Sean Cody: Bran

Bran at SeanCody

Bran at SeanCody

Bran at SeanCody

Bran at SeanCody

Bran at SeanCody

Bran at SeanCody

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Bran is a big, beefy boy! He’s 28 years old and he has a girlfriend.

“Bran is kind of an unusual name,” I said.

“Yeah,” he said. “It’s short for ‘Brandon’.” He had a very cute smile on his boyish face. “They called me that in high school and it’s stuck ever since!”

Watch Bran at

Sean Cody Banner 3
  • dio

    i’mma pass on this one.

    • Neobamboom

      Fine more for me. Stick to the twiggy jess. this guy is hot (aside from that moronic ankle tattoo)

    • dio

      ‘Stick to the twiggy jess’

      i think you have the wrong WBer… x-D

    • Beetlejuice

      Yes, when will your dear, monosyllabic, knuckleheaded Glenn be back?

      As for the rest of you, SC can’t win. You bitch about the twinks, and when you get a lump of muscle…you carry on bitching.

    • Beetlejuice


      That’s Jazz, the one who’s lamenting Tommy below. She gets wet for white, pot-smoking trailer trash. But each to their own.

    • dio

      @Beetlejuice, peeps generally ‘bitch’ about the quality of twinky guys SC casts, likewise they want high grade beef (Brandon, Marshall, etc), not the cheap stuff (Bran, Christian, Pavel, so forth). ;-P

    • swim400

      I’m stickin with Jess. Although Bran should meet Charlie.

    • carey579

      @ I agree dio

      Face = Looks too old :C
      Body = Okay
      Tattoo = Turnoff :C

    • jazz

      @Beetlejuice – GIRL BYE!

    • darkthunder1983


      I think Jazz is a dude. Torrie’s the chick.

    • There was another girl who used to post on SC updates other than †orrie right?

  • gaycockluvr

    He kinda reminds me of a tall Paddy Obrien.

    • marcus carls


    • DaveAtom

      Not at all =/

    • carey579


    • NO!

  • jazz

    Well that’s a big hunk of man but still kinda blah to me. Where the hell is Tommy?

    • Beetlejuice

      Tommy is in probably in Georgia with six kids and a bottle of his treasured Grey Goose.

  • porndog

    Bran is attractive, beautiful big body, lots of muscles on a tall frame. He also has a sexy deep voice. Overall, I think his pics are better than the video because they have a nice filter which gives him more color. But let’s be honest. This is a filler solo; I highly doubt we’ll see this one again. Next!

    • swim400

      u r so right, just filler.

    • swim400

      and i really do not want 2 see him again. he belongs on the CM website not SC.

  • samson

    Perfection ruined by two ugly tattoos.

    • moondoggy

      If only Mystique could hide her blue scales.

    • VegasRich

      So true @Samson. But I guess these tattoos are what we have to put up with for a while until the trend dies out. I mean imagine if ’80s hair was permanent!

    • swim400

      That ink is way overdone. Like I said, let him top Charlie.

  • darkthunder1983

    Nice-looking guy but I’ve never known anyone named Bran.

    • 007james

      I haven’t heard of anyone called Bran before either…until recently. There is a main character on ‘Game of Thrones’ called Bran….maybe Sean Cody will be grabbing model names from those characters now? If you see a future model named ‘Theon’ that will prove it. lol

  • Cubankid

    He wasn’t that hot to begin with and the tattoos just makes it even worse.

  • Info

    I heard he was supposed to come back for a duo but he flaked.

    • endeeeff

      Oh, I see what you did there. +1

    • Jonny Marzetti

      I knew someone would be raisin that issue.

    • dio

      too bad, I wanted him to seed and top stud muffins.

  • shutup

    Jesus dio is there anyone you won’t pass on.

    • SuperDuper

      LOL You guys on look to him when he doesn’t like a guy. Tis quite funny actually. :P

    • dio

      @shutup, let’s not pretend you weren’t planted in front of your computer screen reading all about my admiration for Glenn a few short weeks go… Really.

      @SuperDuper, rite?

    • SuperDuper


      Indeed. The good gets tuned out apparently. LOL

  • VegasRich

    This is one hot muffin… (sorry I couldn’t resist). No we probably won’t see him again but he is cute as hell. I like em beefy.

    • jinger

      Me too :P With those eyebrows I kinda buy into his supposed heterosexuality, but maybe he’s bi so there’s still hope to see him do more stuff.

    • swim400

      a hot or bran muffin. he is beeefy and has a girlfriend or so he says. that ink is just so out there.

  • SuperDuper

    His dick looks so miniature. LOL And he’s okay but I don’t care to see him return.

    • jinger

      Now that you mention it, yeah, doesn’t seem fit for porn, does it?

    • Mike


  • kana_sai


    • cameronhawks119

      I feel as if we buy SC’s lottery. And there seem more blank tickets than winning tickets in the SC lottery. So to become subscriber of SC is equivalent to gamble, i think…

    • where’s the no gamble sights? there aren’t any

  • DaveAtom

    Not impressed. Not a total bad guy, but is not enough for SC standards

    • Beetlejuice

      “SC standards”.

      This was a joke, right? A gag?

  • Loa

    Beefy guy. Hopefully he bottoms.

  • Fazz

    Not bad!

  • Jonny Marzetti

    Bran done gets fucked! No, I don’t want to see what that says, I want to see what it sounds like. I’ve wanted to see what it sounds like since sometime in 2011.

    • CA

      I did get the impression they were setting us up for a Brandon vs. Bran(don) match up…I’d be into him fucking Brandon.

    • swim400

      no way Brandon desreves much better than this str8 muffin.

