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SeanCody: Bran & Miles

Bran & Miles at SeanCody

Bran & Miles at SeanCody

Bran & Miles at SeanCody

Bran & Miles at SeanCody

Bran & Miles at SeanCody

Bran & Miles at SeanCody

Mountain of muscle Bran is back to get a nice, wet blowjob from eager Miles!

Watch Bran & Miles at

109 Responses to SeanCody: Bran & Miles

  1. avatar DaddyYankee says:

    Wasted update

  2. avatar DaveAtom says:

    Two guys I don’t really care about.
    And a blowjob scene? Is that all?
    When the “Willis+Pavel” update is going to happen?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. avatar gaycockluvr says:

    Yeah, this is a definite NO. There is nothing that I like about Bran at all. I thought that if I was nice on that BSB update, I would get a nice SC video (possibly a Glenn return)….I was wrong.

    • avatar dio says:

      ‘I thought that if I was nice on that BSB update, I would get a nice SC video (possibly a Glenn return)….I was wrong.’

      LMAO, I love that.

    • avatar CP3PO says:

      At least you didn’t get all kinds of shit on your birthday. Haha.

    • avatar Beetlejuice says:

      In what screwed up world is Bran the problem with this update? Painfully generic Miles must be one of THE most forgetable models at SC.

    • avatar gaycockluvr says:

      I got Brandon/Pete for my bday! I don’t think Bran’s hot and he just reminds me of some old bodybuilder…kinda like Zeb Atlas. I don’t like his face or body. Also, that type of tattoo that Bran has looks good on The Rock, not some low rent SC performer. These days, I feel like “low rent” and “SC performer” is redundant.

  4. avatar SuperDuper says:

    Woot woot! Orallllll!!! -_- I remember Chase getting an oral. Where the hell is he??

    • avatar dio says:

      gone, hopefully. SC’s full-up on unattractive guys as it is.

    • avatar SuperDuper says:

      LOL I like Chase though. :P Should we start name calling since we’re at a disagreement here? XD LOL!

    • avatar exxs says:

      I’m sorry, but Chase wasn’t unnatractive! That guy was very hot!

      Hopefully he’ll come back someday, I mean, he’s on the frontpage and all.

      An update with him and Joel would be very hot (for me at least!).

    • avatar dio says:

      i’m sorry. He’s just not up to my mythic high standards. u_u

    • avatar SuperDuper says:

      Well! Knock your mythic high standards down to my mythic high standards then. :P

    • avatar swim400 says:

      Coleman is on the front page also and he is no where to be found.

  5. avatar Jay says:

    Looks like Miles got a taste of Brans big muffin.


  6. avatar jasoncrew01 says:

    Bran’s hole has definitely seen a dick or two.

  7. avatar dio says:

    hmm, so now the givers are naked as well? That’s an interesting change of pace… Tho, I was never a big fan of this pace to begin with. :-P

    welp, a guy I’ve no interest in + a guy I’ve no interest in + a sex act I’ve very little interest does not = WIN!

    fucking garbage pail fail. I’mma bail. -_-

    • avatar kana_sai says:

      same here.

    • avatar jinger says:

      Yeah well it’s not surprising Miles was allowed to let his monster out, you can’t make a video and hide a thing like that from the viewers, it would be outrageous.

  8. avatar muffintop says:

    Mmmm, Bran. Let’s see more!

  9. avatar jazz says:

    I hate oral only vids ESPECIALLY on SC! I for one am glad Miles is still around. I know many don’t care for him but there’s something about him that I like. Plus I think he looks cute with his new haircut.

  10. avatar kana_sai says:

    1. who the fuck is bran
    2. I fucking hate blowjob vids. Pointless shit can’t get me off.
    3. If it was adrian instead of bran i wouldn’t be as pissed.
    4. SC ruined my week. Thank goodness for CM with 2 great updates.
    5. Thursday’s update better be worth the 8-day wait!

    • avatar m8991 says:

      Only Hudson can save Thursday now.

    • avatar kana_sai says:

      Erm. No. Not hudson. If he appears i’m done.

    • avatar SuperDuper says:

      LOL I don’t think Hudson’s required to save Thursday. I mean there are many other things that SC could do that could save it. Have an actual fuckfest with actual hot guys like Brandon, Calvin, Ashton, Glenn, and such. Or, he could have our friend Abe bottom. <3

    • avatar dio says:

      @m8991, the only thing SC’s Hudson can save this Thursday is either Kree or Candice by getting the vote out, because even if Marshall returns to fuck him this Thursday he (Hudson) will be dampening the partay. Real talk.

    • avatar VegasRich says:

      @M8891 I’m with you. Please, please bring back Hudson on Thursday. In face surprise us and bring him back Tuesday. I can’t wait.

