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SeanCody: Jacob (III)

Jacob (III) at SeanCody

Jacob (III) at SeanCody

Jacob (III) at SeanCody

Jacob (III) at SeanCody

Jacob (III) at SeanCody

Jacob (III) at SeanCody

Watch Jacob at SeanCody

108 Responses to SeanCody: Jacob (III)

  1. avatar Loa says:

    You kinda look like…

    • avatar EmpireState says:

      But willing to put out for us. LOVE. HIM.

    • avatar carey579 says:

      I thought STUNNING in the first picture where his tattoos were hidden.

      But now I’ve seen the rest, he is just okay. SC standard (which is great) but nothing phenomenal.

  2. avatar toraben86 says:

    Yes. Yes. Pretty sure he wont be back though :(

    • avatar Neobamboom says:

      I said the SAME THING.

    • avatar ahartford123 says:

      SO HOT! I thought the same thing. SC, don’t let him get away!!!

    • avatar buckyboy72 says:

      Every once in while they surprise us, maybe this time….

    • avatar dio says:

      i dunno… I’m skeptical SC would bother with a guy this hot unless he’ll be back for moar…

    • avatar Neobamboom says:

      They’ve done it before.
      It’s ultimately up to the individual if they want to do more or not.
      Willis did one guy on guy scene and that was it.
      WTF WILLIS!!

    • avatar zto says:

      500% he will disappearing and never come back again.
      SC always can’t keeping the hot guys stay.

    • avatar dio says:

      @Neobamboom, boy, please. Willis was NOT as hot as this guy.

    • avatar DaveAtom says:

      @Neobamboom Same reaction about Willis, WTF? His scene with Aidan was stellar… Miss him so so much…

      And he was/is extremely hot, dio. This Jacob guy is in that level of hotness/perfection too, imo ;)

    • avatar CA says:

      Yeah, Willis was/is equilly as hot, just 10 years older than this kid probably.

    • avatar elmtree says:

      I fully agree CA. Willis was indeed just as hot as Jacob, just in a different, more mature way. I so wish he had more scenes at SC…big sigh!

  3. avatar jasoncrew01 says:

    Holy shit.


  4. avatar bestinshow37 says:

    Sexy SEXy SeXy SExy seXY sExY sexy sexY seXy SExY sExy. oh – did i mention SEXY?

    • avatar Bo69 says:

      spitting image of former porn pup bottom Tucker Vaughn, could even be him since he retired in 2010 after finishing college. Fuck him please, Abe!!!

  5. avatar DaveAtom says:

    Well, he’s hot, I like him. Looks like the popular straight dude in college.
    His body is near perfect, well done! Def I wanna see more.

    • avatar Neobamboom says:

      Yeah. He even has pubes!
      A nice face/chest/ass/cock.

      Sucks to be us.

    • avatar DaveAtom says:

      Hahaha, right pal.

      Yup, he has that great combo (including abs and legs)

      I’m going to be optimistic, he’ll be back ;)

  6. avatar Southbay says:

    Damn he is fucking fine!! His chest is my favorite feature

  7. avatar Neobamboom says:

    His cum shot in the end was nice.
    A self facial.
    Not much talking though.
    He’ll most likely never return.

  8. avatar adidas28 says:

    That’s some golden-blond hotness, there.

    I, too, get the “one and done” vibe.

    And the cleft in the chin–WOOF.

  9. avatar endeeeff says:

    Jesus, Mary, and Joseph — YES.

  10. avatar Cubankid says:

    Yeah he’s hot, but SC needs to try and reach outside of the typical Blonde hair, Blue eyes type.

  11. avatar CA says:

    So, obvi he’s a big yes for me too. Initially I was thinking he might be back, but when he opened his mouth….I’m thinking a one solo and done for some reason.

  12. avatar dio says:

    O. M. F. G… #winning

    not SC finally DELIVERING?!

    this is, like, the hottest guys since Marshall (imo). Let me swoon a bit. @_@

    he had BETTER come back, for more than a BJ, and again and again! Hopefully, he’s SC’s answer to CF’s Kellan… :-d

    • avatar CA says:

      Haha, you and your boy Kellan. I don’t think SC is worried about that kid.

