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YouLoveJack: Damien Day & Jack Symon (In Your Face!)

 Damien Day & Jack Symon (In Your Face!) at You Love Jack

 Damien Day & Jack Symon (In Your Face!) at You Love Jack

 Damien Day & Jack Symon (In Your Face!) at You Love Jack

 Damien Day & Jack Symon (In Your Face!) at You Love Jack

Watch Damien Day & Jack Symon (In Your Face!) at

As soon Jack saw Damien he knew he had to get on that knob! Turns out Damien felt the same way and the chemistry between these two horny cock suckers will leave you breathless! Jack pulls Damien’s cock out of his pants and slobbers all over the head before pulling off his own pants. Damien takes control of the scene and teases Jack with a cocky grin on his face… Slapping his face with his cock before making Jack beg to suck his big curvy tool. He plants his balls in Jack’s mouth and squirts a huge load of cum all over his face then bends over and licks it all up before laying back and waiting for his own reward. Jack returns the favor with a big gloopy mess of cum all over Damien’s face. Damien looks up at his new buddy with carnal lust as Jack leans over and eats his own load off of his lips. The two horny young men kiss deeply with the taste of their combined loads lingering on their horny tongues!

Watch Damien Day & Jack Symon (In Your Face!) at

22 Responses to YouLoveJack: Damien Day & Jack Symon (In Your Face!)

  1. avatar moondoggy says:

    I approve of this 100 percent. These guys aren’t even my type, but they are THEIR (YLJ’s) type, and it’s awesome as usual for the standard they set.

  2. avatar Bradster says:

    The one with the glasses is pretty cute.

    • avatar darkthunder1983 says:

      Indeed he is. More guys should wear glasses during porn. The only ones that really grabbed me were Michal Tyser from William Higgins, Aaron from Cobra Videos and Julian (the Latino one) from Corbin Fisher.

  3. avatar Cubankid says:

    I don’t why but I find the guy with the grey shirt on pretty cute.

  4. avatar Southbay says:

    I’ll take Damien. I guess he’s the one with the glasses. He’s really cute l

  5. avatar bob80 says:

    Why do YLJ models always keep their shirts on?

    • avatar Daniel says:

      Because they’ve got nothing else to offer besides the cock.

    • avatar Orion Hunter says:

      I always thought that it was to offer contrast (usually the tees are black or some other dark color; this probably makes the jizz film better, both as a background for the spooge as it flies through the air and later as a backdrop as the camera lovingly lingers over the cum-splashed results).

      Doods look good together.

    • avatar humanoid says:

      yep dark shirts highlights better cum shots.

  6. avatar adidas28 says:

    That kid should have kept his glasses on. He’s crazy sexy with those specs.

  7. avatar maryon0229 says:

    I wanna see the guy with the eyeglasses get screwed still with his eyeglasses on! CUTE!

  8. avatar DaveAtom says:

    SO HOT! I like very much the geeky-hipster look of these guys -and YLJ overall- cause they’re nice, kinda cute, with great dicks… Perfect (in their style)

  9. avatar dio says:

    ugh, BJ’s with their tops on, really?

  10. avatar von schlomo says:

    I like this for all the reasons given plus the happy trails and the hairy legs, yummy!

  11. avatar humanoid says:

    Damien is hottttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. avatar Ike says:

    I think I just turned straight.

  13. avatar EdgarHoover says:

    These guys are freaking hot!!!!

  14. avatar johnsobe says:

    Not the best looking, but the sex they are having looks really hot and is a turn on. They are really into eachother. It’s nice to see. You can just feel it.

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