    • avatar Beetlejuice says:

      @kana_sai –

      “Erm. No. Not hudson. If he appears i’m done.”

      If you don’t like Hudson, you’re already done.

    • avatar kana_sai says:

      oh i’m sorry, but different people have different tastes! get over it.

    • avatar jinger says:

      Yeah Hudson is hot, I’d be happy to see him return, god knows we need new men. Although if Miles came back instead I’d be happy too, maybe he can be the one to fuck Hudson.

    • avatar Neobamboom says:

      now you know how I feel about all those shitty jess updates. Wasted updates.

    • avatar swim400 says:

      I want the Hudson from CF to return and Vaughn (Solomon SC).

  11. avatar Cubankid says:

    This is so Unfortunate, I was looking forward to a hot update, and all they gave me was this crap.

  12. avatar jag2power says:

    He should’ve swallowed Bran’s cum then I would’ve been on board. Always supin.

  13. avatar whalewasker says:

    oh my ….. what a waste

    bran guy not good enough …… maybe i hope too much for seancody


  14. avatar VegasRich says:

    Yes the muffin guy is back! While I’m not happy over an oral only video, I’m so glad to see Bran return. Hopefully he keep returning and fill the bubble-butt muscle void left by Brodie.

  15. avatar DaddyYankee says:

    Sean Cody should release blowjobs updates instead of solos videos as Corbin Fisher does

    • avatar jimzy says:

      Blow job updates appeal to me with both guys naked…but somebody has to swallow or it’s a no-go for getting off and at best, boring. DaddyY, I agree blowjobs in the place of solos, at least in rotation would be better than the same ol same ol.

  16. avatar PornJunkie says:

    At least it seems that it got some rimming action, I’m weird but generally that (along with some good kissing) is the highlight of a video for me.

  17. avatar bestpnoyever says:

    goodthing there’s rimming😝

  18. avatar Arglebargle says:

    Oh, me too.

  19. avatar jinger says:

    Glad to see these two return, but Bran didn’t deserve an oral sex scene.

  20. avatar topher says:

    The way that muffin was marketed in his solo was an immediate turn off: Bran is a big, beefy boy! He’s 28 years old and he has a girlfriend. His over doing it when talking about his manly sports got annoying. Hmm, his having a girlfriend and being 28 should give all of us wood? He’s just a semi-attractive guy, near 30, who got the muscles and awful tattoo to make up for his small dick. He should keep his mouth shut, and bend over and get fucked. Anything other than that is a waste of time.

    • avatar jazz says:

      Well damn! LMAO

    • avatar jinger says:

      lol, nice

    • avatar Beetlejuice says:

      Oh dear, another bitter queen who doesn’t think they’ll ever hit 30.

    • avatar topher says:

      @beetlejuice, I guess that maybe there was room to mistake my point. I never meant for anyone to think that I have any problem with guys over 30. Personally, though I can appreciate twinks and guys in their young twenties, I’ve always been attracted to guys 30+, some in their 60s. I am not bitter, and know that I will age. The thing is, that I’m into guys who are older than I am, so no prob. The rest of what I wrote is how I see it. Watch his annoying, I AM A MANLY MAN solo. During the first few minutes you’ll want to tape his mouth shut. Have you eve seen porn where a guy with his dick size tries to top? It gets irritating watching the small dick popping out of the hole, while the bottom fakes being turned on: OOH, PUT IT BACK IN. Taking it, face down, while biting a pillow is his only future in gay porn.

    • avatar VegasRich says:

      I’m perfectly comfortable with the size of Bran’s dick and his ability to top. Topping is more attitude than anything and Bran seems to be quite capable of doing the job. It is a fallacy on your part to assume that everyone who watches porn requires a big dick to view. I for one am glad that dicks come in all shapes and sizes. I’ll take the Bran any way I can get him.

    • avatar jinger says:

      As far as I’m concerned, an above average cock is pretty much required to do porn. Doesn’t have to be huge, doesn’t have to be big, but I don’t watch porn to see average men. Dick in itself is not that interesting, but I do like to see some nice ass getting rammed by a good dick.

    • avatar topher says:

      @jinger, you said it better than I did.

  21. avatar doʇǝsɹoɥǝuıu says:

    Joan Koplan (JK) & Christa Stephens (CS) respond to negative online reviews & comments about Small Town Security, Season 1:
    JK: “That’s so sick-ass!! Yeah, well fuck them!! Why would people watch the show–that don’t like it? When you don’t like something, you keep away from it!!”

    CS: “That’s the kind of shit that eats me.”

    JK: “I cannot… I cannot put up with stupidity like that.”

