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MAKE AMERICA GAY (Bareback) at FraternityX

This here is America.

We like our beer to taste like piss and our guns to be semi automatic.

We’re real men. So don’t bring that bi bull shit into this house. Lets skip the politics and spit roast this bitch.

FraternityX: GAME DAY (Bareback)

GAME DAY (Bareback) at FraternityX

Practice makes perfect! We’ve been pounding dudes holes for weeks now. I think were gettin better at it. Pretty soon its gonna be my turn to get fucked. Idk what to think man! Is it gonna hurt? I just don’t know… I’ve never had a dick in my ass man.

FraternityX: FUCK OR GET FUCKED (Bareback)

FUCK OR GET FUCKED (Bareback) at FraternityX

Campus was simmering with new pledges. We got a few of them here. These boys are fresh from the country. We taught em how to fuck a dudes ass and boy are they good at it! Yeehaw!!

Massage Bait (Gay Room): Glistening Daddy Rub (Billy Santoro Fucks Micky Jr)

Glistening Daddy Rub (Billy Santoro Fucks Micky Jr) at GayRoom

Micky Jr. doesn’t waste any time giving Billy Santoro his well deserved sensual daddy rub.

Ollie Fucks Micky Jr in ‘Peeping Pleasures’ at GayRoom

Peeping Pleasures (Ollie Fucks Micky Jr) at Shower Bait

Micky Jr peeps on Ollie in the shower and concludes with a mouth and ass full of wet, uncut cock.

FraternityX: CAGED BITCH (Bareback)

CAGED BITCH (Bareback) at FraternityX

We were running low on bud and this douche poured some into the cage for the house bitch. Nothing is worse than wasting a good cold one. So we threw his ass over the cage and pounded his hole while we watched the UFC fight. Woo-hoo! We love fucking bitches!

FraternityX: TIED UP AND BRED (Bareback)

TIED UP AND BRED (Bareback) at FraternityX

We were fucked up watching some porn and decided to have some fun with Riley. He was tied up behind the sofa so we dragged his ass out. Everyone was fighting over his hole for a few hours. Trying to get a piece of it. The poor dude wouldn’t stop scream-ing. So we gagged his ass and told him to shut up. A couple dudes tried to DP him. Then everyone just dropped their loads in his ass and threw him back behind the sofa.

FraternityX: Who’s Getting Ass-FUCKED? (Bareback)

Who's Getting Ass-FUCKED? (Bareback) at FraternityX

When you’re a little bitch and you can’t fight in this house. You better believe your ass is getting fucked. Riley is definitely that. He’s been crawling around the house all week sucking dick and taking loads. When he cries too loud we just duct tape his mouth shut. Like don’t be little bitch about it. Learn to take a fucking dick like a good little cry baby.

Sean Zevran Fucks Micky Jr. in ‘TKO Total Knockouts’ Scene 4 at Hot House

TKO Total Knockouts (Sean Zevran Fucks Micky Jr.) (Scene 4) at Hothouse

Sean Zevran has the muscle and the size advantage, but sneaky Micky Jr can dodge and weave to stay one step ahead. Who will be the winner? Sean’s dominance serves him well as he takes down his agile opponent, and Micky rewards Sean’s victory with a wet, sloppy blowjob. But Sean’s eager to taste Micky’s ass, so he makes Micky do a handstand to get his ass right in Sean’s face! After getting Micky all lubed up, Sean shoves his fat cock into Micky’s hole and lets him have it even harder than before when they were fighting in the ring. Gripping the cage for support, Micky takes Sean’s pounding like a champ.

FraternityX: HOUSE BROKEN (Bareback)

HOUSE-BROKEN (Bareback) at FraternityX

Me and my boys were chilling, gettin drunk. We had this dumb ass in the cage cause he did some stupid shit. Smacked him around a bit. Spat on his face. We were drunk as hell. Had a great time though! We all blew big loads on his face too. It was epic dude!

Gabriel Cross Fucks Mikey Junior in ‘Warehouse Packin’ at NextDoorRAW!

