Sean Zevran

Broke Straight Boys Superwide Banner #2

Broke Straight Boys Superwide Banner #2

Broke Straight Boys Superwide Banner #2

CockyBoys: Sean Zevran Fucks Vincent O’Reilly!

Sean Zevran Fucks Vincent O'Reilly at

“I get horny every time I work out”. So says Vincent O’Reilly to Sean Zevran after they get back from the gym and that’s all Sean needs to hear. He pulls Vincent in for some passionate kissing, their still sweaty bodies pressed together. Shorts come off, their big thick cocks flop out and grow hard almost instantly. Vincent quickly drops to his knees and sucks Sean relentlessly, taking him into his throat as Sean face fucks him. Sean returns the favor with the same enthusiastic expertise but even this pro gags on Vincent’s giant mushroom cock.

Broke Straight Boys Superwide Banner #2

Sean Zevran Fucks Cooper Dang in ‘Love & Lust in New Orleans’ Scene 2 at Falcon Studios

Love & Lust in New Orleans (Sean Zevran Fucks Cooper Dang) (Scene 2) at FalconStudios

Sean Zevran is taking some laps in his New Orleans pool when Cooper Dang offers up a glass of wine on the pool deck. Sean has more than a glass of wine on his mind, and before either of the guys can have a sip, Sean has Cooper on his knees servicing his massive uncut dick. Cooper is good with his tongue and gets Sean throbbing hard and ready for more action.

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CockyBoys: Sean Zevran Fucks Levi Karter in ‘JUST ONE NIGHT’

JUST ONE NIGHT (Sean Zevran Fucks Levi Karter) at

Levi Karter sneaks out of the apartment while his boyfriend sleeps and goes out on the prowl to “do his own thing” in the first episode of new series JUST ONE NIGHT. Levi’s night of fun leads him to a lively party at the Museum of Sex where among many familiar faces, he meets a sexy man! After dancing together and playing in “Jump For Joy” bouncy room (filled with giant inflated breasts!) they part and Levi returns home to the waiting arms of Sean Zevran! Sean knows where Levi has been and is totally turned on to know others want what “only I can have”.

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Sean Zevran Fucks Brandon Evans in ‘Code of Silence’ Scene 5 at Falcon Studios

Code of Silence (Sean Zevran Fucks Brandon Evans) (Scene 5) at FalconStudios

Sergeant Sean Zevran comes up behind his subordinate, Brandon Evans, and grabs his ass. Brandon is taken off guard. ‘I see everything in in this camp,’ Sean says. ‘I know you two have been sneaking out in the middle of the night to suck each other off.’ Sean pulls Brandon’s pants off and asks if he likes sucking dick. Brandon denies it once but after a berating from Sean, he finally admits that he does indeed like sucking dick.

Kyle McMillan Blows Sean Zevran in ‘Code of Silence’ Scene 3 at Falcon Studios

Code of Silence (Kyle McMillan Blows Sean Zevran) (Scene 3) at FalconStudios

Sean Zevran and Kyle McMillan are on duty at a deserted post in the desert. It’s extremely isolated and Sean admits that he brought Kyle out to the middle of nowhere to help him relax. Sean commands Kyle to put down his weapon and open his mouth. Sean is already hard as rock and he slips his big, curved, uncut Marine dick inside his subordinate’s warm, wet mouth. Sean gets completely naked as Kyle continues to service the hunky stud in the hot afternoon sun.

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Sean Zevran Fucks Skyy Knox in ‘The Trainer: No Excuses’ Scene 1 at Hot House

The Trainer: No Excuses (Sean Zevran Fucks Skyy Knox) (Scene 1) at Hothouse

Ripped stud, Sean Zevran, is training his muscled-up client, Skyy Knox, at the gym. They work their bulging biceps and perfect pecs before they call it a day and hit the locker room. The well-worked, sweaty hunks peel off their dirty gym clothes as Skyy tries to make small talk. Sean knows what he wants and shows off his thick, uncut cock to get Skyy’s undivided attention. The massive hardon makes Skyy hard as a rock and the two gym rats start making out. Skyy needs that pulsing pole down his throat so he gets on his knees to service Sean on the bench by the lockers. Sean face fucks his eager-to-please client and cops a feel of his smooth, tight ass while he plows his face.

