack Windsor & Max Henderson at EnglishLads

Max Henderson is a well built, sexy looking guy; muscly, handsome and with a fair number of tattoos decorating his fine physique. We’ve paired him with Jack Windsor, who we all know and love, and the two guys really hit it off – relaxed in each other’s company and have a good laugh. Before you know it both lads are in their boxers on the bed and playing around – they tease out each other’s cocks, and when hard start sword fighting – two large uncut cocks – there’s nothing better!

EnglishLads: Max Henderson (Muscular Straight Lad)

Max Henderson (Muscular Straight Lad) at EnglishLads

Max Henderson is a handsome young lad, confident and good looking. He’s got a great physique – lots of muscle but great definition, complimented by some sexy tattoos. Today he strips off to show us it all. His upper body is really well defined and has just a little hair on his chest, when his boxers come down his bum looks great – pert and tempting.

EnglishLads: Aaron Janes (Strips on the Roof)

Aaron Janes (Strips on the Roof) at EnglishLads

Aaron Janes is a very good looking lad, a handsome smile and stunning body. And to top it all, a cheeky personality – great combination! Although his body and look has changed quite a lot over the years he’s been modelling for us, he’s always been consistently hot, and one of our top models.

EnglishLads: Jack Windsor & Cory Burns

Jack Windsor & Cory Burns at EnglishLads

You meet naughty straight boys every so often that are a little bit special and today I present Cory, a straight rugby hunk who looks great in his clothes and even better naked! Today he lets Jack give him a nice relaxing massage, Cory seems to be really enjoying it and judging by how hard his uncut cock looks he is more than enjoying his first manhandling.

EnglishLads: Briley Hall

Briley Hall at EnglishLads

Muscular & Hairy Young Man Briley Hall Shows off his Big Uncut Cock & Explodes Cum Over His Abs!

EnglishLads: John Anderson

John Anderson at EnglishLads

John Anderson is a keen sportsman, when not at the gym he is playing football or playing tennis, it seems like there is no sport he is not good at!