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YouLoveJack: James Edwards (Blond, Straight and Hung)

James Edwards (Blond, Straight and Hung) at You Love Jack

James Edwards strips naked and shows off his perfect 9 inch uncut cock and balls. He takes his time and teases the camera with his horny manhood as he concentrates on his own pleasure. Expertly stroking the shaft and massaging his balls as his dick twitches and quivers against his smooth belly. He pulls up his legs to expose his straight asshole before working a finger up in there.

YouLoveJack: Lukas Jensen (Now That’s A Twink)

Lukas Jensen (Now That's A Twink) at You Love Jack

Lukas Jensen paws at his boner through the thick fabric of his blue jeans. Looking into the camera with those sultry and determined brown eyes. He unzips his pants and slips his perfect uncut cock out of his underwear to show off his throbbing manhood.

YouLoveJack: Ian T (You Can Beat The Heat!)

Ian T (You Can Beat The Heat) at You Love Jack

Ian unzips his blue jeans and whips out his enormous 9 inch cock and shows it off for the camera. Slowly working his hand along the thick shaft as he works a slippery finger in and out of his tight little asshole. He fucks himself slow and easy then sits up and shoots a thick load of twink cum all over the living room floor. Grinning at the camera as the cum drips off his dick head and slides down his long fingers. Delicious!

YouLoveJack: Ash Logan (The Bare Necessities)

Ash Logan (The Bare Necessities) at You Love Jack

Ash Logan gropes at his rock hard cock inside his pants before stripping down and showing off his rigid member. Holding it up for the camera’s inspection as he slowly strokes the shaft and sends shivers through his body. He pulls his legs up and fucks himself with two fingers before reaching for a dildo and cramming that up inside his asshole.

YouLoveJack: Ariel Varga (The Perfect Twink)

Ariel Varga (The Perfect Twink) at You Love Jack

Ariel Varga strokes his long uncut cock through the thick fabric of his blue jeans, coaxing his pecker to attention to life before stripping down and relaxing on the bed for some well deserved alone time.

YouLoveJack: Billy Clark (His First Facial)

Billy Clark (His First Facial) at You Love Jack

Billy Clark wears a scruffy little beard becuase he’s tired of people saying he looks young. This 21 year old straight dude definitely has a baby face but there’s nothing half grown about that cock. Just look at that thing!

YouLoveJack: Charles Durand (Uncut French Dude!)

Charles Durand (Uncut French Dude!) at You Love Jack

Take Charles Durand, an uncut French dude and strip him bare naked and you got the start of something. Make him straight and get him to play with his virgin asshole on camera? Ooh la la!

YouLoveJack: Nathan Green (Under His Spell)

Nathan Green (Under His Spell) at You Love Jack

One look into Nathan Green’s dark brown eyes and he has you under his spell. Throw in his furry muscular legs and perfect uncut cock and this “boy next door” type will have you on your knees!

YouLoveJack: Max Dawson (The Straight Twink)

Max Dawson (The Straight Twink) at You Love Jack

Max Dawson grabs a seat in our famous orange chair and starts pawing at his pants. His rock hard uncut cock is pushing at the thick fabric of his blue jeans and begging to be free so he reaches in and grabs a satisfying handful of his own throbbing desire.

YouLoveJack: Robin Ford (Uncut and Hung!)

Robin Ford (Uncut and Hung!) at You Love Jack

What’s with all the straight guys showing up with huge uncut cocks? Now, I’m not going to complain… especially when that cock is attached to someone as cute as Robin Ford!

YouLoveJack: Shawn Beliveau (The Single Life)

Shawn Beliveau (The Single Life) at You Love Jack

This punky little French Canadian twink opens the snap of his bright red jeans and pulls his throbbing uncut cock out of his boxers. Holding it up as he looks deep into the camera with his deep blue eyes.

YouLoveJack: Enzo Mark (Hot Italian Cock)

Enzo Mark (Hot Italian Cock) at You Love Jack

Our favorite “straight” Italian construction worker is back and his fit and lean body and massive 8 inch uncut cock have never looked better! He admits to being more bisexual than straight these days but, “Just don’t tell my girlfriend.”

YouLoveJack: Josh Preston (Let’s Dance)

Josh Preston (Let's Dance) at You Love Jack

Josh Preston is a hip-hop dancer looking for his big break. “Dancing is everything for me. The only time I feel I’m in control of my life is when I’m on stage peforming.” Cue music!

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YouLoveJack: Arnaud Laurent (Au Naturel!)

Arnaud Laurent (Au Naturel!) at You Love Jack

Arnaud is back for his second YouLoveJack video and he’s got a whole new look! This hot little French Canadian dude looks amazing with his scruffy beard and naturally furry chest and abs!

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YouLoveJack: Jackson Price (Work It Out)

Jackson Price (Work It Out) at You Love Jack

Jackson Price is the most popular model ever to appear on YouLoveJack and this once nerdy twink has blossomed into a muscular slab of man meat with a perfect uncuut cock! Is it me or is he starting to look like Eric from True Blood?

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YouLoveJack: Danny Milk (Keep It Coming!)

Danny Milk (Keep It Coming!) at You Love Jack

Danny Milk pushes his jeans down around his knees and pulls out his rock hard 7.5 inch cock. Curving gracefully down the length of its thick shaft and topped with a perfectly proportioned head.

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YouLoveJack: Joey Lafontaine (Fill Me Up!)

Joey Lafontaine (Fill Me Up!) at You Love Jack

From his sultry brown eyes to his close cropped hair and perfectly smooth body and fat uncut cock… Joey Lafontaine is a vision of perfection…

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YouLoveJack: Jay Jonas (So Damn Cute)

Jay Jonas (So Damn Cute) at You Love Jack

Blonde hair and blue eyes? Check. Honking big cock and hungry asshole? Check. 21 years old and horny as fuck? Oh ya. Now that’s my kinda twink!

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YouLoveJack: Vinnie Mark (Dominant Straight Dude!)

Mike Rivers (Dirty Little Twink Returns!) at You Love Jack

Straight or not – Vinnie is one sexy mother fucker! His rock hard uncut cock is poking at his pants and begging to be free so he pulls it out and shows off all 8 beautiful inches

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