    • avatar dio says:

      if they’re not then SC really has lost all perspective… -____-

    • avatar CA says:

      Don’t get me wrong, he’s an attractive solid performer, but Kellan is hardly a threat to SC losing subscribers to CF’s collective motley crew of boring dudes.

  13. avatar tomtomson says:

    He is very hot, perfect nipples. Not to bright though methinks. Also seems to be uncut, which is a great advantage in my book. Wish we could see more of that skin, why hide it? Oh, yes. he’s American, foreskin in frowned upon, right. Bigger dick would be also a plus…

    • avatar Neobamboom says:

      I was wondering when the size queens would pop in with their nasty comments.
      He is uncut.

    • avatar CA says:

      Oh, you knew they were coming.

    • avatar atticus says:

      he’s cute, but that is an angry looking cock.

    • avatar jinger says:

      You don’t have to be a size queen to see that this guy has an average penis, which by porn standards would be small, because in case you haven’t noticed a big dick is pretty much required to work with any successful porn studio, particularly if you’re gonna be a top. It might not be your thing, but people like to see big dicks doing the fucking, deal with it. I’m a top and I don’t have a big dick, you don’t see me complaining, getting butthurt over the big dicks in porn seems kind of pathetic to me, sorry.

    • avatar tomtomson says:

      Neobamboom: I’m not a size queen in real life NB. BUt if a guy wants to do porn, he should not have a pencil dick. That’s all…

    • avatar Terry says:


      Ignore him. He’s the skillet calling the kettle black. He brings up you-know-who in almost every SC and other sites’ updates.

    • avatar londonguy says:

      Ha! “I’m not a size queen but if a guy wants to do porn he should not have a pencil dick”

      A bit like ” I’m not a homophobe but if a man wants to get married it should be to a woman”


      ” I’m not a racist but if a black guy wants to work it should be in my field”

      Seriously. When one person tries to inhibit the freedom of another we all lose. As men, we all loose when we buy into this stereotype of what is a measure of a man. It’s a massive problem. gay men like every other type of man, have dicks that come in all sizes. Porn should reflect that. They are all sexual and they can all be sexy. The narrow view is very destructive. Small, average or massive, cocks can all be sexy.

  14. avatar lkthms says:

    This guy is fucking gorgeous. I want to nurse on those huge pecs.

    Surprised commenters aren’t complaining about his dick size. Personally, it looks great to me.

  15. avatar CP3PO says:

    I’ll take two, please.

  16. avatar SuperDuper says:

    You know, like I really dig this guy you know. Hes totally fuckin sexy you know. And I hope he comes back. You know I’d love that!!

  17. avatar souse says:

    Fifth pic from the start where he is laughing and looking upwards is just amazing

    He is perfect though i hate that little hole in his chin

  18. avatar Hendricks says:

    Not to be a dick or anything, but his dick isn’t much of anything. It’s pretty small. Granted, he’s very hot and I’d love to see him come back… but maybe as a bottom….

  19. avatar bigben says:

    Wow, I know he doesn’t look exactly like them but he reminds ME of a cross between Sheridan and Marshall. Total BF material. But will SC carry on with hot/above average solos and then FAIL duos?

  20. avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

    By far the hottest new SC guy in ages.. PLEASE bring him back for action, preferably as a bottom for a hottie like Brandon or Abe.

  21. avatar hollydick says:

    yes, as a bottom !
    but that tiny uncut dick, no no no …

  22. avatar niftyguyatl says:

    In my book, his many fine attributes more than make up for the relatively small tool. I just worry that the gay Hollywood mafia will scoop him up as a pool ornament before he does any guy-guy scenes.

  23. avatar cammaxx says:

    Mmmm, he’s so pretty! Can we keep him SC, pleeeaze??

