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American College Sex: Cain Fucks Cameron & Courtney

Cain Fucks Cameron & Courtney at American College Sex

Cain Fucks Cameron & Courtney at American College Sex

Cain Fucks Cameron & Courtney at American College Sex

Watch Cain, Cameron & Courtney at American College Sex

Cain and Cameron are all set to play with one of our newest coeds, Courtney. Connor teases Courtney that she has a crush on Cain – so he says Cain will have to tease her a little.

Cain leans over to grab Cameron and kisses him. Courtney doesn’t let herself get left out and jumps in to make out with Cameron – but then he pushes her down on the bed and gets back to kissing Cain!

Cameron makes it up to Courtney by helping ger her bra off and kissing her tits as she kisses Cain’s nipple. Cameron laughs, saying, “I’m so excited I don’t know what to do!” He figures it out quickly, never fear!

Cameron jumps onto the bed and makes out with Cain again. Cain strokes Cameron’s cock as Courtney kisses Cameron’s back. Courtney goes down on Cain, filling her mouth with his thick, uncut cock, Cameron kisses Courtney’s ass before Courtney flips around to suck him off.

Cain teases Courtney’s pussy with the head of his dick. “You just want to slam it in there, don’t ‘cha?” Cameron asks Cain. Cain stuffs his cock into Courtney briefly, then pulls out saying that’s all she gets.

Cain kisses Cameron and pinches his nipple, as Courtney sucks on both their dicks. Cain fingers Courtney from behind as Cameron goes down on Cain’s cock. Courtney joins in and they work on Cain’s balls and dick.

Cain fingers Cameron’s ass, spanks it, then fingers him faster. Cameron tells him he’s ready, so Cain shoves his cock into Cameron’s bubble butt. Cameron laughs that his ass might be tighter than Courtney.

Courtney and Cain kiss as Cain pounds Cameron’s ass. Cain fingers Courtney’s pussy and fucks Cameron. Courtney lies down and kisses Cameron, then sticks her ass in the air so Cameron can eat her out.

Cameron has a tough time keeping his face buried in Courtney, though, with Cain fucking him so hard! Cain lies down and Cameron climbs on top of him to ride him. Cain drills deep up into Cameron’s ass. Courtney strokes Cameron’s cock as he gets fucked.

Lying down next to Courtney, Cameron gets fucked in the missionary position by Cain. Cain fucks a big load out of Cameron. Cum sprays onto Cameron’s chest. Cain keeps pounding him until he’s ready to cum. He pulls out and blasts his load onto Courtney’s pussy.

Watch Cain, Cameron & Courtney at American College Sex

33 Responses to American College Sex: Cain Fucks Cameron & Courtney

  1. avatar dio says:

    will SOMEONE rim Cameron’s ass proper? Damn. I’m getting tired of seeing Courtney’s emo-looking ass, too.

  2. avatar jazz says:

    ANYTIME Cameron’s beautiful ass gets fucked is an automatic WIN for me. Even with the vadge in the room. Cain is sexy as always.

  3. avatar Paschal says:

    It’s hot to see the 2 bitches laying on the bed next to each other!

  4. avatar jinger says:

    Okay, I’m starting to take seriously CF’s attempts to step up their game.

  5. avatar Bradster says:

    CF sure knows how to space out their models so people never get tired of seeing the same ones over and over again.


    • avatar jinger says:

      It’s because most of their models are fugs, so they have to keep using the few good looking ones.

    • avatar EveArden says:

      I can never, ever tire of seeing the gorgeous and delicious Zeb. Oh la la!

    • avatar samson says:

      Eve, dear, Zeb is not in this video.

    • avatar EveArden says:

      Dear Samson, Thanks for the help, honey, but I think you are the one who lost the plot here. The thread was about CF continually recycling “fugly” models. My point was that I have no problem with them reusing model with the likes of Zeb in the stable. I was well aware he is not in the vid. My best to Delilah.

  6. avatar moondoggy says:

    I thought someone would say more about Cameron, with whom I’m somewhat unfamiliar. Is this just bad photography, or does he have a complexion problem here? (Well, it’s not either/or — photography here is poor either way.)

    • avatar the last dodo says:

      Yeah, not the best cover shot they could’ve picked.

    • avatar darkthunder1983 says:

      He does. That’s why I find it interesting that people were on Duncan and other models with bad skin condition and I can vividly see Cameron’s. Doesn’t mean I won’t stop liking him.

    • avatar jazz says:

      If Duncan had an ass like Cameron’s then he’d have gotten a pass too.

  7. avatar the last dodo says:

    I’m meh on these two guys, and the girl is inconsequential, as always.

  8. avatar pubert says:

    Looks like Cameron needs some Proactive. He has the acne of a 15 year old.

  9. avatar Cubankid says:

    I love Cameron and his ass but he really needs to get control of his acne scars. Cain is hot as usual, Not really feeling Courtney for me she’s more of a distraction.

  10. avatar EveArden says:

    Love the picture you are using!

  11. avatar Daniel says:

    Stupid Courtney.

  12. avatar Sushi says:

    Cain is delish, and Cameron is always fantastic when he’s getting fucked. It looks like some good positions here, unlike the last time he was fucked. It also looks like Cain didn’t hold back. Most of the time Cam does all that “oohing and aahhing” shit, and I think the top takes it easy on him. Travis fucked him hard, but that was ages ago. I hope Cain doesn’t hold back here either. Definitely watching tonight.

  13. avatar JOHN says:

    watch out for cockyboys: gabriel and anthony

  14. avatar Patrol says:

    I am a fiend for creampies. Since Cameron and Courtney are lying next to each other, I wish Cain would creampie Cameron, then pulls out and puts his cock in Courtney, then puts his cock in Cameron again. Too much for ACS?

  15. avatar Skater22 says:

    Cameron will always be my favorite veteran of this site….what id do to f*ck around with him…im sure he’d like to mess around with another college guy like mwah ;)

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