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CorbinFisher: Reece Rails Rudy

Reece Rails Rudy at CorbinFisher

Reece Rails Rudy at CorbinFisher

Reece Rails Rudy at CorbinFisher

Reece Rails Rudy at CorbinFisher

Reece Rails Rudy at CorbinFisher

Reece Rails Rudy at CorbinFisher

Watch Reese & Rudy at CorbinFisher

Newcomer Reece has shown us not only his juggling skills, but his hot body and thick cock. Now he’s going to show Rudy how he fucks!

These two guys kiss. Rudy is turned on by Reece’s ripped abs and thick pecs. In fact, Rudy is turned on by almost everything about Reece! He licks his nipples, his thighs, his abs – almost anywhere he can his tongue can reach.

Once Rudy gets to Reece’s cock, he slows down and pays it some serious attention. He kisses and swallows Reece’s nuts, then goes back down on Reece’s dick. Then Rudy says it’s Reece’s turn.

Rudy feeds Reece his cock. Reece deepthroats Rudy’s hard dick while Rudy strokes Reece’s cock. Reece sucks on Rudy’s balls. Reece slowly licks his way up the shaft, making Rudy moan.

Reece is really into Rudy’s cock! He takes his time sucking and stroking it, enjoying every inch. He’s enjoying it so much, he wants to start fucking Rudy. Rudy’s game for that. “Lube that up and let’s go,” he tells Reece.

Reece slides his cock into Rudy’s ass. Rudy’s cock jumps as that big dick goes inside him. “It’s so big,” Rudy gasps. Reece’s abs flex deliciously as he fucks Rudy slowly.

Rudy says Reece’s dick is as big as his arms! He urges Reece to fuck him even deeper. Reece is up for the challenge. He thrusts into Rudy even more.

Reece pushes Rudy’s legs even farther over and drills him deeper. The guys kiss. Rudy tells him to pound that ass. He holds Rudy’s wrists together and rocks him back and forth, fucking him harder.

Rudy flips over. Reece smacks his ass and fucks him from behind. Rudy goes off the edge of the bed as Reece rails him. Rudy gets back on the bed and on his side.

Reece pounds Rudy’s ass. Rudy strokes his cock while he gets fucked. Getting Rudy back into the missionary position, he fucks a big load out of Rudy. “Let me see that cum,” Reece tells him.

Rudy blasts a big load all over his chest and stomach. Reece pulls out shoots his load all over Rudy’s chest and stomach as well!

Rudy’s drenched in cum. The guys take a shower and talk about their hot fuck. Looks like both of them would be up for a rematch!

Watch Reese & Rudy at CorbinFisher

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  • Sushi

    Reece just isn’t doin’ it for me, and as much as I’ve liked Rudy in the past, I’m over him too. Pass.

  • Colby Parr

    Reece is gross.

    • Neobamboom

      but reece’s ass looked amazing.

  • Neobamboom

    Yeah Rudy is so boring now. Reece’s body is nice though.
    Shame they spotted the bb on CF. I’m pissed.

  • jinger

    Totally unattractive dudes

  • Mykons

    YAY Sexy Reece is back!!! :) I’m liking this update Thank-Goodness they had Reece skip over……..ACS…… . Rudy looks good hope they get a rematch on CFS!!!!!

  • porndog

    Overall, this looks like a run-of-the-mill update. However, Reece makes me want to watch this. I’ve been a fan of his since he started over at BSB. I love his compact body, thick legs, attractive face, and all his freckles. I hope we see a lot more of him.

    • CarlosEduarc

      Yeah i have to agree 100% with you now.

    • Mike

      Me, too.

  • Ottothezombie

    Rudy needs a makeover urgent, he is not ugly, but hair and beard make him look like an idiot. Reece has a sexy muscular body,but , your skin is very white, perhaps a little color with tanning could improve to Reece.

    • porndog

      Gingers can’t or shouldn’t tan. Can you imagine tanned skin with red hair & crotch? I don’t even want to go there. If anybody should keep pale skin, it’s a redhead.

  • elmtree

    I know Rudy isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I find him unexplainably hot. I enjoy his updates in spite of his imperfections…

    • Jonny Marzetti

      While he’s not quite a list-topper for me, he’s definitely pretty hot. Yeah, it’s hard to put a finger on exactly why, other than that nice ass. And his hair is fine, suits him well.