    JK: “I got a Speecy Spicy Meatball!! Speecy Spicy Meatball!!
    She’s got a Speecy Spicy Meatball!! Speecy Spicy Meatball!!
    Speecy Spicy Meatball!! Speecy Spicy Meatball!! Speecy Spicy Meatball!!
    A Speecy Spicy Meatball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    NineHorseTop (Me): Dayum!! This SHIT just got “WAY BIG” AND REAL all up in this BITCH!!!

  22. avatar adowhat says:

    Two loads, or at least one load wasted. What good is a bj If you dont take the load lol

  23. avatar CA says:

    I think Bran is hot. I’m hoping we see more of him in action. I just get a feeling that a Brandon on Bran video is already in he can.

  24. avatar gustav09 says:

    Bran is one big hot hunky guy! Hope he’s back a lot more…

  25. avatar porndog says:

    Well, have to say this was surprising. I thought Bran would jerk off, collect his pay & leave. Glad to see his big beefy self come back. Yes, it’s disappointing it’s an oral-only, but I’m hoping for more later. I find bjs supremely boring (always skip past it), but at least there’s rimming. I like Miles, but I was hoping someone would pop his cherry in his next scene. There’s always next time, I guess.

  26. avatar wompman says:

    Great, so after weeks of tepid duos with pincushion bottoms who’ve already been full of pricks, we get a damn blow job vid? The last guy who got plowed for the first time was Daniel, almost a month ago.

    Oral only garbage has to go.

  27. avatar tennvols says:

    I am glad for Bran…he seemed like he wanted to have some sort of relations with a guy beyond buddy-buddy straight when he did his solo. Maybe he is
    trying out his options….I am just glad to see someone that was on for a solo come back to this website and do some ‘fella stuff together and see what would happen. These guys that just do solo’s and leave should not even be on this site….Sean Cody has some nice stud’s in solo’s but if that is all they are going to do on this site, then don’t post them.

  28. avatar james08908 says:

    Seancody needs to take a step back and do it all over again…its losing its touch………….I miss good old Seancody videos

  29. avatar RooBee says:

    Very hot! I just don’t get you guys who complain about oral only updates. Sucking cock and being sucked is amazing. This stuff gets me off as much as fucking, if not more.

  30. avatar clusterfuck says:

    Wasted update blah blah crappy models blah blah.. but everyone will be back to comment on the next SC video anyways!

  31. avatar doʇǝsɹoɥǝuıu says:

    The audacity of Cody Media, Inc. to GIVE YOU A CHOICE of 1500+ videos for about $30. averages about 150 videos a year. And the majority on this site acts as if he OWES you something, or you’re obligated to watch something you dont like.

    If you want quality sex, get the fuck up, go outside, find a good hole and/or a good pole and have your way with them, over & over.
    You want variety?? Repeat the above with a different pole and/or hole.

    Where did this sense of entitlement come from?? Luckily, in my big city, I dont know anyone who throws a hissy fit over porn. Even the most fucked up person I know in this city, has the ability to watch something else, if he doesn’t like it.
    I haven’t heard about this outbreak of porn entitlement in other developed & modernized cities over here-hopefully it stays where ever you guys are.

    • avatar kana_sai says:

      We have the right to be disgruntled customers. Stay pressed.

    • avatar dio says:

      @NineHorseTop, just dance. It’s gonna be OK.

    • avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

      @doʇǝsɹoɥǝuıu Luckily, in my big city, I dont know anyone who throws a hissy fit over comments on a porn board. The interwebs are full of far, far, far, far, far more significant and dangerous written, verbal and visual evils. Try obsessing over some of those instead.

  32. avatar doʇǝsɹoɥǝuıu says:

    Where’s Jerry Springer?? The “Final Thought” seemed to calm the freaks, if only for a moment, until the next episode.


    “Not the Mama!”

  33. avatar sweetspot says:

    Since I really don’t like blow job updates, I wasn’t even going to bother watching this video until I glanced at the still photos … so I decided to give it a try. I’m glad that I did. “Straight” hunky Bran kisses and kisses again like he really means it, most unusual. When Miles was eating his ass, Bran was pushing it back in Mile’s face. And Miles (with that big, beautiful cock) who I’ve always liked, got out of his pants and came simultaneously with Bran. Can’t nobody tell me there hasn’t been a cock or two or three up that ass before and that Bran is “straight,” not even Bran himself. When he did his solo a couple of weeks ago, I thought, “gay face.” Forget about the jokes about his deep, male voice. What I did miss was any cum licking, eating, or snowballing. Hours later now, I’m more convinced than ever that Bran is gay, gay, gay and will be back with that beautiful ass of his as a very demanding bottom.

  34. avatar Daniel says:


  35. avatar Jonny Marzetti says:
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