CorbinFisher: Aiden’s Triple Load V

Aiden's Triple Load V at CorbinFisher

Aiden's Triple Load V at CorbinFisher

Aiden's Triple Load V at CorbinFisher

Aiden's Triple Load V at CorbinFisher

Aiden's Triple Load V at CorbinFisher

Aiden's Triple Load V at CorbinFisher

Aiden's Triple Load V at CorbinFisher

Watch Aiden & Reece at

It’s gotten to be a competition among some of the guys here – who will be the one to make Aiden – muscle power bottom and multiple cummer-extraordinaire – shoot more than three loads first? Reece takes his turn at bat – and while he hits another triple, that home run stretch eludes him.

Reece goes out after Aiden’s most sensitive spot – his kryptonite, if you will – his nipples. He licks and bites down on them, making Aiden shiver. He sucks Aiden’s huge dick while stroking his own thick cock.

Aiden wants to taste Reece’s cock. He swallows Reece’s dick, licking it and slapping it against his tongue. Aiden licks Reece’s balls and fingers his own ass, getting it ready for Reece’s cock. Reece slides his cock into Aiden.

Reece fucks Aiden doggy-style. Aiden jerks his cock while Aiden thrusts in and out. Aiden shoots load Number One onto the bed. Reece keeps fucking Aiden, turned on by making Aiden cum so quick.

Aiden lies on his side. Reece plunges back in, fucking Aiden even faster this time. Another load blasts out, this time on Aiden’s abs. Aiden tells Reece to keep fucking him.

Reece keeps plowing Aiden. The guys kiss, and Aiden keeps one muscular leg propped up on Reece’s shoulder for support. Aiden shoots his third load!

Now, Reece is about to shoot. He pulls out and blows all over Aiden’s stomach, chest and even in his face! The guys grab a shower and talk about Aiden’s load capacity.

Another hot scene. But I am starting to wonder … can anyone make him shoot more than three loads? Email Pete and let him know who you think could make Aiden cum four times – and if you think it’s even possible.

I sure hope so!

Watch Aiden & Reece at

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  • cuban223

    This makes up for that last update. I love Aiden and I love Reece.

  • adidas28

    I bet some people are over this gimmick, but not me. As many times as Aiden wants to cum, I’m down to watch.

    • CarlosEduarc

      Yeah man. I think the first one only the cum item had some gimmick. But in the rest of the Aiden’s multiple loads are full of gimmicks.

  • Peach

    Reece looks sleepy and worn out.

    • Hendricks

      I’ve never liked Reece

  • moondoggy

    I’m going to sleep. Wake me up when Aiden is TAKING three loads.

    Hot duo, I must admit.

    • jazz

      Hell yeah! I’m with you!

  • dio

    Goddamn, Reece is cray hawt. I cannae say I find Aiden particularly attractive, but he’s a bottoming savant, and these ‘triple load’ vids are awesome!

  • Sam

    I love Aiden and would gladly fuck his ass, but they really need to tie him up or something and see if a guy can fuck the cum out of him instead of having him jerk off constantly. These are more like masturbation videos where Aiden just happens to be getting fucked too. He needs to get properly pounded by a real top who won’t let him jerk his dick.

    Maybe that’s what happens when he’s off camera. His ass is noticeably looser than Reece’s.

    • moondoggy

      You should be writing the descriptions for these things. Even the way you complain makes me want to buy it just to think about the way you would have done it better!!

  • Bradster

    There are 5 of these? So fucking lame.

    • Timah

      I hope this is the last one, it seems so forced now.

    • I Am Jake

      Jake’s Triple “Eh,” Volume 5

  • Ottothezombie

    Hot scene! Reece’s body is very nice, seems to greek sculpture.
    I want see Aiden & Sean in flip flop, or Harper, Sean & Aiden, in three way flip flop.

  • adowhat

    reece is so hot. me love.