Warehouse Packin' (Gabriel Cross Fucks Mikey Junior) (Bareback) at NextDoorRAW

Enlisting Mikey Junior’s assistance to help sort his grandfather’s storage unit, Gabriel Cross realizes he hasn’t heard any stirring from Mikey’s back room in quite some time. Deciding to take a break from what he’s doing, he sets out to find where Mikey is holed up and to see what he’s gotten himself into. As soon as he gets to the door of the back room, he realizes it’s not about what Mikey’s gotten into, but what’s gotten into Mikey, as he finds his helper leaned up against the wall with a dildo shoved up his ass.

Calvin Banks Fucks Mikey Jr in ‘The Ten Spot’ Episode 1 at NakedSword

The Ten Spot (Calvin Banks Fucks Mikey Jr) at NakedSword

Calvin Banks and Mikey Jr. make out and within seconds Mikey has Calvin’s giant cock in his mouth. Woody flips Mikey Jr over to eat his ass before shoving his rock hard dick deep in his hole. Calvin pounds the hell out of Mikey (including a reverse pushup power-fuck move like you’ve never seen before!). Mikey jumps up on Calvin’s dick and pumps a load out of his own cock then gets down and sucks Calvin off until he shoots all over Mikey’s face.

FraternityX: TIED UP FUCK HOLE (Bareback)

TIED UP FUCK HOLE (Bareback) at FraternityX

Riley’s a fucking nark. That piece of shit snitched us. I grabbed a few beers and got the boys to-gether. We shoved our dicks in his mouth and up his ass. This kid wouldn’t shut his hole. He’s a real screamer!

FraternityX: Horny Frat-Boys Fuck (AJ Sylvester, Mickey O’Brien, Micky Junior and James) (Bareback)

Horny Frat-Boys Fuck (Bareback) at FraternityX

A bunch of us were chilling on the sofa watching some sports. We spent the night be-fore partying. So we were all horned up. This hot piece of ass was blocking the TV looking for his backpack or some shit. So we threw his ass on the ground and drilled him a new hole.

FraternityX: Loosen Him UP (Bareback)

Loosen Him UP (Bareback) at FraternityX

We were just chilling out. Jerking our dicks off to some porn and getting our buzz on. I guess we got a little carried away. Thought one of the pledges would look better with a dick in his mouth. OMG this one wouldn’t stop screaming!

Austin Everett Fucks Mikey Junior in ‘Sleepy Hands’ at NextDoorWorld

Sleepy Hands (Austin Everett Fucks Mikey Junior) at Next Door World

After a night of good company and a few drinks, Mikey Junior decides to sleep over instead of driving home. Austin Everett has no problem with this arrangement, but come morning time, Austin stirs awake to find Mikey’s hands down his pants. Maybe it was the wine or maybe Mikey has been keeping a secret, but whatever the reason, Austin can definitely feel Mikey’s hard on pressing against his back through Mikey’s underwear, but when he rolls over and laughs it off, Mikey is suddenly indignant and confused, adamant that he didn’t mean it. Austin tells him it’s no big deal, and that guys fuck around. This is news to Mikey, who thus far has never messed around with a guy, so Austin admits that he’s messed around, and that it’s just a fact that guys give better head.

Drake Riley Fucks Mikey Junior in ‘Red Ass Lobster’ at NextDoorRAW!

Red Ass Lobster (Drake Riley Fucks Mikey Junior) (Bareback) at NextDoorRAW

With sun-soaked buddy Mikey Junior just waking up by the pool, Drake Riley realizes he’s going to be in quite a bit of pain as soon as the sunburn sets in, so Drake offers to rub aloe on Mikey’s tender spots. Mikey can’t believe how cooked he is, and Drake’s soothing hands feel amazing as he rubs the lotion on Mikey’s back and shoulders. Flipping him over onto his stomach, Drake rubs Mikey’s legs, inching his hands up Mikey’s thighs and resisting his temptation to squeeze Mikey’s perfect looking bubble butt.

GayRoom (Gay Creeps): Bound and Stripped (Tryp Bates Fucks Mikey Jr.)

Bound and Stripped (Mikey JR & Tryp Bates) at

Hot male stripper, Mikey Jr., pays a visit to a horny muscle jock, Tryp Bates

GayRoom (Massage Bait): Slip Inside

Slip Inside at GayRoom

Young twink gets an oil, erotic massage and his ass fucked by a hot jock.