  • CA

    I think hes hot. Totally my type…minus the rediculous tats.

    • swim400

      hopefully this phase of tats will pass.

    • VegasRich

      As much as I hate tats I have to admit that it oddly pops out that left nipple and makes my mouth water to suck on it.

  • muffintop

    Yummy muscle stud with nice cock. Nice dusting of body hair, too. Don’t get the impression he’ll be back, though.

  • jinger

    Nice body, nice tat, he’d probably make a nice top.

  • Daniel

    So beefy. Nice.

    • elmtree

      Nice…very nice!

  • Sushi

    Another cute guy with a great body that we’ll probably never see again so they can bring back some also-ran from 3 years ago that no one remembers. :(

    • jinger

      Who knows, maybe we will see him again.

    • Sushi

      I certainly hope so….but the track record has been shitty latety

    • samson

      @Sushi, what if the guy is really straight and wouldn’t actually do anything with a guy? What if he’s just doing this solo for the money? Is that impossible?

    • Sushi

      No, it’s completely possible. But we’ve been getting way too many straight guys who won’t come back then lately.

    • samson

      Sean Cody releases 7 videos every two weeks. He alternates between solos and couples/three ways. This means he has to find 90 guys willing to be videotaped jacking off. Only 30 out of the last 90 shot another video, whether he was getting sucked off or actually fucking or getting fucked by another guy. That means that 60 of these guys were straight. I gotta tell ya, Sean Cody has a tough job finding guys into gay sex.

    • Sushi

      I think it got A LOT tougher once he went to the “no condoms” sex. I really think that’s why so many old models are returning. If they had sex before without a condom, I’m sure it doesn’t take too much convincing to go bare. If they’ve NEVER had male/male sex, that’s just another hurdle to overcome. I personally don’t really give a shit whether is skin to skin or not. I’d rather see a hot selection of DIFFERENT guys going at it.

    • @samsom: I won’t take the time to watch this solo…too spoiled from the last two pairings. The observations/comments are made with regard how hard it is to find the right guys, I’m sympathetic to that POV, and continue to watch SC (pretty much) exclusively. the file sharing and free sights are probably drawing paying customers away. oh well…likely something will turn it around.

    • and i still think the condom issue should be if you will do it bareback that’s fine, if you’ll do it with condoms thats fine…pick a partner and have sex/make love and if it’s good for you, finish with a load in yours or his mouth or both.

    • litper

      samson, some of those solo-only guys were openly gay, even despite SC’s obsession with straight straight straight, still only few returned. I think SC should cut on the solos, it’s just a waste of money.

    • samson

      As I mentioned before, there are a lot more SC fans than everyone posting here. It’s been about over year since SC went bareback. I don’t see it going back. And plenty of the guys having sex here are hot. Some people are just being way too picky.

    • agree for sure…way too picky!

  • irishdave

    very hot guy…hate the tattoo’s but would love to see him get fucked hard.

  • ic1male

    Tattoos I like but I detest trimmed/shaved pubes. I wish that fad would end pronto.

    • swim400

      both of thoses fads need 2 end.

    • swim400…i wish i could support the no tats thing…Bran’s is a bit much, makes him look like a reptile…and i wouldn’t do it to myself, but for me it’s about the heat that is created between two guys, tats or no tats, cut, uncut, condom no condom, straight or gay. i support the friendly good looking guys who want to have fun and i know SC knows how to get it right in post production.

  • jag2power

    Not really into tats, but I’ll admit that is an awesome one. His ass appears to have no clevage, LOL! If you know what I mean.

  • tennvols

    We have the Scottish-Highland games in our area and western North Carolina. Wonder if he is possibly a NC Tarheel, Appalachian State Mountaineer or possibly a Virginia Tech Hokie? His dick size is no quelm from me…he is a ‘fella that keeps himself looking studly. He just may be back for an oral fixation. His tat’s are Hawaiian tribal …. not sure from the Oahu area or more Guam oriented.

  • Scottoh23

    Bran is pretty hot and though the tattoos are different I don’t dislike them. He sounds much older then 28. Alas he will be back in a flip-flop vid.

  • Um, no thanks.

    • I don’t fancy him either.

  • litper

    How big is his “girlfriend’s” dick?

  • Orion Hunter

    Bran – ha!! More like Bra[w]n!

    Funny how he looks better in the staged shots than in the caps. But either way, I’m not really “all in” with dood. Maybe when (or morely likely, *if*) he’s paired with someone, my opinion will change.

    Until then, I’ll reserve judgment.

  • Probed

    He has a goofy looking face, not interested in this guy.

  • versuader

    Tribal tattoo on a white guy… honoring his Samoan heritage?? Ha!

  • landreau

    Suprised by all the dislikes. He’s cute — too young for me, but definitely cute. Nice body too. The tats don’t bother me. They’re here to stay until the younger generation gets old and they’re kids freak by how awful they look on sagging body parts! That said, I don’t mind a one-time only solo by a straight attractive guy. That’s still hot. But it does seem studios are having a difficult time finding hot guys to perform in man-on-man scenes. Probably don’t have the income to sweeten the pot due to so much file sharing.

  • myron

    wow @ that V. dayum

  • Ike

    Pssssttt! If your gaze keeps being drawn to that horrendous big ugly thing across my left pec, you won’t notice my teeny penis.

    Worked, didn’t it?

    • His penis looks great to me Ike…imagining getting close to it, exploring it with my mouth is part of the porn experience…his tat just displays a choice he made drawing attention away from his natural attraction, and for me yields up the (boring) overreaction that it is getting — “I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers.” we should all wish for that kinda luck.

  • kaka2cool

    nice tattoo but face

  • Toptobottom76

    Hot man