    His chest and nipples are flawless, his ass is deliciously divine, and he cums like the fountains at the Bellagio! I don’t get all the catty comments about his dick, either. I think it’s just as cute as the rest of him and would gladly spend all day sucking on it.

    Here’s hoping he’s back, and bottoming, ASAP!

  24. avatar wawa says:

    yes yes yes !!

  25. avatar zero6699 says:

    I like him, although I don’t like chins with hole. I think he will not come back too.

  26. avatar jinger says:

    Yep, his peen is average, by porn standards it would be small, but maybe he’s good in the sack nonetheless. Good looking guy. It’s a yes for me.

  27. avatar jag2power says:

    This guy and some of the others are pretty enough to probably get work as a regular model, but instead they rather jerk-off (and hopefully do more later) for porn fans than pose in a magazine. This one definitely is up there and his ass needs to be hoisted, parted, and devoured ASAP!

    • avatar CA says:

      No. He’s not model hot. He’s jock hot and that’s not the same. He’s either here or on a reality tv show…or at home of course. Maybe ‘The Real World’ will be interested. I hear they’re back to SanFrancisco this season.

    • avatar Res1 says:

      Right.. they always saying somebody can be a model don’t know shit about models. How does this guy compare to David Gandy, Sean O’Pry, Simon Nessman? Most of these dudes are boy next door hot, not Vogue Hommes International hot…

  28. avatar jazz says:

    Sadly, he won’t be back. He’ll be another Sheldon. :-(

    • avatar zto says:

      Not all the str8 guys willing to do some guy-guy actions.They come here just for quick money to buy the new things or pay someting.

      So it is very depend on what they needs or what they want.

  29. avatar DaddyYankee says:

    Not bad! But knowning Sean Cody, we will never see him again!

  30. avatar adowhat says:

    Um, yeah, I’m in love. Jacob is perfection for me. Attractive handsome face, amazing body and ass. Sure dick is avg, but when we get married he’s not going to be fucking me with no Ethan cock, so average is just fine. If I can get him off my face, that ass! And a huge cummer? SC better throw some serious money at this one bc I need more!

  31. avatar cuteguyzack03 says:

    Wow! What a body. I hope he returns!

  32. god damn, this boy’s hot. Quick get Cameron to “break” him in and wel-cum him.

  33. avatar Raihan Delano says:

    Body’s sexy and face’s handsome

  34. avatar niftyguyatl says:

    Someone should post a list of top ten Sean Cody gushers. I think this dude would make the cut. Heath and Daniel might also be on the list.

  35. avatar Daniel says:

    Hot. He looks like he could be a superhero from a comic book.

  36. avatar VegasRich says:

    Yes he is very hot. I love his face and body. Plus he really seems t be getting into his solo. But if I had to make a choice I’d rather have Randy return.

  37. avatar Bagoas says:

    Stunning, absolutely stunning. So far as looks are concerned, this guy won the cosmic lottery, bigtime.

  38. avatar Bradster says:

    So hot. A total difference from the updates with the fugs right below him.

  39. avatar Res1 says:

    That little dick, though. He’s a blonde, and I’m not into blondes personally. He looks like a juice head. Those are my negatives. Do I care of he comes or goes, not really.

  40. avatar richie says:

    I could be persuaded to spend the rest of my life with him I guess!

  41. avatar Sushi says:

    BEAUTIFUL! WOW!!! Best looking guy since GregoryII, and HE never came back either after his solo. Damn I home this guy makes more videos.

  42. avatar sweetspot says:

    I googled it. The tattoo says in Hungarian:

    “But deliver us from evil. Amen”

    I wonder if Hungarian Catholics think gay porn is evil.

  43. avatar Bedeko74 says:

    Awesome cumshot! ;-)

  44. avatar goldenboy says:

    Wow, wow, wow, what a blond god!!!!

    Would like to lick his nipples, to rim his ass and to swallow his cockhead and cum sooooooooooooooooooooo much….


