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CorbinFisher: Aiden’s Triple Load

Aiden's Triple Load at CorbinFisher

Aiden's Triple Load at CorbinFisher

Aiden's Triple Load at CorbinFisher

Aiden's Triple Load at CorbinFisher

Aiden's Triple Load at CorbinFisher

Aiden's Triple Load at CorbinFisher

Aiden's Triple Load at CorbinFisher

Watch Aiden & Cain at CorbinFisher

When we paired Aiden up with Cain, what none of us could have suspected was that Cain would fuck three loads out of Aiden!

After the guys play some tug-of-war, they head in to the bedroom. In no time, they’re 69ing each other. Aiden’s chokes on Cain’s thick, uncut cock – and that’s turning Cain on, big time!

Cain spits on Aiden’s hole, then drives his tongue into it. When he fingers Aiden’s hole, Aiden begs Cain to stick his dick in there. Aiden tells Cain how bad he wants it.

Cain stands over Aiden in a piledriver position. He slides his dick into Aiden’s tight ass. He drills Aiden and it’s only moments before Aiden blasts Load Number One all over his abs!

Aiden shakes from the intense orgasm. Cain gets Aiden on all fours so he can fuck him doggy-style. Aiden’s dick hasn’t gone down yet. He strokes himself as Cain pounds him.

Cain slams his cock into Aiden’s ass, and hammers Load Numebr Two out of him! It’s almost as much as the first load! It splatters all over the sheets.

Aiden kisses Cain, but Cain throws him back down on the bed. He’s just going to keep fucking Aiden until he comes again! Cain pinches Aiden’s sensitive nipples as he buries his cock in Aiden’s ass.

Cain pumps away. Aiden wants to come again. And damn if Cain doesn’t fuck Load Number Three out of Aiden! It’s not as much as the first two, but damn impressive!

Aiden wants to eat Cain’s cum. Cain pulls out and blasts his thick load down Aiden’s throat. Aiden sucks Cain’s cock dry, squeezing the nuts to get every drop out.

I don’t know if this kind of insane cum-frenzy can happen again … but I think Aiden’s more than willing to try!

Watch Aiden & Cain at CorbinFisher

67 Responses to CorbinFisher: Aiden’s Triple Load

  1. avatar jazz says:

    For some reason this one wasn’t quite as hot as the first one with Connor. Maybe it’s because this one was full condom, or maybe the “thrill is gone” because I feel like I just watched this. In any event, it looks like Aiden may be on track to become quite the cum hungry bottom. I kinda like it. But first, I would stilll ike for him to fuck the hell out of Kent, then Zeb!

    • avatar Fazz says:

      For me the condom and even more, Cain, ruins it.

    • avatar jazz says:

      Oh I don’t mind Cain at all. I think he’s a great versatile performer.

    • avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

      If they acknowledge that the same people who are members of the subscription site are also buying from the bb site, why not just make this bb, too? Obviously the bb was at least part of the reason Triple Load #1 did so well over there. Based on the photos, the cum-eating looks better here than in Triple Load #1, but I’m not going to re-subscribe just for that. Even so, for subscribers this one should sure make amends for Tuesday’s disaster.

    • avatar jazz says:

      Yes, the cum eating is better in this scene. Aiden does a little bit of “dirty talk” which I found to be kinda hot. But I agree, this scene is definitely worth rejoining.

    • avatar King Henry VIII says:

      Geezz You cain haters COMPLAIN ABOUT EVERYTHING. Heck for petes sake its not Kenny or Grant or some other guy on CF whom is not popular. Seriously we are going in a New Year soon* 3 months counting this month* away You guys really need to STOP BTCHIING all the time and just enjoy it DAMN. Cain IS THE BEST and AIDEN there are no words. BOTH OF THEM ROCK this video. CAIN Haters GO TO ………..

  2. avatar Res1 says:

    Aiden has become the residential bottom. I’m not a fan, so this updates goes over my head.

  3. avatar jugde6 says:

    If I am one of the 23 is not my foult. Mr. Fisher has to be more flexible with his payment dealers or something like that. I love Cain. I love Aiden. This scene must to be a 9.99.
    Sorry, only Papi Connor gets a 10.0

  4. avatar tantiboh says:

    This one’s out early. Wonder if they’re trying to recover from that stinker they dropped on us yesterday?

    • avatar von schlomo says:

      Yeah, looks like they put out two today, the ACS video and this one. I suspect CF received a lot of complaints over yesterday’s “stinker”, especially if the performance suffered as much as was noted in the comments. It’s one thing to simply say you don’t like the looks of a given model but quite another if they’re faking comeshots and one model doesn’t come at all.