  • CarlosEduarc

    I don’t know if i cry or laugh! Cry because i don’t want to see those 2 in a scene like that! And that was another worthless sex update for this week. Laugh cause THAT’S FUCKING NUMBER 5 OF THAT SHIT! I’m sure they will keep doing it until number 10.

    I only keep up with CF cause i want to see ROBERT getting fucked! Anyway i have to deal with updates like that!

    • CarlosEduarc

      PS: I almost break my computer desk apart when i saw that shit up on the site! What a waste of money! Money throwed away!

  • jinger

    Enough with Aiden

    • Peach

      There won’t be an end of the fat duchess Aiden, he’s the head of the dinner ladies in Corbin Fisher academy.. It’s just how it is, the women who run the school canteen never leave.

    • FeydRautha


      LOL! Dinner ladies!

      I dunno that I’d call Aiden fat though. I think his bigorexia’s just gotten the better of him. He’s shaped like a refrigerator now.

  • manu

    Aiden is awesome , hope thie series continues !!

  • Neo_

    Oh shit. I didn’t realize Aiden had multiple triple load scenes. Shows how much I pay attention. I was just going to ask why they were posting old updates lmao

  • elmtree

    I can’t say I’m sad to see Aiden back in the power bottom role. I’d love to take my turn at making him cum multiple times! Having said that, I do miss seeing that big cock of his plowing a nice ass.

    Also, why bother with condoms in this update? Aiden loves cream pies…give the boy what he wants!

    • jlenconel

      No Widen loves to get PAID to do cream pies. How many boundaries must gay porn push to be “sexy?” These boys should always be wearing condoms.

  • KingSize

    I love me some Aiden!!!! I do wish though hed top sometimes or do a flip flop, but the boy loves him some dick and it shows!! Rather him than Dawson anyday.

  • KURT10677

    Wasnt that guy Aiden on SeanCody, he never bottomed or sucked dick.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      Aiden was Roman on SC. I think there was only one scene. He was serviced by another guy (sucked and rimmed).

    • darkthunder1983

      And said that was as far as it would go. My how he has come a long way. Same goes for Marc aka SC’s Joseph.

  • FeydRautha

    Geez, it’s like the SAW sequels… the gimmick’s worn off, but they just keep making them.

  • TheSagaOf

    Corbin Fisher’s getting on my nerves. I feel like they haven’t had a stellar update in weeks. Additionally, I love Aiden to death, but I’m going to need to start seeing him put his nice, big dick to use and top. I feel like my subscription was wasted this month. ;_;

    • jazz

      I sill watch the scene were he fucked Cain. That scene is deliciously hot. Aiden really gave Cain’s ass a good fucking and I loved every second of it!

  • Sushi

    Aiden getting fucked over and over again is always great to see, but I’m not into “Freckles” here. I wish they’d have used someone else.

  • Hendricks

    Can’t Aiden just get double stuffed already? There’s your answer Corbin, get 2 dicks in his ass and he’ll probably cum 4 times. Now make it happen!

  • Kevin W

    This is okay, but it’s almost expected now every time Aiden appears in an update. At least do something with these loads…like cum eating or something!

    • cumbody

      I agree. I would have liked this much better if both of them would have eaten a load or two.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      Yes, good point.

  • Paschal

    So Aiden is a total bitch now or what??

  • Southbay

    CF just posted on FB that Sean has passed away! Omg I’m so sad!!!

    • Nate

      Wow thats sad doesnt say what he died from

    • Southbay

      No they didn’t specify what the cause of death was. May he RIP. I’m gonna miss him so much!

    • CarlosEduarc

      Man i hope they don’t release the rest of the scenes he has filmed. That’s gonna be creepy! And i’m deleting all scenes i have with him on my computer.

    • Peach

      Omg.. my hearts literally stop for a second when I read that terrible news, I even checked the date cause i thought it was some kind of a sick April fools joke., unfortunately it was no joke. I’m soooooo sad!!! poor Sean :…(

    • Peach

      His real name is Matthew, and he’s only 22.

      RIP Matthew may his family gain strength from the wonderful and happy memories of the beautiful moments he had and shared with them.

