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Top To Bottom 6 (Lance Luciano & Topher DiMaggio) (Flip-Flop) (Early Preview)

Top To Bottom 6 (Lance Luciano & Topher DiMaggio) (Flip-Flop) at Top To Bottom

Top To Bottom 6 (Lance Luciano & Topher DiMaggio) (Flip-Flop) at Top To Bottom

Topher DiMaggio flip-flop-fucks boyfriend Lance Luciano December 19th at


29 Responses to Top To Bottom 6 (Lance Luciano & Topher DiMaggio) (Flip-Flop) (Early Preview)

  1. avatar anonym says:

    i want to see this now

  2. avatar Tom says:

    dam dam daaaaaaaa! XDDD

  3. avatar MikeB says:

    No thanks. Needs to be a different top. There are so many better tops in the MEN stable.

  4. avatar jboy82 says:

    About fucking time!

  5. avatar jag2power says:

    What!!?? Topher??

  6. avatar irishdave says:

    it shouldn’t be a flip flop..the whole video should be Topher bottoming for the first time on camera. Bit ofa con! we will be lucky to see 5 minutes of him bottoming…

    • avatar Rico says:

      These two said they were BF’s at one time–don’t know is that’s current or not…so if true, I’m sure Topher had Lance lodged in him a time or two, but not on camera. And even if it’s only 5 minutes, it’s 5 minutes longer than we’ve ever seen b4. Plus the penetration is real…not a Cody Cummings sham fk’n.

    • avatar Tomcat says:

      If the penetration of “DiMaggio” is real, those pix might barely confirm that. Betcha no direct-on penetration shots. From the side & from overhead don’t count in my book.

    • avatar darkthunder1983 says:

      They’re not together anymore. Another user out her told me and I saw on another blog that it was because Topher cheated on Lance. Lance tweeted a pic of two men, both faces hidden, but you could clearly tell the top was Topher by that tattoo on his stomach.

  7. avatar Cubankid says:

    If Topher would have bottomed 4 Years ago, I probably would have cared. But now I’m not intrested and the top looks like a bossy bottom himself.

  8. avatar Tomcat says:

    Ho-hum plausible deniability: no direct-on penetration shots (I’ll wager), a bottom as the top, “but he’s my boyfriend anyway”, AND “well, I ALSO topped in the scene.” What fucking ever. PLUS, there are few things more revolting, if not criminal, than that “trailer”. Would be far less torturous to not even put the whole thing out. Particularly as a member, will I be paid to watch? Seriously shoulda been for the “trailer”.

  9. avatar Tomcat says:

    … Oh, yeah, & ya gotta “love” Topher’s pained extression. Plausible deniability … Are “DiMaggio” & the producers self-loathing Republicans much? I’m afraid I’m not kidding.

  10. avatar darkthunder1983 says:

    So is this going to be like when Adrian Long bottomed and it was like for only a few minutes?

  11. avatar Neo_ says:

    Thought there would be more comments, but looks like Topher missed his window to do this. Should have done this years ago. Now no one cares. And Lance is nobody’s top.

  12. avatar Raihan Delano says:

    OMG..Topher to be bottom..

  13. avatar manu says:

    I guess this is cute, Topher is a handsome chap but it shouldn’t be a flip flop and that lance guy does not look like a top at all.

  14. avatar jinger says:

    Damn he’s got a fine ass. I like this present <3

  15. avatar VegasRich says:

    My dislike of Topher continues. Whether true or not, he just comes across as such a douche. I don’t care if he bottoms. I’ll be more excited when he retires.

  16. avatar Raihan Delano says:

    Lol ; this is ridiculous.

  17. avatar clusterfuck says:

    Does it count when a lesbian pops your cherry?

  18. avatar james08908 says:

    finally!!!! why with such a hideous top??I really hope this is not his off screen partner…..I mean if this is the first ever scene where Topher is supposed to bottom after waiting countless days and nights…..this is seriously one ugly transsexual guy to be paired with. If I even see this video, it will be purely to see Topher bottom on screen. I am sure he doesn’t have a virgin ass and he popped his cherry off screen before.

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