    • avatar Beowulf says:

      Sometimes CF puts out updates early if it’s a long weekend and Friday is a holiday, but rarely like this.

  5. avatar jinger says:

    Has Travis left CF?

  6. avatar manu says:

    Don’t like Corbin Fisher usually but Cain as a bottom is hot!

    • avatar von schlomo says:

      You mean Aiden? Doesn’t look like Cain bottomed in this one. I love either one of them bottoming.

    • avatar manu says:

      Yes I tried to correct my post but it was too late – love seeing Aiden taking it up the ass, i remember him from Sean Cody – he has grown from chicken to man.

    • avatar darkthunder1983 says:

      Yeah, Cain’s becoming more like Dawson and Dru. They don’t like to bottom often but when they do… *whew* it makes me sweat a little.

    • avatar EricJ86 says:

      What was Aiden’s name on SC?

    • avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

      I’m pretty sure Aiden was Roman on SC. Maybe because they knew he’d be “roman” over to another site.

    • avatar lennylenny says:

      So I went over to SC to see what he looked like as “Roman”. Good thing for him he grew up to be so hot, because he really doesn’t sound like a guy who could get very far on his intellect.

  7. avatar humanoid says:

    I really love it when money can transform a ferocious top into a ravenous cum-slurping bottom!!!

  8. avatar dio says:

    few gay porn models in general have it in spades like Cain, let alone CF’s own stable. I mean good face, body, dick, ass, aaaaand he’s a top notch performer? Seriously?! Must cost CF a ton of coin to keep him exclusive. LOL

    not a fan of Aiden, but I must say I LOVESES these ‘triple load’ vids he does, and hope it becomes a series he does as he’s topped by CF’s biggest and brightest studs… :-D.

  9. avatar CarlosEduarc says:

    Cain and his fucking tiny legs!

  10. avatar Fazz says:

    Aiden is a consummate bottom. Absolutely hot & incredibly talented.

  11. avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

    One thing that looks really hot is the rimming. Both asses are eminently lickable, and in the past Aiden’s muscle-butt hasn’t gotten as much oral attention as it deserves.

    • avatar porndog says:

      I don’t recall Aiden being rimmed at CF before. Isn’t this the 1st time here?

    • avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

      I’m pretty sure this is his first time getting rimmed at CF, but I hedged because I wasn’t 100% positive. Anyone?

    • avatar littlebird says:

      Aiden says he doesn’t like getting eaten out in his first bottoming scene with Dawson.

  12. avatar masterbig says:

    WTF? I hope it bareback!

  13. avatar Moose2008 says:

    Yall, no offense, must be on crack. Theyre both hot. They both were very intimate/hardcore. Aiden was fucked so good they he came 3 times! Jizz all over his sexy face and good kiss um yum! Haterz :P

    • avatar King Henry VIII says:

      Thanks Moose2008 they must be and they need to get off of it.

    • avatar dio says:

      never liked Aiden, he was OK to look at though. But he ruined himself, for me w/ all the bulking up, and though he cannot bolster a scene like the few and awesome @ CF, when paired with the right guy he’s def. gold.

      now, Cain on the other hand… is one of the best models (in the looks and performance department) I’ve ever seen on any site, straight up, and can prop-up any scene alone! <33333

  14. avatar Moose2008 says:

    Yall must be on crack. Theyre both hot. They both were very intimate/hardcore. Aiden was fucked so good they he came 3 times! Jizz all over his sexy face and good kiss um yum! Haterz :P

  15. avatar WaveRyder002 says:

    Guys… As they say- make sure to read the fine print and if you did, you’ll notice the date of the video specifically noted its stamped October 6th -TOMORROW’S date. Which leads me to believe this is simply a case of getting out Thursday’s update 24 hours early. I’d seriously doubt you’re going to see another ACM release tomorrow… especially since this is “supposed” to be a big deal type of release.

  16. avatar MarissaCooper says:

    Oh my god I love Aiden!!

  17. avatar kd says:

    yeah this is most likely not a bonus update to make up for the disaster yesterday but I’ll bet they released it early to try to soothe their paying members. I did not have any desire to view Grant’s solo and also had no desire to view yesterday’s scene. I am getting fed up w/ CF and am seriously considering dropping my membership after 5 plus years. I’ve weathered it through some other bleak periods because I pay a much lower monthly rate than a new membership now costs. But I am really pissed off that CF would release something so inferior to what they became famous for. I said I had no desire to watch Grant’s videos because he had absolutely no sexual appeal to me and after reading the comments you guys provided I am further disgusted that CF released such crap.