Austin Wolf Fucks Sean Zevran in ‘Overpowered’ Scene 3 at Hot House

Overpowered (Austin Wolf Fucks Sean Zevran) (Scene 4) at Hothouse

Austin Wolf is getting ready for a night out with his buddies and decides to hop in the shower. While he’s lathering up, his roommate, Sean Zevran, enters Austin’s bedroom and goes through his nightstand. Sean helps himself to some cash and finds Austin’s used jockstrap. He gives it a sniff and throws it in his other pocket just as Austin comes back from getting clean.

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Dean Monroe, Sean Zevran, Gabriel Alanzo and Arad Winwin in ‘Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2’ Scene 2 at Falcon Studios

Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2 (Dean Monroe, Sean Zevran, Gabriel Alanzo and Arad Winwin) (Scene 2) at FalconStudios

“Please me”, says the Devil (Dean Monroe) to his Dark Angel servants. Duty-bound to satisfy their master, Dark Angels Sean Zevran, Arad Winwin, and Gabriel Alanzo press their hands on Dean’s muscular body.

Sean Zevran Fucks Micky Jr. in ‘TKO Total Knockouts’ Scene 4 at Hot House

TKO Total Knockouts (Sean Zevran Fucks Micky Jr.) (Scene 4) at Hothouse

Sean Zevran has the muscle and the size advantage, but sneaky Micky Jr can dodge and weave to stay one step ahead. Who will be the winner? Sean’s dominance serves him well as he takes down his agile opponent, and Micky rewards Sean’s victory with a wet, sloppy blowjob. But Sean’s eager to taste Micky’s ass, so he makes Micky do a handstand to get his ass right in Sean’s face! After getting Micky all lubed up, Sean shoves his fat cock into Micky’s hole and lets him have it even harder than before when they were fighting in the ring. Gripping the cage for support, Micky takes Sean’s pounding like a champ.

Sean Zevran and Micah Brandt Flip-Fuck in ‘Bathhouse Ballers’ Scene 4 at Hot House

Bathhouse Ballers (Sean Zevran and Micah Brandt Flip-Fuck) (Scene 4) at Hothouse

Micah Brandt sits down next to Sean Zevran in the sauna. Sean, eyes closed, glistens with sweat across his smooth, broad, muscular frame. Micah reaches over to grab a handful of Sean’s massive cock, and Sean returns the favor. Bending over, Micah wraps his lips around Sean’s throbbing meat and somehow manages to fit it inside his throat. As Micah stimulates the sensitive tip of Sean’s cock with his tongue, Sean reaches around to play with Micah’s ass.

Sean Zevran Fucks Derek Bolt in ‘Depths Of Focus’ Scene 3 at Hot House

Depths Of Focus (Sean Zevran Fucks Derek Bolt) (Scene 3) at Hothouse

With a big shoot coming up, Sean Zevran pays a visit to his top-notch tailor, Derek Bolt. Of course, to get the most accurate fit, Sean must take everything off. Sean’s been making eyes at Derek since he walked in the door, and as soon as his pants come off, Sean’s massive cock begins to swell and rise. Derek goes in to measure Sean’s inseam, and with all that thick meat just hanging there in his face, Derek can’t resist getting a taste.

Sean Zevran Fucks Brandon River in ‘Deep Release’ Scene 3 at Falcon Studios

Deep Release (Sean Zevran Fucks Brandon Rivers) (Scene 3) at FalconStudios

Laying facedown on the massage table in a tranquil, white room, Sean Zevran awaits the expert touch of Brandon Rivers. Brandon slicks up Sean’s back with massage oil, working his way from Sean’s muscled shoulders down to his perfect, round ass. Flipping over, Sean reveals his massive, throbbing erection. Without hesitation, Brandon reaches down and strokes Sean’s hot, hard meat. Opening his mouth, Brandon takes Sean’s cock inside his mouth, then slides up to stimulate the sensitive head with his tongue.

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Sean Zevran & Alex Mecum Flip-Fuck in ‘Skuff: Rough Trade 2’ Scene 1 at HotHouse

Skuff: Rough Trade 2 (Sean Zevran & Alex Mecum) (Scene 1) at Hothouse

Hairy-chested Alex Mecum, clad in red and black leather, presses his ripped body against Sean Zevran. Sean, wearing all black, kisses Alex passionately. Their beefy muscles and bulging jockstraps prove that these two studs are intent on intense, connected sex. Getting down on his knees, Alex rips the codpiece off Sean’s jock and inhales Sean’s hard, stiff cock.

Life Is Better With BelAmi 2022 – Superwide & Tall