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Trucker LoveTruck-stop sex is one of those Holy Grails of gay life–many seek it but few have even seen it. It sounds naughty, dangerous and a little sleazy. And that’s probably why you’re reading more, right?

The truth is, it’s tough to actually land some real trucker sex — and that’s what real truckers tell us even. But men will be men, and a host of ‘Net sites are out there so you can help out a brother on the road with a little rest and relaxation–or spend a lot of time trying.

But before you go cruising the likes of Nudesville’s Truckstop or BigRigMen, you need a little primer on how to sidle up to the over-the-road guys without getting arrested or worse, rejected. A couple of friends offer up this advice from years of tackling the “pickle parks” in Texas and the Northeastern Interstates:

“Most truckers pre-plan online anymore with laptops and all,” our northeast road warrior tells us. “They cruise online at home and try to get phone numbers. “Rest areas still happen but not like it used to be, with undercover cops and all. Graffiti in the bathroom is a sign, as is a truck stop with an adult bookstore nearby.”

Once you get to the right place, play it cool, warns trucker-fucker number two. “Well, there’s lots of techniques, but mainly try to catch the eye of some trucker at a truck stop or rest area, start a conversation and see where it goes. They usually give the signal if you’re paying attention,” says our southern bud. “It’s pretty fun when it works out. Takes a lot of patience and tact. I figure that if I have a good conversation and it goes nowhere else, then I’ve still had a good time. But more often than not, I bag ’em if I’m able to chat with ’em.”

Truck StopNeed more advice before you go haunting the 76 outpost near the freeway? There’s’s oldie-but-goodie posting on how to tackle a truckdriver and get into his…cab. It’s written in the Queen’s English, so know going in that “lorry” means “truck” and generally, the same rules apply here in the vast unwashed colonies. Patience is a key virtue, and the rewards are great if you like the straight and unavailable kind: “What you get is the man next door, or the father of the man next door. Ordinary blokes, with wives, kids and mortgages. You also get no sexual politics, no bullshit, no attitude, and no condoms (bring your own).”

Just be warned: “Anything is a gamble any more. It’s definitly not like it used to be, but it happens—and yes, there are gay truckers and closet ones.”

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