    • avatar King Henry VIII says:

      Well if you have to leave kd you have to leave. More power to you Peace.

    • avatar Patrol says:

      @kd – I am at a similar crossroads. The quality of models and videos has been very inconsistent since CF’s relocation to Las Vegas. Too many operational decisions have been made that end with loyal subscribers getting the short end of the stick.

      I didn’t like CF when they first started because I thought they were just copying Bel Ami. I eventually joined because of the models and good production values. For a couple of years I thought I saw the vision (is it too strong a word to describe a porn site?) of a porn studio that is run like a respectable, legitimate business enterprise, with models who are free of drugs, sleaze, and drama associated with porn. CF has taken some strange turns since then…

  18. avatar darkthunder1983 says:

    Damn! Seems like CF’s having an update almost everyday!

  19. avatar Sushi says:

    While I love seeing Cain bottom, lately he’s become q moany birch about it and never looks to be enjoying himsrlf. Aiden has taken to bottoming like nobody’s business, and REALLY gets off on it–so I’d rather watch that. While it’s weird that Connor 3-peat vid with Aiden just posted, and they’ve repeated it here again.

    I can’t wait to watch this though, as Cain still looks smoking hot and Aiden bottoming is fantastic to watch!

    • avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

      Cain didn’t seem to mind getting fucked by Kent a few days ago. His bottoming skills are improving. If I had to choose I’d rather watch Aiden get fucked, but it’s hot seeing Cain get it, too. (Oops, to avoid King Henry’s “Cain Haters” wrath I better take it over the top: CAIN IS SO FUCKIN’ HOT WATCHING HIM IS PURE HEAVEN! MORE CAIN! PLEASE, MORE CAIN! There, will that suffice?)

    • avatar Sushi says:

      You’ve got it down Jonny. LOL

  20. avatar elmtree says:

    Very nice. Can’t wait to watch. Apparently Aiden cums three times everytime he gets fucked. Gotta love him for that…and for him perfect cock!

  21. avatar Nick McCord says:

    SO HOT!! The way gay porn should look like: HOT muscled, good-looking guys with great pecs, bulging biceps, with little to no flaws elsewhere! Thumbs up for me!

  22. avatar ToraTora says:

    I dont understand why anyone gets so upset over the fact that this is a condom scene. I dont care if its condom or bb. I care about the performers and the performance. If u care about bb so much. Go to chaosmen, treaaure island or sx video

    • avatar moondoggy says:

      I do!!! Actually, these guys look amazing here. There’s not a pixel that doesn’t have muscle in it. Except of course for the friggin condom. The CF people obviously know we hate the condoms because except for that one shot, everything here is either condomless or obstructed. So I don’t get either why they don’t just let them fuck the way they’re willing to fuck and the way most of us want to see it.

    • avatar landreau says:

      What the fuck is wrong with a goddamn condom? Frankly, you have to really look for it in the images above. It doesn’t obstruct Cain’s dick in anyway. Aiden is still getting just as much dick as he would otherwise. Is the danger of contacting a disease the turnon? Seriously, I don’ get it.

  23. Why is Aiden on the top of the Dean’s List, I can see why Dru and Cain were there, but not this fat hog.

  24. avatar Patrol says:

    Given how sublime the Aiden/Connor video was, I didn’t expect lightning to strike twice, though this encore is a very worthy follow-up. If the first video is a notch hotter, I think it’s because:

    1. The first video cuts to the chase by starting with Aiden and Connor making out ravenously, and from there it’s non-stop action. Connor’s topping is also very relentless, while Cain is much tamer and stop-and-go in this scene.

    2. Aiden seems more self-conscious about delivering the money shots this time, and it shows. He can’t stop jerking himself off while getting fucked and makes himself cum a mere minute after Cain first penetrates him. All three cumshots are very much… self-induced (I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining). Aiden did keep his hand on his dick most of the time in the first scene, but I felt Connor’s rough pounding made Aiden go over the edge too.

    I do like the dirty talk, and Aiden’s cum eating (gulps down then sticks out his tongue to show he did swallow) is a bonus. This update puts CF back in my good graces temporarily, but how many “Aiden’s Triple Loads” can they pull out?

