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CocksureMen: Trevor Knight & Ty Roderick

Trevor Knight & Ty Roderick at

Trevor Knight & Ty Roderick at

Trevor Knight & Ty Roderick at

Watch Trevor Knight & Ty Roderick at

Trevor Knight and Ty Roderick are having a nap when Trevor wakes up and is feeling frisky. He reaches around and starts to rub Ty’s bulge through his underwear. Ty wakes up to find Trevor kissing his chest and slowly working his way down to his thick dick. After getting his pole sucked Ty gets on his knees and works Trevor’s ginormous cock. Trevor is hard as steel and ready to fuck Ty’s tight ass. He gets down and gives Ty a sloppy rim-job and then slaps and hotdogs Ty’s backside. Trevor eases himself in and Ty takes it like a pro. He bobs up and down, engulfing every last inch of Trevor. Ty moans ecstatically while his hole gets reamed by Trevor in various positions. Trevor blasts a HUGE cumshot all over Ty then lays down next to him while they both furiously stroke their cocks. Ty jerks out a load onto his hard abs and then Trevor follows suit with a second copious cumshot. What studs!

Watch Trevor Knight & Ty Roderick at

7 Responses to CocksureMen: Trevor Knight & Ty Roderick

  1. avatar jinger says:

    I don’t find them hot

  2. avatar hairyfuckpole says:

    Trevor does have a great dick

  3. avatar von schlomo says:

    Not a fan of either, tho I used to like Ty, for some reason that now escapes me. About the only redeeming factor will likely be Trevor’s big cock giving Ty a good fucking. Too bad they each had to jack themselves off to nut. :(

  4. avatar porterwest57 says:

    Trevor’s head’s always been too big for his body. He needs much more muscle to be attractive to me.

  5. avatar Daniel says:

    Does Ty ever top?

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