Fraternity X

FraternityX: HE FUCKED UP!

HE FUCKED UP! (Bareback) at FraternityX

Tim you dumb fuck! Never hit a bong twice. You need to pass that shit along. This bitch has gotta pay. Take the weed, take the seed.

FraternityX: STRAIGHT UP GAY (Bareback)

STRAIGHT UP GAY (Bareback) at FraternityX

Fucking a dude in the ass doesn’t make you gay. We fuck bitches up in here 24/7. But taking a dick up your ass and liking it. Seems pretty gay to me. So case closed Dean is gay.


MAKE AMERICA GAY (Bareback) at FraternityX

This here is America.

We like our beer to taste like piss and our guns to be semi automatic.

We’re real men. So don’t bring that bi bull shit into this house. Lets skip the politics and spit roast this bitch.

FraternityX: GAME DAY (Bareback)

GAME DAY (Bareback) at FraternityX

Practice makes perfect! We’ve been pounding dudes holes for weeks now. I think were gettin better at it. Pretty soon its gonna be my turn to get fucked. Idk what to think man! Is it gonna hurt? I just don’t know… I’ve never had a dick in my ass man.

FraternityX: FUCK OR GET FUCKED (Bareback)

FUCK OR GET FUCKED (Bareback) at FraternityX

Campus was simmering with new pledges. We got a few of them here. These boys are fresh from the country. We taught em how to fuck a dudes ass and boy are they good at it! Yeehaw!!

FraternityX: TAG IN, TAG OUT (Bareback)

TAG IN, TAG OUT (with Seth Knight, Bentley, Carter Michaels, Rocky and Dean) (Bareback) at FraternityX

Me and my bruh’s were banging Deans ass again. It was so loose we could have stored a couple bongs in there. So we grabbed this cute pledge who was recording us and went to town on his hole. Then shoved a dick back into Dean holes cause he’s bitch number two.

FraternityX: SMOKE MORE, BITCH LESS (with Dean, Seth Knight, Bentley, Carter Michaels, Travis and Rocky) (Bareback)

SMOKE MORE, BITCH LESS (with Dean, Seth Knight, Bentley, Carter Michaels, Travis and Rocky) (Bareback) at FraternityX

We were all horny as fuck dude! Dean wouldn’t stop his bitching. So we duct taped his mouth shut and got mean with his hole. He fucking liked it! Made a hot vid for the site too.

FraternityX: PARTY UP IN HERE (Seth Knight, Dean, Bentley, Carter Michaels, Travis & Rocky) (Bareback)

PARTY UP IN HERE (Seth Knight, Dean, Bentley, Carter, Travis & Rocky) (Bareback) at FraternityX

Same shit, different day. Some little cutie is getting his mussy fucked by a bunch of hung frat boys. We’re fucked up all day. Every day. That’s how we roll. Don’t you just love college.

FraternityX: BEAT THAT ASS (Bareback)

BEAT THAT ASS (Bareback) at FraternityX

This dude was talking shit about my girl. So we threw his ass down. Pulled his pants off. My buddy spit on his hole and shoved his dick. Pretty sure this guy like it. Cause his eyes went to the back of his head. What a fucking homo!!

FraternityX: PRETTY BOY POUNDED (Seth Knight, Bentley, Carter Michaels, Dean, Rocky and Travis) (Bareback)

PRETTY BOY POUNDED (Bareback) at FraternityX

We got some new pledges in this week. We’re gonna start with this Travis dude. He will make a good house bitch. Might have to skip a few classes this week. Somebody pass me my drink and that spit on that hole. We’re gonna pound this pretty boy a new one.

FraternityX: TAG THAT ASS! (Charlie Pattinson, Cooper Steel, Ian Greene, Junior Fernandez, Liam Rydell, Miles Taylor, Tucker Reece and Tyler White)

TAG THAT ASS! (Charlie Pattinson, Cooper Steel, Ian Greene, Junior Fernandez, Liam Rydell, Miles Taylor, Tucker Reece and Tyler White) (Bareback) at FraternityX

Time to make some money! Rent don’t pay itself? We gotta update the site. College ain’t cheap. This week Junior is getting fucked. Im tagging that ass good. Cause he fucked me hard last week! What’s up now bitch?!

FraternityX: SUCK IT, BRUH! (Charlie Pattinson, Cooper Steel, Ian Greene, Junior Fernandez, Liam Rydell, Miles Taylor, Tucker Reece and Tyler White)

SUCK IT, BRUH! (Charlie Pattinson, Cooper Steel, Ian Greene, Junior Fernandez, Liam Rydell, Miles Taylor, Tucker Reece and Tyler White) (Bareback) at FraternityX

Was relaxing with my bros. Picking on the new kid. Yo this dude can suck a golf ball through a garden hose. Get over here bitch and suck my dick! Time to update the site. We need money for buds.

