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BelAmiOnline: Robin Michaux (Solo)

Robin Michaux (Solo) at

Robin Michaux (Solo) at

Robin Michaux (Solo) at

Robin Michaux (Solo) at

Robin Michaux (Solo) at

Watch Robin Michaux at BelAmiOnline

Some time ago we gave you the first Photoset with Robin Michaux which you liked so much that we decided to shoot a new photoset and series of sex scenes with him. Today and Wednesday you will see the 2nd Photoshoot, unfortunately, because of his sports, he still keeps his hair fairly short. You will see him in his first action scene next month.

Watch Robin Michaux at BelAmiOnline

60 Responses to BelAmiOnline: Robin Michaux (Solo)

  1. avatar CA says:

    Well, isn’t he a little hottie!

    • avatar carey579 says:

      GORGEOUS! Like ALL Bel Ami boys…BUT too bad he’s going to be wasted in the snoozefest scenes this studio produces, I would even love to see him being fucked by Jake Cruise than the same old angelic bedroom scenes

    • avatar Neobamboom says:

      It’s guys like him that make me feel like shit.
      He’s perfection.
      What a dream.

    • avatar DaveAtom says:

      @Neobamboom.. hahahahaha… that works for me too lol
      Indeed, this guy is perfection

    • avatar marcus carls says:

      Neo, we already knew you feel like shit because you *spew* so much shit any time a model that isn’t a blond Aryan shows up. It serves you right that you don’t measure up to your own impossible standard.

    • avatar Peach says:

      I feel like shit too. I’m severely pressed by his looks. So jealous.

  2. avatar Cubankid says:

    Yes he is hot!!!! Pair him up with Mick asap.

    • avatar Loa says:

      Mick has a professional career now.. He said he won’t ditch gay porn right away though but less scenes i think?

    • avatar Cubankid says:

      What is his professional carrer?? And I hope not I love him, Kris Evans and him are the only reason why I like this site.

    • avatar Southbay says:

      @Cubankid I think he’s pro career is modeling with clothes on. Probably print

    • avatar swim400 says:

      so into Kris and Mick and now Robin. Beautiful BA guys.

    • avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

      Based on looks, I’d take this guy over Mick any day. I’d also take Kris over Mick any day. Wish those were actually decisions I had to make…

    • avatar Peach says:

      +1 Jonny

      Mick is purty but a bit too girly sometimes. This lad is perfect and gorgeous, I’m drooling right now.

    • avatar dio says:

      between Mick and Robin, I can’t choose! But, I’ll say this guy’s body makes Mick’s look prepubescent by comparison, and he’s got enough ass to break Mick off a piece and still leave plenty for himself! Kris… has never done it for me, facially – it’s all about dat body he’s got going on.

    • avatar souse says:

      Mick´s eyes make him win any competition

      At least for me cause i love mean eyes

  3. avatar Southbay says:

    Wow just perfect!

  4. avatar FeydRautha says:

    Oops! I thought I’d clicked on that Fratmen update… same pose, you see.

    Geez, gay porn is so cookie-cutter boring these days…

  5. avatar Sushi says:

    God he is gorgeous! Just about oerfect for me. Top, bottom—who cares. Just bring him back for action.

  6. avatar dio says:

    and we gotta wait a damn month to see him in action? Ugh.

    • avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

      Calm down! “Next month” could be March 1st, three days from now! Granted, it could be March 28, but I bet we’ll see this prime hottie in action within two weeks.

    • avatar dio says:

      i hope so, but we ALL know how that fucker Duroy likes to sit on his stuff and tease and tease to ‘build anticipation’… Anyway, hopefully you are right, and he’s paired with someone that’s happening, so to speak.

      gosh, I wish John Wahlberg had stuck around. CF should try and headhunt him. He could single-handedly save CF. LOL.

    • avatar CA says:

      “CF should try and headhunt him. He could single-handedly save CF.”

      @dio: I totally thought the same thing! They could pay to fly this dude out for the price of cutting two or three of the duds they have on payroll and it would be worth it for them…better yet, it would be worth it to fly out a production crew and a few guys for him to fuck with wherever he is.

    • avatar dio says:

      @CA, YAAAAS! Make it so.

    • avatar dio says:

      isn’t Lukas Ridgeston supposed to be coming out of retirement this year? Wouldn’t it be fucking grand if Robin was paired with Lukas Ridgeston?! @_@

  7. avatar jasoncrew01 says:




  8. avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

    “Gorgeous” indeed! And with a sublime ass! And SC/SF expect us to watch models like Ryan and Brayden when there are specimens like this out there?

  9. avatar samson says:

    Fucking incredible!

    • avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

      It was amazingly pleasant to read that he’ll be in action stuff, when I was expecting to see the usual “this is a model we had one session with a year ago, and now he’s gone.”

  10. avatar dio says:

    has everyone seen SC’s latest Justin Bruening + Ricky Martin masterpiece? Dood is totally gorgeous, and built like whoa! I seriously cannot wait for him to return and fuck Brent, Ryan, or Dan… Fucking ugh.