    • avatar Helluva Bottom Carter says:

      RE: #2.
      You know, I noticed that as well. But I’ll just write it off as Aiden feeling some intense things from getting his hole plowed. Some guys just feel it more dramatically, you know? And maybe Connor and Cain were just perfect tops for him anyways. Remember that 3way video he did with Connor a while back and he was so turned on that he shot while watching Connor fuck someone else?

      “How many “Aiden’s Triple Loads” can they pull out?”
      If the kid is used to shooting that often (which wouldn’t surprise me) then expect quite a few more times @ CF.

  25. avatar Dixster9inch says:

    Nice shoot and Aiden, nice cum shots and you ate some spooge…wee-who!!! I think Corbin should rangle up Kent, Zeb, Conner, Travis and Aiden….take them to a farm for a spooky Halloween shoot since Aiden is a Cornhusker by nature. It could be dusky dark in the evening of a full moon and Aiden is in the barn when he hears something outside…when he investigates, he sees (4) live scarecrow’s…being Kent, Zeb, Conner and Travis. They all have their way with him and make him cum four time’s and he eat’s all their loads and they hang him from a scarecrow post tied up as they leave back into the cornfield looking back over their shoulder’s to see Aiden has turned into a fellow scarecrow. That is if Corbin is going to do a Halloween thing-a-majig update. I know Aiden would like it.

    • avatar Beowulf says:

      Wow, what a detailed fantasy you have. Sounds fun. The twist is Carson leaps out of the cornfield in the last frames and devours everyone.

  26. avatar tomtomson says:

    great! wow!

  27. avatar littlebird says:

    Wait, ANOTHER triple load?

  28. avatar Res1 says:

    Brodie bottoms in the next Sean Cody update. Where is it?!

  29. avatar topher says:

    Aiden’s first triple, because it wasn’t a replay of something I’d already seen done better, even though I’m not a Connor fan, is sizzling porn. I’d rather that this was a Cain triple. Seeing Cain cum 3 times, while being fucked like a rag doll (like Aiden in the first triple video), would have been much more satisfying. I’d also like to see Cameron tagged by two tops like Sean was in his recent video bottoming for Connor and Cain (not necessarily by them). Cameron getting fucked does it for me, BIG TIME. CF needs a few new hot tops to fuck Cameron, Sean, Jon, Zeb, etc… It’s getting boring seeing all the bottoms being topped by either Cain, Connor, Aiden (who obvious likes, and has a real talent for power bottoming and cum eating), or heaven forbid waxworks Dawson.

  30. avatar HKguy says:

    I’m confused is there 2 Aiden triple load videos?

    • avatar Beowulf says:

      Yes. The first one was with Connor. It’s on CF’s new sister site which sells individual downloads. I did a double take too when I saw this video’s title.

    • avatar topher says:

      Yes, there are two. The first, and better of the two was posted at the Corbin Fisher Select site, where you pay individually for downloading each video. It was bareback, and much more exciting. Aiden obviously enjoyed being jJACK HAMMERED by Connor. It also had an unexpected ending, where Connor pulls his bare cock out of usually hunk top Aiden’s butt, and puts it right into Aiden’s mouth, with Aiden eating the cum, swallowing it, and then cleaning Connor’s cock with his mouth, seeming to be in heaven after being fucked and coming 3 times. Aiden’s smiling face during all of the action showed a new power bottom, cum eating hunger side of him that he hasn’t showed before. Aiden wasn’t just fucked hard, there were times when he was pounded harder than I’ve ever seen any guy at CF, and not by a small dick like Dawson’s. To use a phrase that is often overused, he got the cum fucked out him, and loved it. The sequel with Cain just isn’t as exciting.

  31. avatar 007james says:

    Aiden is starting to remind me of Shazam (the genie)

  32. avatar twinkemopunk808 says:

    aiden and cain are so dayum hot! triple load yum! love aiden he is perfect & cain is just about right too

  33. avatar adamdays23 says:

    Aiden needs to try a touch less cum shot like Travis does and try to get DP.

  34. avatar landreau says:

    Very hot pairing!!! Only way to improve it would have been if they had flipped flopped. Love the image where Aiden’s undies are down around his thighs — and Cain is about to bone him. Don’t see enough of that kinda stuff in porn.

  35. avatar LGC says:

    My two favorite Corbin Fisher performers paired together, this time Aiden is bottom! Incredible! <3

  36. avatar clusterfuck says:

    Me likey! Aiden needs to be spit roasted next by two big cocks!

  37. avatar Arglebargle says:

    Is there a site Aiden hasn’t been on? He’s like the bad rash that just won’t go away.

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