  45. avatar SCFan says:

    Easily one of the top 5 guys that SC’s ever snagged. They need to cough up however much money it takes to get him back, even if only for muscle worship, or a massage. Just seeing this guys amazing pecs, legs, ass, etc. felt up, and his nipples licked, would be a far greater turn on to me than 95% of the hardcore videos on this site.

  46. avatar superjosh says:

    He is beautiful, but that’s pretty much where it ends.

    He has that terrible way of speaking that makes Californians seem so dumb… I’m from CA and have never met anyone who took it that far. It’s exactly like that terrible SNL sketch. Also, his dick is perfectly adequate, but the way he jerks it off makes it look so much smaller. It wasn’t sensual at all… don’t think he would be a good performer unfortunately. Now prove me wrong, buddy… ;)

    • avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

      Voice doesn’t bother me in the least. I kind of like it, and it’s WAAAY preferable to Blake, etc.

  47. avatar Fazz says:

    Not bad. :)

  48. avatar Orion Hunter says:

    Dood is certainly meathead-hawt (body is smokin’ and that azz is invitingly plump) but once you wipe the, ahem, “gold dust” from your eyes, you’re left with a face that’s pretty average and a dick that’s afterthought-small, even when using SC’s & CF’s generous/liberal measurement standards.

    But of course since he’s gym-built and “all-American” blond, the resident SC fan club has cranked up the hyperbole machinery to grant him automatic deity status (even tho’ there are tons of current models all across the porn-universe who make this dood look positively mediocre by comparison). #expandyourhorizons

    All imho, of course.

    • avatar niftyguyatl says:

      There are lots of hot dudes out there, but this one taps into the football QB fantasy so many have, not surprising he elicits a strong reaction. Regarding his size…Spencer also seems to be a fave, and he is hardly horse hung. I’m glad people are at least willing to consider the total package.

    • avatar Orion Hunter says:

      niftyguyatl: I get where you’re coming from about the “jock fantasy” component probably accounting for a lot of the breathless praise for Jacob. But since that rarely figures prominently in MY porn-fantasy life (I usually get my jock-fix elsewhere – lol!!), I just didn’t make the connection.

      “I’m glad people are at least willing to consider the total package.”

      And that’s exactly what I did (*IF* I understand your definition of “total package”). Azz & body – on point. Face & dick – mediocre/average.

  49. avatar Jermaine says:

    I think I’m in love, he’s absolutely gorgeous. Please bring him back SC, pleeeease!!!

  50. avatar kdogg24 says:

    Generically handsome. Sounds like he has a head full of rocks when he speaks. Kind of a small penis compared to his body type (the type of penis that requires the index finger wanking motion). Doesn’t seem like the type of dude who will be back for more videos. Too into himself.

  51. avatar freater says:

    A total MEH fest. Also, small dick compared to the rest of his body.

  52. avatar Probed says:

    He’d be a perfect model. But, this is porn. I can’t really get into him with his tiny little thin dick. In porn, you need to at least be average sized.

  53. avatar toraben86 says:

    I am still crossing my fingers. Brandon, despite what most people said at the time, came back. Iam really hoping this guy is the new brandon

  54. avatar londonguy says:

    Great dick. Makes him interesting. The rest I’ve seen before, perhaps not to this quality, but this combo is very interesting. But too good looking for porn.

  55. avatar 09755 says:

    He sounds really stupid, but I have brains enough for both of us!

    Not the type of guy who usually does porn. He’s so beautiful.

  56. avatar Res1 says:

    I watched the video and his body definitely deserves all of the praise. That face however does not. He has that DUH look on his face all the time.

  57. avatar iain87 says:

    Nothing special.

  58. avatar Johnny2x4 says:

    I don’t get it?

  59. avatar Johnny2x4 says:

    I just don’t…

  60. avatar jinger says:

    There’s Darius on the splash page. Does that mean he’s coming back? There’s way too many solo models who haven’t come back.

  61. avatar mortalpacific says:

    If this guys comes back to get fucked I’ll re-join the site fo sho.

  62. avatar Jermaine says:

    I STILL can’t get over how gorgeous this guy is!

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