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Lucas Entertainment: Open Bar (Vito Gallo & Adam Killian)

Open Bar (Vito Gallo & Adam Killian) at

Open Bar (Vito Gallo & Adam Killian) at

Open Bar (Vito Gallo & Adam Killian) at

Open Bar (Vito Gallo & Adam Killian) at

Open Bar (Vito Gallo & Adam Killian) at

Open Bar (Vito Gallo & Adam Killian) at

Open Bar (Vito Gallo & Adam Killian) at

Watch Vito Gallo & Adam Killian at

Adam Killian isn’t interested in leaving the bar at closing time, and bartender Vito Gallo isn’t one to complain. These hot guys have a lot of pent-up sexual energy, and their cocks are hard in their jeans as they’re torn off, popping and bouncing out. Adam opens his mouth up and starts sucking on Vito’s monster cock immediately. It’s huge, one of the biggest Adam has handled, but he’s always up for a challenge when a hot guy in involved. Vito likes having a cock down his throat, too, so they switch positions and the top uses his mouth and tongue to worship Adam’s dick and balls. Adam is known for his godly ass, and it’s a treat for Vito to see it up close and personal as the porn star bends over and puckers his hole up. Vito sets into Adam’s cheeks like a starving man devouring a meal, but it’s only a precursor to Adam showing off some of his most intense moves. With Vito hard as a rock and ready to fuck, he sits on the sofa in the empty dance club where Adam straddles him and lowers his ass. The grunts and moans that erupt from Adam echo throughout the club, enticing Vito to try out bottoming for the first time on camera. First Adam loosens him up with a tongue bath before grabbing a condom and testing out just how tight Vito is. It’s difficult at first: Vito’s face is clenched in pain, but Adam teaches him how to handle a dick as he rides him like an animal. The heavy breathing continues when Adam takes Vito’s dick again, and these two muscular guys culminate their fuck with loads of cum!

Watch Vito Gallo & Adam Killian at

21 Responses to Lucas Entertainment: Open Bar (Vito Gallo & Adam Killian)

  1. avatar tsEmeng says:


  2. avatar Dustin says:

    Saw the movie. This is a very good scene.

  3. avatar jazz says:

    Ewwww why did that hag have to be the one to fuck my beautiful husband Vito?!?!?!?!

  4. avatar trixM92 says:

    Adam looks like something out of a Sci-Fi movie , he doesn’t look human. I really want to tap his huge ass though.

    Vitto , is just plain gorgeous !

  5. avatar baz says:

    This was a really good debut bottom scene for Vito. Now why can’t Adrian Long have a bottom scene like this, instead of those two failed attempts?

  6. avatar Johnny2x4 says:

    Yes! Vito has to be one of my favourite pornstars, so glad he’s bottoming. Though they could’ve paired him with someone better than fish lips. Stop filling your lips with botox/filler/whatever!

  7. avatar jag2power says:

    No matter how you slice this up, this is some sexy and artsy stuff here. Very hot!

  8. avatar elmtree says:

    Sign me up for the Vito love train. He’s hot and versatile…yum!

  9. avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

    Adam looks like a parody of something. Don;t know what…maybe an alien as trix suggested. Vito doesn’t move the needle for me. Next.

    • avatar jazz says:

      WHAT?!?!?!!!! OMG I’m so in love with Vito! I’m definitely stalking him the next time I’m in NYC.

  10. avatar darkthunder1983 says:

    I still can’t see Adam as a top. Loved the scene he did with Zeb.

  11. avatar gringo30615 says:

    Vito bottoming debut on camera……. his ass been fucked before off camera…
    Michael Lucas is the next dude to fuck Vito’s hungry hole….. Adam Killian did a great job making him blow his load while geting fucked

  12. avatar Fazz says:

    Vito is attractive beyond words!

  13. avatar gringo30615 says:

    Vito’s hole looks strechted abd beated up by lots of big dicks

  14. avatar pubert says:

    Vito would be ok if he had a neck. The other one is just fugly with stupid hair.

  15. avatar I Am Jake says:

    Actually agree with the people who say that Killian ruins this, but still, talk about bitchy, queeny and obnoxious as these comments come across.

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