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CorbinFisher: Beckham

Beckham at CorbinFisher

Beckham at CorbinFisher

Beckham at CorbinFisher

Beckham at CorbinFisher

Beckham at CorbinFisher

Watch Beckham at

What’s better than a young, straight college stud with a hot face and body? A young, straight college stud with a hot face and body that loves getting naked and showing off!

Beckham is all of the above, and more! I think you’ll agree he’s quite the find. He jerks off just about every day, and likes doing it with the help of pics and vids girls send him – and I would have to imagine his phone is constantly blowing up with tons of those! Surprisingly enough, despite how hot and horny Beckham is, he didn’t lose his virginity until he was in his twenties and she was the one that initiated it all.

Beckham works out about 5 days a week, and spends an extra amount of time working on that chest and his biceps – and it definitely shows! The gym can’t do much for a guy’s cock and balls, though, but Beckham has no issues at all in that department. His dick is big and thick and his balls are low-hanging and bounce around all over the place!

Watch Beckham at

47 Responses to CorbinFisher: Beckham

  1. avatar DaveAtom says:

    Ugh… That name weigh like tons on him =/ A whole world apart… God bless Beckham, David of course.

  2. avatar gaycockluvr says:

    Those nips are hypnotizing me! This guy is hot with an insane body.

  3. avatar Dion says:

    Nice name.. xD

  4. avatar NG22 says:

    Can Beckham please flip flop with…anyone? He’s so hot, and I want to see him put his favorite body part–his ass–to good use.

  5. avatar samson says:

    OK he’s super hot and I very much want to see him in a scene. But he’s no Stu. In fact, there is no one like Stu at CF. Just sayin’.

  6. avatar andrewtor says:

    There is nothing that isn’t fine about this Beckham. He makes that English soccer player look second rate. When I saw Corbin Fisher’s Beckham two words came to mind: Beauty and Muscles.

  7. avatar tennvols says:

    The write-up states he lost his virginity in his 20’s and the girl initiated it….is he gay as sexy as he is?

  8. avatar Sushi says:

    I think he’d fantastic! There’s just about nothing I don’t like. Damn I can’t wait to see him in action. Wow….a GREAT find.

  9. avatar SuperDuper says:

    I cant wait to see this guy return. Nuff said. I want.

  10. avatar Southbay says:

    Love the low hangers😍

  11. avatar CP3PO says:

    Talk about hypnotized…that ass is honestly too much to handle!!

  12. avatar Helluva Bottom Carter says:

    He’s got some nice tits. Perfect cum targets.

  13. avatar jag2power says:

    Another sweet hole for the stables. Love the way he lifts his legs.

  14. avatar KingSize says:

    Id definitely spend some time licking that chest and nips all around.

  15. avatar trex says:

    Whoa, what a hunk. When I first saw this guys pic’s I thought who could possibly say anything negative about him. But I knew the anonymous trolls here would find a way. Glad to see the first post manages to do that–just go after the name that the studio gave him when you can’t find anything else negative to say. Looking forward to seeing this guy in action.

  16. avatar pink spider says:

    Fucking hell, CF is knocking them out of the park this year. Another hottie. Definitely a beefcake. And yes those tits are glorious.

  17. avatar gusmq says:

    He’s on Reddit

  18. avatar zanemcguire says:

    Winner winner chicken dinner! This guys is awesome. The body is amazing but the best part is his sheepish, genuine personality. Hopefully he’s not a one-and-done.

  19. avatar tennvols says:

    Smith or Crawford tattoo guy’s brother????????????

  20. avatar darkthunder1983 says:

    This man is gorgeous and he’s close to my age! No guilt for lusting him! Whoo… but I still have guilt-lust for Truman! LOL

    • avatar elmtree says:

      LOL, i hear you…A guiltless pleasure this one is. Yum!

      And no one can fault you for the Truman love!

    • avatar darkthunder1983 says:

      Well, now I don’t feel so guilty. I had guilt-lust for Noel too. Let me hope Chris Hansen is nowhere near watching this site.

  21. avatar 007james says:

    n-i-c-e. thick cock on that dude. and pecs that need a nipple licking.

  22. avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

    Hot guy! Best addition to the CF stable in a long time. Most others for the past year or so have been meh or worse. A great pairing would be this guy plus Smith, but I’m guessing his first guy-guy will be fucking one of the ho-hums. Wish CF hadn’t stopped introducing the new guys via having them get their penises sucked.

  23. avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

    CF asks “What’s better than a young, straight college stud with a hot face and body?”

    Easy: A young, gay college stud with a hot face and body?

  24. avatar Peach says:

    Lorde…. This guy is bloddy hawt!

  25. avatar rags says:

    Sexy eyes and a very sweet face. Hope he comes back.

  26. avatar swim400 says:

    Love this guy’s voice and always enjoy hearing Pete doing the interview. With glowing reviews CF has to bring Beckham back. At lease, he did not ruin his body with all the ink David B. sports. Please don’t.

  27. avatar downlowkey says:

    Topher you’re totally right

  28. avatar Matt says:

    He is attractive but the “name” is a turn off for me.

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