FraternityX: WE FUCK HARD (with Tucker Reece, Liam Rydell, Miles Taylor, Junior Fernandez and Charlie Pattinson) (Bareback)

WE FUCK HARD (Bareback) at FraternityX

This dumb ass was suppose to do our home work. He fucked that up. Now we gonna fuck him up! Bend his sorry ass over the desk and pound him a new hole. That’s how we do it here!

FraternityX: CAGED BITCH (Bareback)

CAGED BITCH (Bareback) at FraternityX

We were running low on bud and this douche poured some into the cage for the house bitch. Nothing is worse than wasting a good cold one. So we threw his ass over the cage and pounded his hole while we watched the UFC fight. Woo-hoo! We love fucking bitches!

FraternityX: TIED UP AND BRED (Bareback)

TIED UP AND BRED (Bareback) at FraternityX

We were fucked up watching some porn and decided to have some fun with Riley. He was tied up behind the sofa so we dragged his ass out. Everyone was fighting over his hole for a few hours. Trying to get a piece of it. The poor dude wouldn’t stop scream-ing. So we gagged his ass and told him to shut up. A couple dudes tried to DP him. Then everyone just dropped their loads in his ass and threw him back behind the sofa.

FraternityX: FOOTBALL ASS FUCKING (Bareback)

FOOTBALL ASS FUCKING (Bareback) at FraternityX

Time to pay rent. Gotta update the site!.. Who’s gettin ass fucked? Looks like my boy Junior. Its ok i’ll spit before I toss it in 😉. Just throw on the game, crack open a cold one and pound that tight hole. We love college!

FraternityX: Who’s Getting Ass-FUCKED? (Bareback)

Who's Getting Ass-FUCKED? (Bareback) at FraternityX

When you’re a little bitch and you can’t fight in this house. You better believe your ass is getting fucked. Riley is definitely that. He’s been crawling around the house all week sucking dick and taking loads. When he cries too loud we just duct tape his mouth shut. Like don’t be little bitch about it. Learn to take a fucking dick like a good little cry baby.

FraternityX: PLOWED HOLE (Bareback)

PLOWED HOLE (Bareback) at FraternityX

Gauge was lipping off. So we slipped a little something in his drink to calm him down. He ended up face down on the floor screaming like a little bitch. We threw his dumb ass on the bed and plowed his gapping hole till no one could recognize it anymore. For real it looked like some fat ladies lips.

FraternityX: FUCKED HIS BITCH! (Bareback)

FUCKED HIS BITCH (Bareback) at FraternityX

This dude likes to dress like a homo. So I fucked his girlfriend and showed him the video. Buddy started crying. haha we bent his bitch ass over and made another video. Spit roasted em.. haha can’t wait to send the vid to his girl!

FraternityX: HAMMER HIS HOLE (Bareback)

HAMMER HIS HOLE (Bareback) at FraternityX

That’s my boy Charlie Pattinson. Spitting on my dick so I can jack hammer this dudes hole. This bitch isn’t getting any lube. Just suck back on those poppers man and shut the fuck up. Im trying to imagine that I’m fucking my girl friend. Not your dumb ass.

FraternityX: HOUSE BROKEN (Bareback)

HOUSE-BROKEN (Bareback) at FraternityX

Me and my boys were chilling, gettin drunk. We had this dumb ass in the cage cause he did some stupid shit. Smacked him around a bit. Spat on his face. We were drunk as hell. Had a great time though! We all blew big loads on his face too. It was epic dude!

FraternityX: NEW HOUSE BITCH (Bareback)

NEW HOUSE BITCH (Bareback) at FraternityX

Yo wud up! Its Wednesday and we’re all lit! I grabbed a couple of my boys and found a pretty little freshman. Time to update the site bitch! Our newest fuck toy is Cooper. Looks like a girl when i’m fucking him from behind. But at least he doesn’t cry like some of these other bitches.

FraternityX: FRESH COLLEGE MEAT (Bareback)

FRESH COLLEGE MEAT (Bareback) at FraternityX

We got done with banging chicks so we could make this vid. Our new house bitch is Ian. He’s getting worked in. We fucking love fresh meat around here. Nothing better than loosening up a tight hole. College is da shit!

FraternityX: Fucked Up (Bareback)

FUCKED UP (Bareback) at FraternityX

This bitch went cock crazy on us. Taking turns riding our dicks like it was an elevator. Couldn’t get enough. We just laid back, got our dick sucked. Then threw his ass on the ground. My bro covered his mouth so we couldn’t hear his bitch ass scream. Drilled this dudes hole. It was epic!

FraternityX: GANG-BANGERS (Bareback)

GANG-BANGERS (Bareback) at FraternityX

Spit on his face then on his hole. Slap his ass cause it gets my dick hard. Pounding that tight hole like a jackrabbit. That’s how we pay rent around here. Face and ass fucked.