  11. avatar CP3PO says:

    ….dat ass. :O

  12. avatar Peach says:


  13. avatar the last dodo says:

    Is that a perfect treasure trail or what…!!!

  14. avatar DaveAtom says:

    Well, you guys wrote all that can be said about this guy… IS FUCKING GORGEOUS!!! Damn, a dreamy, handsome, cute guy. He makes me remember the good old-school-belami days from long ago :D

  15. avatar SuperDuper says:


  16. avatar Peach says:

    I wanna see him with Ariel Venean, Kris Evans, Dolph & Roger, bloody hell I want him to be paired with everyone!! I hope he stays in porn for a long long time.

  17. avatar von schlomo says:

    Wow, what happened to the razors? No one told this kid about the razors? Pit hair on a BA model? I just can’t….

  18. avatar marcus carls says:

    After seeing Robin mentioned on the SC Carlos page, I thought I’d hop over and see what the fuss was about. He’s got a gorgeous face and ass, no doubt. For my taste, I could use some more muscle (specifically, I like bigger pecs). For me, he’s not “perfection.” But on waybig, being white is an automatic plus ten… hence all the swooning and the willingness to forgive imperfections (like, oh, SC’s Brandon’s small penis.)

    It all translates into the Abercrombie Wish™ (pitched in the voice of Elmyra from Tiny Toons): Yes, I could have my very own hot straight white jock to take home and love him and kiss him and pet him and squeeze him forever and ever and ever and EVER.

    You will note that the prime offender in this category (Neobamboom) “hates himself” because he doesn’t look like this guy. Well, if that’s the payoff of worshipping at this altar, I’m converting to a new religion. I mean, enjoy the white muscle boys, sure–but if it makes you hate every other flavor (including yourself)…..

    • avatar marcus carls says:

      Sorry, “hates himself” was not a direct quote but a paraphrase of Neobamboom’s “guys like him… make me feel like shit.”

    • avatar dio says:

      you sure typed a lot of text just to say you don’t like him. You are PAINFULLY over-thinking. x-D

    • avatar DaveAtom says:

      @marcus… Sadly or not, in every place of the world, there are an “universal/local” beauty concept… greeks, egyptians, mayans, incan, chinese, they had a pattern to admire (even by time, renaissance, neo classical, etc). We live in the western part of this planet, so preferring or have a biased taste towards “western beauty pattern” is within our education, or formation.
      And luckily every person has different tastes… for me one thing could be extreme gorgeous and for you is nothing.
      So lets enjoy porn, simply as that :D Sometimes you will get your top guy, sometimes not. And get fun with the blog, I’ve laughed with so many comments, even when they’ve “attacked” the model I liked ;)

    • avatar marcus carls says:

      dio, surely, YOU, my friend are not talking about someone typing too much on WB or devoting too much time to thinking about this blog. That’s hilarious!

    • avatar dio says:

      @marcus carls, err… no. That’s not what I meant. I meant what I said. You used a LOT of text to, basically, say you don’t like the guy and you don’t get why everyone else does… or rather, you do, and went into this whole bit about WB being innately prejudiced. Used Abercrombie & Fitch as (if finding those guys attractive makes us part of some ‘problem’… LOL) some sort of talking point wrt. society’s – and by extension those of us that find Robin ‘gorgeous’ – picture of what the ideal ‘heartthrob’ is in all of it’s wrongheaded glory. In other words: a mess.

    • avatar marcus carls says:

      dio, i thought you might get the irony of being misrepresented, but you didn’t. yes, my words, in your translation are a mess. but, that’s fine. some people will get something from my post, and it was for them.

      anyway, you can take it from here, because i’d never win a flame-throwing war with you. so carry on with your patrol, sheriff.

    • avatar dio says:

      “dio, i thought you might get the irony of being misrepresented, but you didn’t.”

      LMAO, so much bullshit. I can’t.

  19. avatar jag2power says:

    I’m in yum heaven with this one. Bend over let me stick something in it.

  20. avatar bob80 says:

    He is perfect. I hope he bottoms!

  21. avatar Doblevay says:

    Sorry to be the odd-man out on this, but I don’t see what the fuss is at all with this guy. By porn standards, all I see is an above average ass and twink body, an average, skinny cock, and a below average face! I wouldn’t call him ugly, just very (EXTREMELY) plain. Maybe it’s because I don’t like twinks in my porn or the men I see, but this one is a serious ‘yuck’ for me!

    • avatar marcus carls says:

      Wouldn’t go all the way to yuck, but the man of my dreams has a bigger cock, uncurved (not “straight” LOL).

  22. avatar Daniel says:

    I’m not seeing what the big deal is. Dude is attractive no doubt but I’m not feeling all the admiration that’s being heaped on him.

  23. avatar asianhunk_69 says:

    Bel Ami has the best boys! Unfortunately, they also have the most number of uncut boys in the biz.

  24. avatar allico says:

    I hope he’s gay .

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