  • CarlosEduarc

    FUCK YEAH! CF has hired the most perfect ginger in gay porn now!

  • Dixster9inch

    The first time I saw Reece, his named was Charlie and he was on before they stopped doing anything on that site. He said he was married….uh, well…..maybe.

    • Patrol

      Reece skipped ACS but identifies as straight on Pete’s Attic, so perhaps he is indeed in a committed relationship?

      Those who are curious about Rudy’s hairline could look at the clip in which he’s DP’ed. At the 24:50 mark Travis pulls back Rudy’s hair rather violently as he fucks him. That Travis!

    • Jonny Marzetti

      @Patrol Good catch, I hadn’t noticed.

    • Patrol

      Haha, I noticed only because of all the previous comments on Rudy’s hair. I kept thinking Rudy must be upset with Travis after the scene was completed for pulling his hair and spitting cum on his leg.

      Rudy’s hairline is a little high (genetics?), but I always try not to let one debatable flaw ruin everything. Usually huge tattoos are what bother me the most.

  • Daniel

    Rudy’s going flabby

    • dio

      going? He came on the site looking exactly like he does here. LOL

    • Ryder25

      I can deal with the extra weight, but I’m over the haircut that’s supposed to be hiding the receding hairline. I wish he’d just go with a short style and embrace reality.

    • dio

      to refresh:

      dood is a mess, and the only reason I can see why CF keeps him around is it’s an internship. X-D

    • Jonny Marzetti

      @Ryder I think it’s nice that at least one guy at CF hasn’t given in to the demand for short hair. My observation has been that, on average, young straights have a better idea what looks good hair-wise today than young gays do. Unfortunately (but understandably), CF seems to be leaning to the demands of the latter.

    • Patrol

      For those who have the “DP’ing Rudy” video, at the 24:50 mark Travis pulls Rudy’s hair as he fucks him so those curious about Rudy’s hairline could finally see for themselves.

      (Moments later Travis also sucks Rudy’s cummy cock and spits out the cum on Rudy’s leg. That Travis!)

  • dio

    Reece’s ‘intro duo scene’ for the site and it’s with fucking Rudy, seriously? Oh, CF. How you fail @ every opportunity. I can’t -_-

    poor Reece.

    • nautical nun

      yeah, i was excited about reece, but with rudy??? come on!

  • kd

    I can’t get too excited about Rudy but I think Reece is super hot. Really nice looking w/ a hot body to go with it. I also would like to see more color on him but agree w/ porndog that he really shouldn’t tan. Overall I thought this was a pretty hot scene w/ good chemistry between the two of them. Reece really knows how to perform in front of a camera; his solo was one of the hottest solos I’ve seen as I loved the way his hands were all over his body. In this scene he looked so hot w/ Rudy’s cock in his mouth and he sure seemed to enjoy sucking and licking it all over. Loved the way he played w/ Rudy’s balls while he was giving head. I’m really looking forward to more scenes with him with other partners. He and Marc would be amazing together.

  • Southbay

    I love Rudy I find nothing wrong with him

  • Patrol

    So many negative comments… Personally I like both Rudy and Reece so this update is a yes. Reading this blog sometimes makes me doubt my taste in men! OTOH if we’re actually in a room deciding who Rudy and Reece should go home with tonight, I shall be a happy man when the dust settles.

    Reece actually fits into the “CF aesthetic” well – picture him with blond or dark hair and without freckles and he’s your typical CF model. I’m not sure if this is good or bad, but his look appeals to me. BTW it was very hard getting a straight answer out of him on Pete’s Attic.

    The sex isn’t half-bad. Reece’s brings his experience to this scene. I like how they briefly take turns sucking each other’s balls – something I don’t remember CF doing recently. There is, unfortunately, no riming at all, but there are some good closeups of thrusting. The “Rudy goes off the edge of the bed as Reece rails him” bit in the writeup is even a little Sean Cody-ish, or at least different from the typical missionary-cowboy-sideways-doggie checklist in every CF video.

  • clusterfuck

    Reese is like a freckly Rick McCoy. Rudy does zilch for me so pass.

  • Kitskin

    Love the big, freckled biceps! And so many sweet kisses. I never get tired of seeing one guy’s tongue in another guy’s mouth!

  • pubert

    That freckle bitch is kind of sexy.

  • Hot pairing, boring video :\

  • jugde6


  • tyler

    Reece is fucking perfection. Anyone who doesn’t see it is gay.