NextDoorBuddies: Brady Rey & Criss Strokes

Brady Rey & Criss Strokes at Next Door Buddies
Brady Rey & Criss Strokes at Next Door Buddies
Brady Rey & Criss Strokes at Next Door Buddies
Brady Rey & Criss Strokes at Next Door Buddies
Brady Rey & Criss Strokes at Next Door Buddies
Brady Rey & Criss Strokes at Next Door Buddies

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We have two super hung young men for you to watch today. Welcome the tall, muscled Criss Strokes and the lean swimmer bodied Brady Rey. Criss is straight and has been doing a little gay-for-pay to make life that much easier. Brady, on the other hand, loves to milk giant cocks until they’re shooting their load all over his face and in his mouth.

This scene has Criss and Brady kickin’ it on the couch, watching some hot porn Criss said he had just picked up. It’s not long before the two strip down to free themselves of all those pesky clothes.

  • Tom

    I didn’t know Criss was gay…? Kind of weird and nasty and makes me look at all his straight porn different now, which I thought were hot. Is he turning straight now? No such thing as a bi male. Sorry

    • mikey

      that was my perception ten years ago, i thought there was no bi but when i traveled a lot meeting different people around the world, i found out that there is another category which is bisexual. they do have sexual attraction in both sexes

    • ArpieFordham

      Statements like that are so misguided. Everyone scores in a scale which is totally gay one end and totally straight the other. Most men are clustered round the middle. That doesn’t mean that they are practising bisexuals, just that their sypathies lie in that area.

      To say that there is no such thing as a bi male is nothing other than ignorant

  • john

    Of course there are bisexual males. In fact, I’d say most men are bisexual in orientation. Anyone who says there are no bisexual men is either a stupid gay guy or a brain-dead straight one.

  • John

    There are definitely bisexual males, I’m living proof. And if you would read Tom, “Criss is straight and has been doing a little gay-for-pay to make life that much easier.” I’m gonna go with Tom is the brain-dead straight one.

  • Liana

    no me interesa si es bi o homo igual me gustaria sentir todos centimetros de puro placer. je

  • Nick

    I’ve known Criss for about 10 or so years now…no Criss is not GAY…he is 100% straight…with the exception of starting up his porn career he will do a little GAY 4 PAY…but other than that he is always with his GF that he has at the time…so please stop baggin on Criss and let him do what he does best!

  • Fredo

    I’d like to know why you think claiming that Criss is gay (because he’s been in gay porn, or otherwise) is “baggin” on him?

    Some of us take offense to using/viewing “gay” as an insult, instead of just a person’s sexual orientation. Not sure what difference it would make to you even if he were gay, unless of course you’re his girlfriend.

  • Tony

    OOOOOOOOOOOO u tell em Fredo! haha XD it could matter less either way to me. He’s hot and that’s all that matters, considering he’s doing porn. And when I say that’s all that matters I mean that’s all that matters to me. :D and All I have to say about that Bi comment. WHAT A MORON!

  • Dao

    Wow, he has a girlfriend?O_O She must really trust him, I mean, having sex with chicks (the majority being hot) on the day job would make me go crazy if I was his girlfriend. She must be a pornstar or stripper if she accepts what he’s doing. And about the bi comment, yeah I’m bi too, so that throws your theory out the window, YET AGAIN. And just cause you have sex with a man doesn’t autmatically make you gay. “Oh you fucked a guy so you’re gay now, you can never fuck women again” That’s comepletely PREPOSTEROUS and STUPID!!! Look, why can’t a guy like cocks AND pussies? It’s not impossible you know!!! Of course, I’m not saying that Criss is bi. He only fucked guys for the money, he obviously didn’t care what people thought about his past, and why should he care?!!! Of course if I were him, and I could keep an erection most of the time, I would have taken the gay side, cause it tends to pay more. Sure, fucking girls all day doesn’t hurt, but it tends to take a toll and you have to be prepared to perform CONSTANTLY, Not so much in the gay arena. Couple of scenes tops, and you’re done for a few months, AND you get paid more (even more if you bottom). Not so much for the straight counterparts in mainstream straight porn.

  • chris

    if anything id say criss is bicurious. i mean, if he didnt enjoy having sex with a guy would he still do it? or is this another gay for pay site?

  • Mikey86

    Uhm, Criss is def straight. I first discovered him in straight porn and only recently have I found some of his gay-for-pay stuff. You can tell the way he is with a woman versus with a guy and even if he was remotely gay, he would make waaaayyyyy more money in gay porn. I’m bi and back when I thought I was straight, I messed around with guys before I figured it out. But going by the way Criss sucks and fucks pussy, he’s def def definitely straight.

  • Mike

    it’s a damn shame he’s straight. I can def see him sucking so many rock hard cocks and rimming so many hot asses like they do in hothouse. cum out criss. go gay ! ; p

  • Fucker

    He is straight, but he used to do gay movies too, for cash ….

  • Leylo

    Some of you people are ridiculous, I’ve made videos in the adult entertainment industry for about 3 years now, and NO you have ” bang chicks” everyday for a living. We all have other jobs, this is something on the sideline. For some extra dough. I’ve spoken with Criss multiple times and according to him he is not gay, not even bi, but if he sees a really attractive guy, he can say ” yea, the dude is hot ” LIKE any other human being ! I work a lot more with gay websites because the pay is A LOT more. you’re looking at 200$ for some straight video shoot. and 1500$ for a gay video shoot ( being top ). But anyway. Criss has a big dick. I would want to work with it some day! :)

  • Brittany

    OMG the first time I saw Criss in a straight porn I fell in love with him, after I saw his gay porn… Everything changed I can’t even look at him anymore. Gay for pay my ass, he’s just gay.

    • eatmyplis

      lol, go ahead and call him what you want. 5 bucks says you’re some dumbfuck blonde, and like the others say, a braindead. <3

      if you can't accept him for being straight, bi, or gay, whatever he really is, then simply shut the fuck up and don't watch him.