      I feel sick already, I don’t wanna look at porn now.. :(

    • CarlosEduarc

      Peach don’t be so naive! Half of that text is a lie. If their family is really requesting messages from his fans, they are just nasty people who wants to take some advantage of the situation.

      But i have one question: When Matthew really died? Last month? Last year?

    • FeydRautha

      That’s truly awful. It’s always sad when a beautiful young man dies. Passing is a strange way of putting it. Young healthy people don’t just pass away. There’s something more here, but to pry now would be indelicate.

      CF’s statement strikes as little disingenuous. I’m sure Matthew didn’t share his porn career with his family. Leastways, not a full disclosure. But yet again, they’re trying to portray themselves in a positive light and playing on people’s sympathy.

    • porndog

      So sad to see a young person die. I am truly shocked to know that he’s gone. He will be missed.

    • jinger

      Oh, too bad, I actually thought he was sick when I saw his pictures in the latest scenes, maybe I was right. Could it be cancer? Who knows.

    • darkthunder1983

      I just saw this on another blog that’s sad. Someone speculated that it could have been drugs since he’d been arrested for drug possession but I don’t care. Bottom line it’s sad that he passed at 22. He was the same age as my baby cousin.

    • greennails

      After I heard this sad news, at first I thought this was a joke. A dirty one.
      So I googled, googled, and googled about this and him. And then I realized this wasn’t a joke, I freaked out, didn’t stop googling about that. Then I don’t know…I ended up finding his twitter account. He had no tweets, no avi. There was nothing. But I guess he was a big fan of Jersey shore because he followed total 7, and 5 of them were people from JS….
      ahh… Why am I saying this? I really donno. Have no idea; I just had to write this stuff because I’m still kinda freaking out..Man I’m gonna miss him so much…
      He was sooooooo young…. Can’t beleve this happened..

    • darkthunder1983
  • jacobc4

    My God, WHAT?

  • KingSize

    Omg NOOOOOO!!!!!! Not my Sean!!!!

  • 2222pm

    oh,no,,,.,my god,why?!
    i feel sick…..

    Sean,don’t leave….;;;;_;;;;

  • Rictor

    And how is this different from “Aiden’s Triple Load I – IV”???

  • Patrol

    Sean was the rare porn model whose beauty has soul. It’s fascinating, thrilling even, in an I-can’t-believe-this-guy-is-in-porn kind of way, to see those dark, flawless features in something lowdown and dirty – cum facials, domination, DP, and more.

    Sean is usually his own attraction in a video. His beauty outshines his performance. If I have to choose, I would pick his solo, his tagging scene with Connor and Cain, and the DP scene with Reece and Steve, as my favorites. I’ll also remember when he answered my question on Pete’s Attic.

    Sadly I’ll never see Sean with Kent and Aiden, or with Zeb and Josh, in the next CF Fiji/Bermuda/Cancun collection. But there’s plenty to remember Sean by.

    • FeydRautha

      Do you work for CF or something? You’re expressing your condolences and talking up CF videos at the same time. A young man has died and you’re going on about how you’ll miss him in your porn.

    • Patrol

      If only I worked for CF.

      Since I only know Sean from his CF scenes, I think it is appropriate to express how I feel in reference to his videos. This does not mean I put my viewing pleasure above everything. I realize it may be more common to remember mainstream actors and singers by their work.

  • trixM92

    R.I.P Matthew :(

  • FeydRautha

    Do you work CF or something? You’re expressing your condolences and talking up CF videos at the same time. A young man has died and you’re going on about how you’ll miss him in your porn.

    • FeydRautha

      Ugh. This was is reply to Patrol.

  • Patrol

    Great pairing (for me at least). Reece is even bigger than Aiden now. Aiden looks good with his tan back.

    Aiden’s multiple cumloads are still impressive (his third one probably produces more than Connor’s first). Next time he should let his partner take the lead, as he did in the domination scene with Ashley and Kent. It is so much hotter when they finish him off and he doesn’t touch his dick for once.

