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RandyBlue: Lance Alexander & Sean Zevran

Lance Alexander & Sean Zevran at RandyBlue

Lance Alexander & Sean Zevran at RandyBlue

Lance Alexander & Sean Zevran at RandyBlue

Lance Alexander & Sean Zevran at RandyBlue

Lance Alexander & Sean Zevran at RandyBlue

Lance Alexander & Sean Zevran at RandyBlue

Lance Alexander & Sean Zevran at RandyBlue

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There is nothing sexier than two hot slabs of man meat catching some rays. Sean Zevran and Lance Alexander lay out in the sun as the beads of sweat slowly drip down their bulging muscles. The two start feeling each other up and things begin to get heated. As they kiss in the hot LA sun, they start to get hard. They decide to take it inside before anyone catches them. Inside they begin to suck each other. Sean is first as he pulls out that massive fire hose that Lance has attached to him. Sean sucks it with delight. Lance returns the favor and starts to suck on Sean. Lance lets Sean slide his dick in and out of his throat. Lance wants to feel that dick slide in and out of his ass. But first Sean needs to get it nice and lubed up. He bends Lance over the couch and starts to eat his ass out. Lance moans in delight until he begs Sean to stick it in him. Sean gets the condom on and slams it in. Lance screams in a hot mix of pain and pleasure. Next Sean sits on the couch and lets Lance ride his massive shaft. He pumps into him harder and harder. Finally he gets Lance on his back and fucks the cum out of him. Then Sean pulls out and nuts all over his ass. They begin to kiss in the afterglow, exhausted from such a hot fuck session.

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41 Responses to RandyBlue: Lance Alexander & Sean Zevran

  1. avatar Terry says:

    Oh, my God! Here’s to hoping that Lance will top a little more than he did on DL even though I love him better as a tall, big-dicked bottom!

  2. avatar jazz says:

    Ugh why is Lance so damn dreamy?!!!!! I WANT HIM IN MY BED!!!

  3. avatar Raihan Delano says:

    The bottom is cute, he has two eggs that Sean Zevran

  4. avatar swim400 says:

    A hot scene from this site.

  5. avatar scottnyer says:

    ummm. Wow. Their bodies are incredible.

  6. avatar SuperDuper says:

    Hell fucking YES! ♥♥♥♥ LOVE both of these guys so it’s a definite win for me.

  7. avatar Cubankid says:

    Love it!! I’ve always been a fan of Lance Alexander and Sean Zevran.

  8. avatar hollydick says:

    humm ! Lance, the perfect bottom, I’d like to fuck…

  9. avatar QueerJock says:

    love lance. totally stunning. should be doing legit modeling.

    could take take<leave the male-pattern baldie. they all look alike to me, like austin wilde.

  10. avatar TheSagaOf says:

    I can’t with Sean’s face.

  11. avatar endeeeff says:

    I’m not seeing what y’all see in Lance, but different strokes for different folks. Lance is hot from the neck down though. Overall, it’s an OK scene.

    • avatar Terry says:

      Is his nose a bother for you? My friends trip on it but I like Lance because he’s not the typical cookie-cutter porn model. I felt the same way about Bel Ami’s Jason Knightley. He got ragged on for his nose but I thought Jason was the bee’s knees AND he had a sweet personality. That was enough for me.

    • avatar Terry says:

      I’m giving you mad props though, man. At least you’re expressing that you don’t care for Lance without being just downright ugly like some people. I just wanted to say that.

    • avatar myron says:

      iawtc but he’s an enthusiastic performer so I can’t fault him that much even if his scenes never sizzle.

    • avatar endeeeff says:

      Thanks Terry! It’s not *just* Lance’s nose (although in some of the front-facing pics, it is HUGE — definitely changes depending on the viewing angle), but it’s the combination of the nose, the haircut, and the tiny teeth. It kinda looks like it pains him to smile. Like he’s not enjoying it.

      He’s a big ol’ muscle boy who can take dick like a champ and has a big cock. Those will get him far in this biz. But I’m just one guy with an opinion. :-)

  12. avatar 007james says:

    Nice Jizz stream. Really a hot looking (picture) of grabbing the back of lance’s hair and giving it a tug while fucking.

  13. avatar manu says:

    sean Zevran is vey handsome!! I prefer when he is bottoming though, he’s very good at it :)

  14. avatar Bradster says:

    Sean should never be allowed in front of a camera without a bag over his head. Ever.

  15. avatar kana_sai says:

    I want Sean in my bed.

  16. avatar jag2power says:

    This is just the beginning of Lance running through all the cock over @ RB.

    • avatar Terry says:

      Well here’s to hoping that he doesn’t bottom for Brett. I know Lance is a big bottom but it would be a total disappoint meant for me if he bottoms for Brett. Same goes for Addison. If anything, I’d love to see him paired with Jake.

  17. avatar zero6699 says:

    Lance is UGLY. Where is Anton Rivera ?

  18. avatar dio says:

    not feeling SC’s new guy. -___-

    • avatar Loa says:

      Same here @dio and comments are still not allowed! How absurd!

    • avatar swim400 says:

      what’s with the no comments not allowed? if that is the case, why bother with SC models on WB.

    • avatar swim400 says:

      and i do not think it is appropriate to comment about the SC site on another site, as it takes away the attention from the model(s) featured on that site like Sean and Lance who are both keepers.

    • avatar Peach says:

      The last bloke on SC looks familiar doe… but I can’t remember where I saw him, but I think of something very recent…

  19. avatar Raihan Delano says:

    Impossible for SC’s new guy if comments are still not allowed !!!!! Not good !!! DAMN

  20. avatar geoffy23 says:

    can anyone from WB state why SC comments are not be allowed?
    perhaps WB users pick one studio here and post SC comments instead?

    • avatar lennylenny says:

      If Jake Cruise is still on this site I vote for those updates. Not like JC itself is actually worth commenting on.

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