    And Reece ‘s cumshot trajectory is awesome too.

    • FeydRautha

      I realize life goes on (and you’ve got CF subs to shill or… something), but wow. Just, wow.

    • Patrol

      Welcome to the age of Internet porn, where all emotions are compartmentialized.

      On a serious note, I like to comment on each scene on its own terms, so this is a stand-alone comment just like so many others posted in this thread.

  • DaddyYankee

    I’m very sad about Sean’s death. The announcement doesn’t specify the cause, but I think about a car accident or something like that. I don’t think he was ill.
    RIP Matthew aka Sean!

    • jinger

      I’m thinking he entered porn to pay for his treatments, maybe he had brain cancer or something like that.

  • kevkev

    they look really nice together. aiden is hot as hell. he’s better as a bottom guy. great update!

  • Daniel

    Meh scene.

    Can’t believe that news about Sean. :(

  • Faraon537

    What is the cause of death? Does anyone know? Why hide it? People will build a version of the death

    Very sad :(

  • bee

    OMG. Sean? Really? OMG. I loved him.
    Oh Sean~ Wow. I dont know what to say more. I’ll keep ur video forever.
    RIP Matthew.

  • tsEmeng


  • TrueWords

    The lack of truth in these messages (here and at The Sword) is actually more sickening than his death. The truth is his death is for his family and their pain is TRULY theirs and not to be shared by anyone.

    These comments at “The Sword” are more disturbing: “shakes me to the core”; “please take my heart with you”; “I felt like I’ve failed him by loving him as some else’s shadow instead of himself.” are just some examples…

    For me some of these comments are much like an episode of Cops or some other crime show…you know when you hear the neighbor beating the HELL out of the wife each night and NO ONE calls the police but once there is a dead body everyone is jockeying in front of the camera to say…”oh my I heard them yelling, fighting and screaming EACH night; but I did not think he would kill her!”

    • FeydRautha

      ‘These comments at “The Sword” are more disturbing: “shakes me to the core”; “please take my heart with you”; “I felt like I’ve failed him by loving him as some else’s shadow instead of himself.” are just some examples…’

      That really is disturbing, but I don’t think that’s happening here on this blog. He was a young man cut down in the prime of his youth. Yes, he had sex on camera for money, but that doesn’t make it any less tragic.

    • dio

      i dunno what you are getting @ w/ your last paragraph, but if you are trying to imply that we as fans/viewers of Sean’s videos were complicit in any way as to what lead to his untimely death… you can GTFO, plz. -_-

      as for your comments about certain comments sickening you: well, regardless of how you feel about sex personally the fact remains it IS an intimate act, and many people view and experience it as such even as an outsider. And thusly feel they KNEW Sean on a very deep, and personal level. *shrug* Sean put himself out there and exposed himself in a very intimate way – sure, he got paid to do so, but who are we to say whether he saw porn as an albatross around his neck or not?

  • clusterfuck

    Nooo, not Sean!!! Oh God why oh why couldn’t it have been Kenny or Dawson instead?!?;)

    • greennails

      Yeah you think you’re hilarious.

    • Peach

      That’s not nice, sounds like you wish them dead too.

    • custard

      Not the least humorous, my fat friend.

  • dio

    as someone around his age group… this saddens me a great deal. Death is always sad, but whenever I see someone in my age group pass it hits home harder. I hope he didn’t suffer and that he’s in a better place.

  • EveArden

    We shall all miss Sean. Dying young is always tragic, whatever the circumstances. My favorite video of him will be when he made love to Zeb. Sean was worthy of Zeb’s peerless beauty. A gorgeous couple. RIP.

  • solidus4

    Matthew, Sean as I knew him was so young, there was definitely a story to be told, an auroara that followed him. And just by looking into those pristine eyes of his looking back at you, you could tell there was something that lured you to him. Immeasurable beauty I even mentioned how he was one my favorite models to come out of Corbin Fisher. My condolences to his friends and family, he shall be missed.

  • HKguy

    So fucking sad about Sean. He will be truly missed :(